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Lebanese Restaurants in Singapore

 Eat a healthy Lebanese feast at restaurants in Singapore

Traders from Lebanon have been visiting Southeast Asia for over a thousand years. However, Arab chefs have only recently started to have a major impact on cuisine in the Lion City, and the food of Lebanon is starting to attract some serious attention. Nowadays, Singaporeans can enjoy gourmet (and halal-friendly) food from a growing range of superb Lebanese restaurants. Along with the long-standing community of eateries on Arab Street in Bugis, many neighbourhoods now feature skilled chefs from Lebanon, allowing diners to enjoy mezze platters whenever they like.

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Raffles Place
Middle Eastern$$$$

Beirut Grill

Middle Eastern$$$$

Byblos Grill

Middle Eastern$$$$
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REIS Steakhouse

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Mandi House

Middle Eastern$$$$

Le Rida

Bukit Timah
Middle Eastern$$$$

Sanobar Lebanese Restaurant

Middle Eastern$$$$

Tabbouleh Lebanese Gourmet

Middle Eastern$$$$
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    Try a wide range of delights at Singapore's Lebanese restaurants

    Lebanon has been rising in the consciousness of gourmet food lovers in recent years, and it's easy to see why. For one thing, the cuisine of the country is very diverse, mixing seafood from the coast with goat or lamb kebabs from mountain regions, and grilled vegetables and salads as well. It's also extremely healthy. Instead of butter or ghee, chefs at Singapore's Lebanese restaurants will cook their meat, fish or aubergines over charcoal grills or saute ingredients in healthier olive oil. With plenty of raw salads too, finding nutritious food will be easy.
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    Find out how the people of Lebanon prepare their distinctive kebabs

    Some of Lebanon's most popular dishes involve grilled lamb, chicken and goat. These kebabs are often prepared from minced lamb, with cumin, parsley, allspice and cinnamon - creating a unique aroma and taste. But there are many chicken kebab-style dishes as well, such as Shish Taouk (where the chicken is marinated in yoghurt, spices, tomatoes and herbs). In every case, Singapore's Lebanese restaurants will put their own spin on familiar dishes - always with delicious results. If kebabs are your thing, make a booking with Quandoo today.
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    Choose from mezze menus at the best Lebanese restaurants in Singapore

    Mezze is another popular way to eat at Singapore's Lebanese restaurants, and it can be a real delight. Just like Spanish tapas, mezze involves serving a platter of small dishes for diners to try. You could include tabbouleh, hummus, kofte, seafood grilled on skewers, fattoush and stuffed vine leaves. With so much choice, it's easy to enjoy a balanced meal at Lebanese restaurants in Singapore, and it's also easy to keep everybody happy. It's the kind of cuisine where salads, seafood and meat combine in wonderful ways - and you'll find it all over Singapore.