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Pet-friendly Cafés & Restaurants in Singapore
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Dog's dinners in Singapore – the best pet cafes and restaurants for furkid food

Describing your fancy meal out as dog's dinner might not be traditionally what one wants, but in Singapore, they embrace it. Full fans of the ‘furkid’ phenomenon, Little Red Dot cat and dog (and ferret and lizard) owners love to take their pets out for a feed, and across Singapore dog cafes in particular have sprung up to satisfy the demand for something a little more sophisticated than just Pedigree Chum and a water bowl. To really treat your canine friend to lovingly prepared lupine cuisine, check out our collection of dog cafes and pet-friendly restaurants in Singapore.
Food for thought: furkid fandom in a doggy bag

The furkid phenomenon has Singapore on a leash, and with more and more hyper-proactive pet owners bitten by the bug – and the restaurants in Singapore ferociously on-trend – it’s little surprise that Singapore dog cafes have arrived on the city-state’s doorstep, wagging their tails eagerly in the hopes of more than a milk bone or meat biscuit – we’re talking puppycinos and hot gourmet sausages for gorgeous, hot sausage dogs, pooched eggs, human-grade meat and more in the bowl besides.

But what defines a ‘furkid’? We’re not talking human childlings afflicted with hirsutism, no – there are other eateries for them and their kin. A furkid is a pet, an animal treated by its owner like a child. Owners of furkids take ‘peternity’ or puppy leave to look after their ‘furbaby’ or ‘furchild’ until they’re weaned and old enough to groom themselves, and subsequently enjoy the company of a pampered ‘Velcro dog’ – a furkid that never leaves their side – as their Poo X or Puggle grows up. So much a part of the owner’s life is a furkid that humanoid couples with joint ownership often sign a ‘pup nup’ dictating who becomes the pet’s guardian in the event of a split.

Pet-friendly restaurants & dog cafes in Singapore

In busy, work-hard-play-hard Singapore, pet ownership can be a challenge. Many dogs end up as ‘latchkey dogs’, left to fend for themselves alone in apartments or wandering around neighbourhoods – resulting in disastrous, rebellious ‘counter cruising’, neighbourly ostracism, and fines for stray doggy doo in a city-state where chewing gum is an offence to public decency.

However, thanks to the many new dog cafes in Singapore, no furry friend has to suffer this way. Singapore dog cafes don’t contribute to so-called black dog syndrome, whereby darker-coloured dogs are passed over in favour of sandy Labradors and the like, instead offering an open-door policy to furkids of all shapes and sizes, majestic moggies and mongrels, pedigree pets and unbreeds alike, laying on specialised ‘pupperware’ from which your pug can sup on canine cuisine and even designing their pet-friendly restaurants according to principles of ‘barkitecture’!

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