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China has one of the most celebrated cuisines in the world, and there can be few better places to enjoy it outside of the homeland than in Singapore. Chinese restaurants in Singapore come in all shapes and sizes and the diversity of delicacies from within the world’s most populous country are frankly outstanding: from Sichuan to Hainan province, from cities like Beijing to Shanghai and Guangdong...we could go on. One of the rarest regional styles to be found outside of China is Fujian – known for being light on sauces and big on the authentic flavour of the ingredients – and from within Fujian, there is a culinary style even more seldom seen: Fujian Shaxian Xiaochi. Known as Shaxian delicacies, they have been around for 1600 years, and if you want to try it here, then you need to get to Weng’s Sha Xian Xian Chi Hokkien on Geylang Road in Geylang. They’ve got the best Shaxian delicacies in Singapore, so book a table and head on in for a truly unique Chinese experience.

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Weng's Sha Xian Xiao Chi Hokkien
749 Geylang Road
Singapore 389655

Menu Highlights





Steamed Dumplings


Fuzhou fish balls


Fried Wonton


Sweet Potato Balls


Kung Pao Chicken


Rice Dishes

Duck Leg with Rice



Peanut With Noodles


Ribs Noodles


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Set B (for 2pax)


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John S.6 months ago · 100 reviews

Weng's Sha Xian Xiao Chi Hokkien serves a variety of Chinese cuisine. They offer Wonton, Steamed Dumplings, Fuzhou Fish Balls and many more. Come and enjoy their delicious dishes with your friends and family!

John S.4 months ago · 100 reviews

Serves nice peanut sauce noodles and crispy fried wanton noodles Shaxian delicious meat and dry flat worth a try! Serves nice peanut sauce noodles and crispy fried wanton