Nepalese Restaurants in Sydney

 It's time for goat in Sydney's Nepalese restaurants

If you fancy going headfirst into Nepalese cuisine, the first thing on the list must be the famous goat curry. And for some of the best, pay iconic Sydney Nepalese restaurant Hamro Aangan a visit and feast on the signature Morang Khasi, an East Nepali goat dish, or the Nepali Khasi ko Masu of boneless, diced goat slow-cooked and marinated in cinnamon, tomato, coriander, and bay leaves. If this sounds right up your alley, then Sydney's Nepalese restaurants are a match made in heaven. If not though, read on because there's much more to discover.

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    Enjoy vegetarian dishes at Nepalese restaurants in Sydney

    While Nepalese cuisine does incorporate several meat dishes, there are plenty of vegetarian options for meat-free folks in Sydney's Nepalese restaurants. Veggie dishes like
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    Leave room for dessert at Nepalese restaurants in Sydney

    While we're sure you'll be totally satisfied after your starters and mains, no dinner at one of Sydney's best Nepalese restaurants is complete without dessert. At Neutral Bay's Yak & Yeti, feast on gulab jamun which is a sweet dessert made from dairy, flour and water, then fried and served with yoghurt and sugar syrup. Or, at Sambandha Nepalese Fusion, keep an eye out for doodh bhari, which are sweetened milk balls served in a pistachio flavoured cream syrup. Sounds good doesn't it?
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    Book a table in advance at Sydney's Nepalese restaurants

    With so many delicious dishes on offer, it's no wonder Sydney's Nepalese restaurants fill up quickly. So it's a good idea to book in advance with Quandoo. All you need to do is filter by your cuisine preference, location and price point and choose from our list of Nepalese restaurants in Sydney. You can get booked in just a few clicks!