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Steakhouses in Sydney

Sample a great Aussie tradition in these fabulous Sydney steakhouses

There can be few nations on earth who enjoy a steak more than the Australians. Indeed, enjoying a glass of wine or a beer along with a thick, juicy steak is one of the great Aussie culinary traditions. The Australian love affair with all things meat is legendary and this is reflected in the choice and quality of steakhouses in Sydney. The city is famed for its excellent weather, so it's no wonder that Sydneysiders enjoy the outdoors life. This includes al fresco dining and cooking on the barbie, when steaks are a popular choice. While cooking your own steak is fun, there is really nothing better than putting yourself in the hands of a true expert. The experienced and talented chefs of Sydney's steakhouses can lift your favorite cuts to a whole new level.

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Kingsley's Steakhouse

Sydney CBD

Steersons Steakhouse

Sydney CBD

Lone Star Rib House - Top Ryde

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Flint Steak House Cafe

Surry Hills

BoVine Brasserie

St Ives

Adagio's Steakhouse

Georges Hall

Euro Taste Grill


Grazeland Bar & Grill

Crows Nest

Mumu Grill

Crows Nest

Prime Steak Restaurant

Sydney CBD

The London Hotel Balmain


Meat District Co.

Sydney CBD

Subterranean Bar & Grill

Sydney CBD
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    Enjoy local Australian beef in Sydney steakhouses

    Australian beef has a deserved international reputation for quality. Much of the country's beef herd are raised on open pasture and the resulting beef is recognised as a premium product. This grass-fed beef contains less fat than grain-fed cattle, so it suits those looking for a healthier option. The lower fat content also means that it cooks faster than grain-fed beef, so care is needed on the grill. That is where top steakhouses in Sydney can show their expertise and ensure that this beautiful Aussie beef is enjoyed at its best. Australian farmers also raise some speciality breeds, so if you are looking for something truly outstanding then you are in for a treat. Check out the menus of the very best steakhouses in Sydney for fabulous Wagyu and Kobe beef and enjoy some of the best steak to be found anywhere on the planet.
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    How to get the most from steakhouses in Sydney

    With so much delicious beef on offer, it's important to understand a little about the steak you are about to enjoy. This will help you get the most from the menus of Sydney steakhouses and guide you to your perfect steak. Many Sydney steakhouses will offer their steaks by weight, cut and cooking style, so it's a good idea to understand a little about these. Weight is simple enough. Hungry? Then go for a larger steak! Your server should be able to guide you on the size to suit your appetite and many restaurants will actually bring example steaks to your table to help you choose. Selecting the cut, however, is a little more complex and cooking time is also a factor to consider.
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    Popular cuts in Sydney steakhouses

    The fillet is perhaps the most tender of cuts and is taken from the centre of the sirloin. This is an exceptionally lean cut with very little fat and it requires careful cooking. Rib eye is marbled with much more fat, including a nugget in the centre, and this helps the steak to remain tender when it's being cooked. It is often served medium rare to medium and has a full flavour. Sirloin, or New York Strip, is one of the favourite steaks in Sydney steakhouses. It is thought to be less tender than fillet or rib eye but is prized for its excellent texture and juiciness. It will typically have a strip of fat along one side. If you're feeling ravenous, you might want to try a T-bone, also known as a Porterhouse. This cut has a t-shaped bone separating a piece of fillet from a piece of sirloin, so it's the best of both worlds is you're hungry. If you're looking for a romantic meal in one of Sydney's steakhouses, meanwhile, you could try Chateaubriand, which is a thick cut from the centre of the tenderloin, usually served for two.
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    How Sydney steakhouses serve their steak

    Well-done, medium, rare or even blue? How your steak is cooked will have a large impact on how it tastes, so it's vital to work out your own personal preferences. A blue steak will be cooked for as little as one minute each side and will be pink to raw inside. A rare steak is cooked for around two minutes per side and pink inside. Medium steaks tend to be cooked for three minutes each side, while a well-done steak might be cooked for up to six minutes per side and will be thoroughly cooked all the way through. Some Sydney steakhouses will suggest certain steaks are cooked in a particular way but remember that your preference is the one that counts.
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    No time like the present to enjoy these great Sydney steakhouses

    A fabulous steak properly cooked is a wonderful treat at any time of year and makes for a memorable and satisfying meal. With Quandoo, it's easy to book a table at the best Sydney steakhouses, so there's no need to wait to indulge yourself. Choose your ideal restaurant right now and look forward to a succulent, mouth-watering dining delight.