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Singapore, get ready to discover more!

Quandoo and KrisFlyer joined forces to reward our travel foodies with extra miles to explore more.


How does it work?

Create a Quandoo account

Link your KrisFlyer account

Earn 100 KrisFlyer miles per reservation you make

How to earn KrisFlyer miles:

  • First and foremost, link your KrisFlyer and Quandoo accounts via the Quandoo website at quandoo.sg or the Quandoo mobile App before making a successful reservation.

  • A reservation is considered successful once the restaurant has confirmed that you and your guests have turned up at the restaurant and followed through with the booking. The KrisFlyer miles will arrive in your account 10 days after dining.

  • Please be advised that sometimes it might take up to 30 days for KrisFlyer miles to be credited to your account. If you have not received your miles within this time frame, please get in touch with us.

  • A KrisFlyer account can only be linked to a Quandoo Singapore account on https://quandoo.sg/. However, you can earn KrisFlyer miles by making a reservation in any country Quandoo operates in.

  • By linking a KrisFlyer account to your Quandoo Singapore profile, you will begin to earn KrisFlyer miles instead of Quandoo loyalty points. It is not possible to earn points for both.


You must be a KrisFlyer member to earn KrisFlyer miles. Membership and miles are subject to the KrisFlyer Terms and Conditions.

*You must link your KrisFlyer and Quandoo accounts at quandoo.sg or via the Quandoo mobile apps prior to making a reservation. All reservations must be made on the Quandoo website or via the Quandoo app (with a linked KrisFlyer account), and each reservation will earn 100 KrisFlyer miles. Once your account is linked, you will be eligible to also earn KrisFlyer miles when booking through other Quandoo websites (such as quandoo.co.uk or quandoo.de etc).

When your KrisFlyer credentials are first added to your Quandoo account, your account will be provisionally linked and labeled as ‘linked’. The link between your KrisFlyer and Quandoo accounts will only be validated once the KrisFlyer miles have been successfully transferred to your KrisFlyer account. At this point, the link is successfully validated, and your accounts will be permanently linked until such time as you decide to unlink the accounts from within your profile. If the link between your KrisFlyer and Quandoo accounts is not successfully validated, you will receive an email asking you to enter the correct credentials.

Please note that reservations made using the Quandoo widget on a restaurant’s website, on third party websites (including those that are “powered by Quandoo” or “in partnership with Quandoo”) are not eligible for KrisFlyer miles.

By choosing to earn KrisFlyer miles, you will not be eligible to earn Quandoo Points. You can only link your KrisFlyer account to one Quandoo Account.

KrisFlyer miles are typically credited to your account within 10 days of dining (you must first complete your reservation by going to the restaurant). However, please allow up to 30 days after dining before contacting us. You will not earn KrisFlyer miles for reservations that are canceled or when you have not dined at the restaurant. If you do not complete all the necessary steps to link your Quandoo and KrisFlyer accounts, you will not receive the KrisFlyer miles for any reservations until this has been rectified.

Once the link between the accounts has been made, the link will remain (and you will continue to earn KrisFlyer miles until you elect to unlink your accounts. You can unlink your accounts on the Profile page. Please note, however, that should you unlink your account before 10 days have passed since you dined at the restaurant, you will not receive KrisFlyer miles into your KrisFlyer account and instead will receive 100 Quandoo Points into your Quandoo account. Quandoo reserves the right to:

  • withdraw this offer at any time for any reason and without notice. In the event that a reservation has been made, and this offer is subsequently withdrawn, the KrisFlyer miles will be issued provided the reservation has been completed and the diners have attended the restaurant.
  • change the amount of KrisFlyer miles awarded for eligible reservations and can do so at any time and for any reason. Quandoo will ensure that any changes are accurately reflected on the Quandoo website and mobile applications.
  • exclude specific restaurants or specific traffic sources, with the aforementioned being explicitly communicated to the diner at the time of booking.

From time to time, Quandoo may run promotional campaigns where additional KrisFlyer miles are awarded for eligible reservations. Quandoo reserves the right to decide the frequency of any such promotional campaigns and reserves the right to limit the number of times each user can earn additional KrisFlyer miles within that same promotional period.

From time to time, Quandoo may also run promotional campaigns where diners can earn additional Quandoo points for eligible reservations when entering a promo code. The promo code is not applicable to the KrisFlyer partnership, and no additional KrisFlyer miles will be awarded. Please also note that if you have linked Quandoo and KrisFlyer accounts with a status of ‘Linked’, ‘Pending’ or ‘Validation Error’, you will not receive the additional Quandoo Points for this reservation.

Promotional campaigns are usually a month long in duration. To be eligible to receive the bonus KrisFlyer miles, both the reservation and the diner's attendance at the restaurant must happen within the same month. However, Quandoo reserves the right to decide the duration of any promotional campaign.

Regarding Quandoo Points promo codes, if you have attempted to link your Quandoo and KrisFlyer accounts, this promo code will not be valid. Furthermore, the field to enter the promo code will not be shown until you have successfully unlinked your Quandoo and KrisFlyer accounts.

If you would like to know the status of the transferring of miles into your KrisFlyer, please wait until 30 days have passed from the date on which you dined at the restaurant before contacting Quandoo using the contact details in the footer below.

Please note that if your browser uses Ad blockers, we cannot follow the signup process and ultimately will not be able to award you the KrisFlyer miles. We thus recommend not to use any Ad blockers.