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2 Indian Restaurants in Clarke Quay, Singapore

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It's no secret that Singapore enjoys a culinary scene that extends beyond the Malay states and East Asia. Alongside a thriving Chinese influence and flavours from across Europe, Indian food is a particularly popular choice for Singaporean natives and visitors to the island. And for those in search of a restaurant to satisfy their curry cravings, you’ll be in luck when visiting Clarke Quay, as their Indian restaurants are up there with the best in the city. This historic region of Singapore is home to an eclectic range of eateries, with the Indian restaurants in Clarke Quay standing as a particular high point. Whether you're after a simple hit of spice come the lunch hour, or want to delve into more complex flavours from the subcontinent for a delicious evening meal, find Indian restaurants in Clarke Quay the easy way with Quandoo. You'll be able to browse Indian restaurants in Clarke Quay at a glance, before making a table reservation at your chosen destination.

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RAS The Essence Of India

Clarke Quay
RAS The Essence Of India

Maziga Indian Bar and Grill

Clarke Quay
Maziga Indian Bar and Grill
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    Clarke Quay: authentic Indian restaurants in the heart of Singapore

    Clarke Quay is one of the most historic regions of Singapore and has been pivotal in the economic success of the country since the 1800s. Located slightly upstream from the mouth of the Singapore River, this bustling quay was named after the second governor of Singapore, Sir Andrew Clarke, an important figure in the history of transforming the island into a premier port and trading post. The region has been reinvented over the decades and today stands as a thriving cultural and commercial hub for Singapore, playing host to a manner of restaurants, clubs and bars that make it an incredibly popular destination for socialising and unwinding. Singapore's sizeable Indian population means that the island enjoys a high number of Indian restaurants, with Clarke Quay being home to an impressive selection of establishments to cater to all palates.
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    Savour local specialities and authentic Indian cuisine

    From laid back eateries serving up regional twists on food from the Indian subcontinent, to more exclusive establishments serving up authentic flavours from the Indian homeland, there's no shortage of choice when it comes to finding Indian restaurants in Clarke Quay. If you're on the hunt for a mouth-watering lunch, why not try classics like Indian rojak and roti prata, or keep it light with dosa or soup tulang. Or perhaps just go for a quintessential classic like tandoori chicken or masala curry. Whatever you choose, you’re in for a treat!
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    Spice it up with Indian restaurants in Clarke Quay

    You don't need to compromise when it comes to eating out thanks to the impressive range of Indian restaurants in Singapore. With Quandoo, you've a reliable resource on hand to help you sift through a premier pick of the best eateries in the area. Whether you're looking to dine out in style and rub shoulders with the talk of the town, or keep it simple with delicious dishes you know and love, finding and booking a table has never been easier thanks to Quandoo.