2 Restaurants in Singapore: Trattoria

Try something new at Singapore's growing trattoria selection

These days, you don't need to travel to Naples or Rome to experience authentic Italian cooking. You can order up ossobucco, bagna cauda or walnut and gorgonzola polenta right here at the trattorias in Singapore. Globalisation is bringing plenty of skilled Italian chefs to the island state, where diners are embracing one of the world's great culinary cultures. Along with pizza joints and pasta restaurants, casual trattorias are opening up, and they can be the perfect place to mix socialising and fine food.

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    Enjoy genuine Italian delicacies at Singapore’s trattorias

    Chefs at Singapore's trattorias know all of the fine details that go into gourmet Italian cooking. They know how to slow cook the lamb shanks in ossobucco so that they are falling off the bone. They also know how to source flour with just the right gluten content to recreate the Neapolitan style. Most importantly, they know how to make carbonara sauces that cling to the pasta and provide a rich counterpoint to the bacon in the dish. It’s details like these that make dining at Singapore's trattorias so special. So, if you think you know risotto or pizza, think again. Let the experts show you how the Italians really cook.
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    Choose healthy meals at trattorias in Singapore

    When you dine at trattorias in Singapore you won't just be able to enjoy traditional Italian recipes. You'll also have a wide selection of healthy Mediterranean meals to pick from. Mediterranean cooking is famously good for you, helping to extend lifespans and ward off disease. To give your body a boost with some fine food, head to Singapore's trattorias, where nutritious, low-fat dishes like minestrone soup, Tuscan bean stews, Cioppino and – of course – plenty of red wine are all on the menu. There's no reason why good food and health need to collide, and Italian food is the proof.
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    Enjoy the downtown atmosphere at Singapore's trattorias

    One of the best aspects of Singapore's trattorias is that they offer a combination of the finest food and relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. That may be why they are appearing in trendy downtown areas like Orchard, Chinatown and Bras Basah, where they fit neatly into the good-time vibe. If you need somewhere classy, but laid-back to dine, why not head to one of Singapore’s many trattorias? Find and easily book a table at one with Quandoo – it’s that easy!