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Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore

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Singapore’s restaurants not only whet every appetite, they fulfil a broad range of dietary requirements too. While the local cuisine favourites may centre around dishes like Hainanese chicken rice, chilli crab and grilled satay skewers, vegetarians would be heartened to know that a plethora of meat-free options exists nevertheless. And there are plenty of vegetarian restaurants dotted around Singapore to whet their appetite – many of which can be booked via Quandoo. Simply hop onto our website or app and filter by location, cuisine and price range to see our list of vegetarian restaurants in Singapore, then enter the date, time and number of guests at your preferred venue to make a reservation. It’s that easy! Now without further ado, stay with us as we give you the lowdown on Singapore’s bustling vegetarian restaurant scene.

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Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant


Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant - Bencoolen


Green Ba

Marina Bay
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D'Life Bistro & Cafe


Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant


Saute Bistro


Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant - Fortune Centre


Yuan Vegetarian Bistro

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    Vegetarian restaurants in Singapore: Reasons for a meat-free lifestyle

    Whether it’s for health, ethics or religion, there are numerous reasons why some of us might adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. Not only does a plant-based diet lower one’s risk of life-threatening diseases from a reduced intake of cholesterol and saturated fat, it also cuts one’s carbon footprint thus benefiting the environment. A concern over farming practices, too, have led some towards making meat-free choices, while others are driven it by their strong affinity for animals. Last but not least, religion plays a crucial role in shaping one’s dietary habits, which is why devout Buddhists and Hindus account for many of the vegetarians in Singapore. Restaurants here cater to a wide variety of tastes and preferences – vegetarianism included – so why not check out what Quandoo has in store for you?
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    Vegetarian restaurants in Singapore offer a wealth of cuisines

    When it comes to vegetarian dining, Singapore’s restaurant scene definitely lives up to its reputation as a melting pot, with a spread of cuisines that covers all bases. Sample meat-free takes on well-loved local dishes including satay, sweet and sour pork and sliced fish bee hoon at one of two outlets of Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant – located a few minutes walk from each other at Bencoolen Street and Middle Road. Yearning for something from further afield? Get down to Original Sin for a taste of the Mediterranean, or rock up to Whole Earth for pleasing and down-to-earth Thai-Peranakan fare. There’s plenty more to discover at Singapore’s vegetarian restaurants and they’re known to serve up food that’s so good, your carnivorous pals won’t notice what they’re missing.
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    Singapore’s vegetarian restaurants promote healthy eating

    If your goal is to eat healthy in Singapore, vegetarian restaurants often lead the pack with menus that focus on organic ingredients, with no preservatives, additives or MSG used in preparing dishes. It’s this wholesome approach to dining that has contributed to the increasing popularity of Singapore’s vegetarian restaurants in recent years. One particularly reputable spot in town is none other than Afterglow, a Keong Saik Road establishment that dares to defy society’s bland expectations of raw vegan cuisine. With cafes scattered across the island, Real Food is another outfit that’s not to be missed for its small-batch, handmade eats, free from processing – a rarity in today’s times where chemically-laden and genetically modified foods are commonplace. Give your health a boost when you dine at one of these vegetarian restaurants in Singapore!
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    Singapore’s vegetarian restaurants are located all across the island

    Whether you’re in the north, south, east, west, or central core of Singapore, there are vegetarian restaurants waiting to be explored. Over in Commonwealth D’Life Bistro & Cafe is the western neighbourhood’s best kept secret for home-cooked, everyday dishes such as nasi lemak and creamy carbonara – all vegetarian, of course – as well as various flavours of vegan ice cream for dessert. A favourite in the northeast, Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant even dishes out an excellent mock version of the controversial shark fin soup, making it the go-to spot to feast on the popular delicacy without guilt.
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    Eat well without breaking the bank at the vegetarian restaurants in Singapore

    In for a good bargain? You’re in the right place. Singapore’s vegetarian restaurants present the perfect opportunity to eat well without breaking the bank. Annalakshmi, for one, offers a splendid southern Indian vegetarian buffet in which the cost is your generous donation amounting to what you think the meal was worth. And who says going vegetarian means having to give up on your favourite comfort food? VeganBurg makes burgers and fries that are fresh, nutritious and bursting with flavour, you won’t notice the difference. The best part is: they cost only a little more than regular fast food – how’s that for a quick, high-quality and affordable bite? With Quandoo, you can easily find and book a table at a vegetarian restaurant near you in seconds, so wait no more and get started on your culinary adventures with us today.