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Singapore is a multicultural paradise for food lovers where flavours from far and wide are embraced and incorporated into the local cuisine. One of the more enticing culinary options is Filipino cuisine, brought to the island through waves of immigration from the Philippines. Wherever you are in Singapore, quality Filipino restaurants aren't far away. Renowned for its sweet and savoury flavour combinations, this unique cuisine offers plenty of options that'll cater to every palate and appetite. If you're having trouble sifting through Filipino restaurants in Singapore, turn to Quandoo and browse through the best eateries on offer before making a table reservation online.

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Comida Fiesta

Comida Fiesta

My Kusina

Tanjong Pagar
My Kusina
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    Feast on fabulous flavours at Singapore’s Filipino restaurants

    When you dine out at the Filipino restaurants in Singapore, you can expect to experience a tapestry of terrific flavours and textures. At first glance, many Filipino dishes look deceptively simple, with plenty of steamed rice, sliced vegetables and hearty portions of seafood and meat. Once it hits your tongue, however, you'll begin to realise that there's a great deal more to enjoy. Filipino restaurants in Singapore are an ideal choice if you're looking for more vibrancy when you dine out. One must-try menu favourite is tap-si-log, an all-day staple of marinated beef, fried eggs and garlic flavoured rice. If you're after something more substantial, give pork sisig a try. This popular hot plate is made up of chopped pork belly infused with savoury marinades, served with fresh onions and topped with chicharon.
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    Discover a bold new world of flavour at Singapore Filipino restaurants

    Unconventional pairings of ingredients and contrasting flavours form the backbone of Filipino cooking, and fans of spice will find plenty of fiery alternatives. Cuisine from the Philippines shares many base similarities with Austronesian cooking, although it's evolved to take on elements of Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisine over the years. If there's any place that understands fusion cooking it's Singapore, and Filipino restaurants here are particularly daring and experimental.
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    Book a table at Filipino restaurants across Singapore online

    If you've had your fill of other cuisines in Singapore, browse Filipino restaurants online at Quandoo and begin your voyage of dining discovery today. Work getting you down? Break up the day with a first-rate lunch and quash hunger pangs with a plate of grilled chicken abado, or delve into a bowl of kare-kare, a traditional Filipino stew well known for its deliciously thick peanut sauce. There's always something new to discover at Filipino restaurants and in Singapore, you'll find a spectacular selection of these exciting eateries on Quandoo.