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3 Korean Restaurants in Orchard, Singapore

The history behind Korean restaurants in Orchard Road

A diverse centre of commerce, Singapore has always been a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. With lucrative financial opportunities, Singapore attracts migrants from neighbouring nations including Korea. This of course means that the country is home to authentic Korean restaurants all over Orchard Road, Tanjong Pagar, Sentosa and other up-and-coming areas. Interestingly, many people also attribute the evolution of this cuisine in Singapore to the surging popularity of Korean television dramas like 'Jewel in the Palace'. No wonder then, that Korean restaurants in Orchard Road do well amidst the buzzing atmosphere of this tourist destination.

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Dancing Fish Signature

Dancing Fish Signature

I'm Kim Junior - Korean BBQ & Army Stew

I'm Kim Junior - Korean BBQ & Army Stew

8 Korean BBQ - Shaw Centre

8 Korean BBQ - Shaw Centre
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    The kinds of Korean restaurants in Orchard Road

    From casual eateries to chic dine-in options, Korean restaurants in Orchard Road span the entire range. The unlimited quantities of food at fixed prices, coupled with their relaxed atmosphere, make the BBQ buffets ideal for families and big groups. These restaurants can get pretty smoky with the sizzling BBQs, so choose outdoor seating for a more comfortable experience. Couples or smaller groups may prefer the cosy, home style eateries, with wooden interiors and authentic Korean village ornaments. Orchard Road also has several Korean dessert joints where you can finish your dinner with delicious bingsus.
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    What to try at the Korean restaurants in Orchard Road

    When considering Korean food, kimchis, bibimbaps and BBQ ribs immediately spring to mind. However, these Korean restaurants in Orchard Road go much beyond the usual offerings. Slices of pork, chicken and various kinds of meat are charcoal grilled or pan fried, often right at your table! Stir-fried dishes like Dak-galbi are mostly served with cucumbers, carrots, kimchi, wild mushrooms or seaweed to make up a filling meal. Those looking for something lighter can try the flavourful soups that make up Korean cuisine. Ginseng chicken soup, steamy soondubuchigae beancurd stew or spicy kimchi soup — you'll find these and more on the menu.
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    Korean sweet dishes

    Bingsu is the most popular Korean dessert, and there are many cafes serving innumerable varieties of this shaved ice dessert. There are the usual flavours like fresh fruits, vanilla and coffee, while those more adventurous can try alternatives like Green Tea or Black Sesame bingsus, topped with red bean paste and cornflakes. Soft serve ice creams, crepes and cotton candies also grace the menus. Indeed, the Korean restaurants here in Orchard Road spoil you for choice when it comes to an authentic Korean experience.