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The Best Seafood Restaurants in Singapore

Fish fanatics, get excited for our top picks!

Seafood lovers have it easy in Singapore, where great restaurants featuring local delights like chilli crab or sotong are a dime a dozen. From Bugis and Little India to Serangoon and Changi, Singapore has many seafood dining destinations to choose from. Don't settle for mediocre: have a look at our favourite seafood restaurants in Singapore!
If there’s one city that knows its seafood, it’s got to be Singapore. Home to some of the world’s freshest fish and undersea delights, this vibrant city-state doesn’t settle for anything less than the best – and why should they? Singapore is packed with amazing seafood restaurants suitable for every budget.

If you like your seafood prepared in a Thai or Chinese style, you’ll have no shortage of great dining possibilities in Singapore. Better yet, you could choose to visit a restaurant that’s solely dedicated to seafood, where you can choose your seasoning, cooking method and type of fish, then pay for the exact amount you want. There are seemingly limitless possibilities when it comes to great seafood restaurants in this bustling metropolis.

Transport yourself to the American bayou with Cajun delights like gumbo and jambalaya, or get down and dirty with some spicy chilli crab – get your bibs and mallets ready! Whether it’s lobster, shrimp, fish or crab, you’re in for a treat at Singapore's restaurants.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with all the options this great city has to offer. Instead, check out our Collection of seafood and fish restaurants in Singapore and book a table for free today!
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