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Discover Singapore's Hidden-Gem Restaurants 🙈

Escape crowds, queues and chaos to enjoy some of Singapore's very best restaurants a bit off the beaten track

Singapore's Downtown Core and inner districts are packed with amazing eateries – but they're also packed with constant crowds and countless distractions. Don't worry, though, because the delicious restaurants that give Singapore its reputation as a world-leading dining destination are not contained to the city’s core. Quandoo offers a collection of restaurants found a little further afield – some in the city's sleepier districts, some surrounded by lush landscapes and fresh air, and some in the spots you'd like to head of a weekend anyway. There is no fail-safe formula for Singapore's best hidden gems and out-of-the-way restaurants, but some fundamental rules are that these places serve delicious food, offer great atmosphere and justify a special trip, whatever the occasion.
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