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Greek Restaurants in Singapore

 Go Greek in Singapore’s restaurants

The vast diversity of Singapore’s foodscape is one of the main draw cards for visiting this unique and eclectic city-state. In fact, the variety of the food here showcases a plethora of ethnicities is seen by the government, and Singaporeans, as a positive symbol of its multiculturalism. The most popular cuisines of course lie with Chinese, Indian, Malay and the fusion of Malay and Chinese, Peranakan. However, it’s not just these cuisines that have got Singaporean locals and visitors alike weak at the knees, with many seeking out the fresh, zesty flavours that comes with Mediterranean cuisine, and in particular that of the Greek restaurants peppered throughout Singapore.

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Tanjong Pagar

Blu Kouzina


Bakalaki Greek Taverna

Tiong Bahru
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The Aryaa


Place to R.E.A.D

Dhoby Ghaut
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    What’s on the menu then?

    Greek cuisine is relatively uncommon in Singapore, and it’s quite likely that there will be a few locals who don’t know too much about this Mediterranean cuisine. So we thought we’d pop down a few signature dishes that you’re sure to find on the menu at the Greek restaurants in Singapore. Greek cuisine is about being fresh, and local where possible, so at the Greek restaurants in Singapore, you’ll find loads of olive oil, lemon, fresh vegetables and plenty of fresh meat and seafood to boot. As for the dishes, Greek restaurants throughout Singapore are guaranteed to offer a few key classics. Take the moussaka for example, a delicous baked delicacy packed with minced meat, layered aubergine and potatoes topped with bechamel which is a worldwide favourite, alongside gyros – Greeks are masters of the charcoal grill after all – and you can feast on souvlaki, with meat, tomato, onion and lashings of tzatziki in a freshly made pita bread, or try out succulent lamb chops hot off the grill.
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    Fresh from the sea

    Seafood is also one of the main highlights of Greek cuisine, and freshly caught calamari, octopus, sardines and white fish take centre stage in many of the Greek restaurants around Singapore. Topped with lemon juice, and often fried or seared on the charcoal grill, seafood dishes paired with a fresh Greek salad, or mezze plate are delicious, fresh and zesty. Tuck into specialty dishes like Greek shrimp saganaki, crispy fried squid and Greek cuttlefish with spinach, alongside a crisp dry white wine or a chilled glass of ouzo, and you’re in for an ideal evening at one of the vibrant Greek restaurants in Singapore.
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    Secret spots… just for you

    Now that we’ve got your appetite sufficiently enticed, we feel it’s only right we give you some insider tips on which Greek restaurants in Singapore are worth a look. Starting off, in the heart of Tanjong Pagar is Alati. A Singaporean Greek institution, this restaurant is a standout due to its blindingly white walls, cerulean blue accents and of course, its food. Located on Amoy Street, this is the spot for carefully curated wine and food menus brimming with impeccable dishes and is a must try. Next on our list of Singapore’s best Greek restaurants would have to be Bugis favourite, Aryaa, along Beach Road, which boasts a life-changing dish called garides saganaki of prawns baked in tomato and garlic topped with feta cheese. And rounding it off, if you’ve got a tickling for seriously good souvlaki, then Souvlaki Gyromania in Boat Quay is the spot for you. How about booking a table at one of Singapore’s Greek restaurants next? Get Quandoo to help by popping in whatever district you wish to dine in, and we’ll find you the best ones near you. Gia Mas!