🍲 Chinese hotpot + Korean BBQ = Thai mu kratha!

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A perfect demonstration of how Southeast Asian cuisine is already fusion cuisine, Thai mookata (from the Thai mu kratha, meaning 'pan pork') is a mouthwatering combination of Chinese hotpot and Korean barbecue, and the darling of Singapore's blazing restaurant scene. Choose a large crowd of friends and family – Thai mookata works best in a group setting – and select your ingredients. Grill and simmer using a tabletop steamboat/barbecue combination, dig in, and call for more. This Collection showcases some of the best instances of Thai mookata dining in Singapore, and with the popularity of these restaurants hitting their stride and not likely to wane, you'll be pleased to know that it's easy to book your tables online and reserve yourself some hassle-free quality mookata time.
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