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Valentine's Day Restaurants in Singapore

💕 Two hearts collide at the dinner table 💕

Planning a unique Valentine's Day date? Of course you are. Love is all around and it's time to show that special someone how much they mean to you. Luckily, we've put together this special Quandoo Collection of restaurants that are perfect for the occasion. There's classic courses under the candles, casual bars, and plenty more curious options for those feeling a little more brave. Something for everyone, you might say. As is the way with Valentine's, however, tables are flying quickly. Act fast to reserve yours and avoid being left out in the cold. Then, well, let there be love…


❥  When it comes to presents from that special someone, are you a “can’t wait” or “save for later” type?
❥  When it comes to February the 14th romance, are you thoughtful or just plain panicked? Decisions, decisions!

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Love Food? | Answers & more facts for February the 14th

💝  Can’t wait or save-for-later?
Fact is, on Valentine’s Day, most women prefer to open their gifts after a dinner, while most men like to receive their presents in the morning.

💙  Valentine’s Day planning & mankind?
Even if men tend to play it cool and decide dinner dates/flowers/gifts at the last moment, 75% of them testify that they do nonetheless plan well ahead for Valentine’s Day.

💏  In Singapore and around the world, men tend to spend more than women on Valentine’s Day…
... except in Sri Lanka and South Korea, where the tables are turned and women shower their men-friends with gifts! That said, over a third of Singaporeans think that gender doesn’t matter – these couples like to take turns.

💎  Singapore is a global leader when it comes to consumer spending on Valentine’s Day.
A third of Singaporeans say they are happy to spend between $135 and $270 on that special someone compared, for example, with just 19% of Australians at that price bracket. However…

❣  Overall, Singaporeans rank third in the Asia-Pacific region when it comes to Valentine’s Day generosity.
Hong Kong lovers spend the most on Valentine’s Day, followed by cupids from mainland China… come on, wear your heart on your sleeve, Singapore, and budget for better than a bronze medal this year! But all is not lost …

💓  How important is Valentine’s Day to Singapore?
Over half of the population think it’s an important occasion to show their significant other they care.

💍  Indeed, thinking about proposing marriage on February 14?
You’re not alone – one in three people in Singapore think Valentine’s is the best day for popping the question.

😍  What’s Singapore’s opinion on the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?
Outranking long walks on the beach and expensive jewels, a lovely romantic dinner is by far the most popular way to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day! For us food lovers, this is the most gratifying fact of them all!
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