⚡ Gotta catch them all...

Pokémon Go Spots in Sydney!
Top Bars, Cafes & Restaurants For Your Journey

Gyarados in Glebe? Pikachu in Potts Point? Snorlax in Surry Hills? Mewtwo in Newtown?

Being a Pokemon trainer is serious business. Sydney is swarming with wild Pokemon and there is no time for rest when you’ve got to catch them all. It’s lucky, then, that some of Sydney’s best cafes and restaurants are also top Pokemon Go spots. Pick up a Pikachu while eating some pizza, tackle a Tentacool over some tapas, meddle with Magnemite while munching on some Middle Eastern cuisine or catch a Pikachu over coffee. At Quandoo, we have traveled across the land searching far and wide to pull together this list of the best cafes and restaurants to play Pokemon Go in Sydney, so you can catch wild Pokemon, train and stock up on Pokeballs and dine at the same time.
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