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Enjoy the finest flavours of Mexico at Viva Mexican Cantina, a Semaphore Road restaurant that’s been making waves across Adelaide. This elegant Mexican restaurant occupies a former police station and boasts incredible beach views, as well as a comfortable patio with ample space for groups large or small. This unique dining spot is perfect for just about any occasion, whether it’s after-work margaritas with friends, a long lunch on a day off or a sophisticated dinner with someone you care about. Viva Mexican Cantina is open seven days a week for dinner and for lunch from Friday to Sunday, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stop in for an amazing meal. We recommend booking ahead to get the most out of your experience.

Opening Times

Open now - Closes at 9:00 pm
5:30 am - 9:00 pm
5:30 am - 9:00 pm
5:30 am - 9:00 pm
5:30 am - 9:00 pm
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Viva Mexican Cantina
6 Semaphore Road, Semaphore
Adelaide 5019

Menu Highlights



Chicken Flautas

Two flour tortillas fried to crispy perfection with a delightfully seasoned filling of chicken topped with guacamole and salsa


Pork spare ribs, basted with a spicy marinade, barbecued and smothered in our special sauce

Chilli Con Carne

A rich stew made from beans, ground beef, tomatoes, chilli and spices, served with crunchy corn chips


Enchilada Chica

Corn tortilla rolled around chicken breast and cheese together with a beef taco served with rice & frijoles

Los Tacos

Your choice of beef, chicken or frijole in crisp folded corn tortillas complimented with onion lettuce & tomato salsa served with rice & frijoles (3 per serve)


Giant crisp flour burrito layered with rice, shredded lettuce, cheese, guacamole, sour cream and salsa. Served with frijoles Choice of chicken, beef or vegetarian


Chocolate Donkey

Whoever heard of a moose in Mexico


Crisp fried puff of sweet pastry topped with honey, ice cream and cinnamon

Ice Cream Zapata

Special flavours with special liqueurs (serves two)

More about Viva Mexican Cantina, Semaphore

Situated inside a historic police station built in 1891, Viva Mexican Cantina boasts a unique setting at their premises on Semaphore Road. From all the old-school Mexican dishes you already know and love to more modern interpretations, you’ll be spoilt for choice with great Mexican dishes at this great restaurant in Semaphore. No matter where you live in Adelaide, it’s well worth your time to make a trip to Viva Mexican Cantina.

Viva Mexican Cantina in Adelaide features a menu packed with tasty options. For the appetiser, start off with some chicken flautas or prawn taquitos before diving into main courses ranging from enchiladas to tacos and fajitas. We recommend Viva Mexican Cantina’s pescado veracruz, fish sauteed with an array of vegetables and served alongside a garden salad and rice, or the hearty bistec ranchero, a 250g prime fillet steak that’s served with rice, frijoles and salad. Got a sweet tooth? Try desserts like the Viva Mexican Cantina’s Aztec Chocolate Indulgence, flan de queso ora sopapillas. There’s a lot more where that came from, but don’t just take our word for it – reserve your table ahead of time and make your way to this Mexican hotspot in Semaphore today.

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44 Reviews
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Melissa W.8 days ago · 3 reviews

The service was excellent - the staff were friendly and enthusiastic. The food was of high quality and was presented very nicely. The decor was fun and inviting.

Emma S.19 days ago · 4 reviews

We always love half price nacho Mondays. Serving sizes are very generous

Emma S.19 days ago · 4 reviews

A regular family favourite for us! We never leave unhappy.

Emma S.21 days ago · 4 reviews

always an enjoyable night out and my 8yo son thinks the food is perfect!

Marty S.2 months ago · 1 review

Lol.. the rating scale reminders me of a PH test.. Amyways.. Great venue love the view never disappoints (and for the dinner booking for this review there were fire acrobats on the beach which were great to watch from the dinning balcony and for conversation starters). Lovely flavours and promt service. When asked if the a/c could be lowered or turned off there was problem in making it happen. Meals are huge lots of waste (could be we are small eaters but even the males at our table failed to force in all the servings ) It does state on the menus servings are large but we all ordered small which can be a credit to the pre-warnings of the menu. 👍Still shame to have waste so much tho. The atmosphere was quite on a Wednesday at 6pm but later picked up with more dinners arriving after 730ish .. The early time was booked to suit interstate visitors and the days plans. Menus cater well for GF and vegitarian not so much full vegan as for creamy yoghurts as toppings. But then there is no issues when asking to alter menu serves. Thanks. All in all been to Viva several times while living in Adelaide and on arriving back from living interstate looked forward to chilling out here again with family and friends. Would recommend to anyone local to Adelaide or visiting. No issues with parking either side of the main street and pretty easy access for non-ambuent patrons. Can't say I've used to "facilities" here so can't comment on that for ease of access reviews (will make a point to check this out next time..) Sure on return from OS will return to Viva to share fond memories, great views at a lovely venue with family and friends again. Thanks to all. 👍

Chris S.3 months ago · 1 review

This restaurant may appear just like a regular building, but the food and service is amazing. The service is thorough and rapid. They can never seem to do enough for you, and they are always happy to cater for any changes you want to make in your order. The food - OMG! The food is so tasty and of a good serving. It is wholesome, and they don't skimp out. You will not be sorry. We were there three nights in a row, and if it wasn't for work obligations, we would've continued. SENSATIONAL!!

Anita B.8 months ago · 2 reviews

The experience was not the best as the staff forgot our drinks order which we then had to remind them of after about 45 mins. Then they also forgot our food order which apparently was misplaced. When I asked the young male waiter about 1 hr later he said in a flippant manner that they were busy. in the meantime 2 other groups that had arrived at the restaurant got their drinks and their meals before we even got our drinks which we had ordered about an hour before the others arrived. There was no offer of a discount for the double muck up or a free drink thrown in which I found to be very disappointing. I would think twice about going again as they seemed to be understaffed and quite disorganised. Being a Saturday night you'd think there would be more staff on deck.

Jason E.3 months ago · 1 review

we booked online and were shown to a table for 2 which was small and cramped. When i asked about getting a table with a view or some more space (rather than against a wall) we were told that this was not possible as the others were reserved. In the time we were there these tables were not occupied at all, so i did not understand this logic. The meals looked great when arriving, but the meat (beef) in the meal I ordered was far from tender. Compared to my partner's meal (which was excellent), mine was the opposite. Chewy, tough and hard to swallow. On paying for the meal, I was asked re the quality of the meal(s). I gave some honest yet polite feedback on this, stating that the beef in my meal was unsatisfactory. The waitress best response was that she "would pass this on to the chef", which did not seem to be much in the way of addressing this. In all honesty, as locals, there are plenty of good restaurants in the area that are much preferable - and it will be some time before we go back to Viva Zapata's again.

Shauna H.6 months ago · 1 review

The staff absolutely made our experience what it was - amazing. Your staff are so genuinely friendly and delightful, they were the best part! The food was great as usual and the frozen lemon marguaritas rocked as well :) Thanks for a great night.

Matthew A.6 months ago · 13 reviews

The food was great as usual but they forgot our nachos and came out with our mains before anything else which was a bit of a problem. We ended up getting all of our food but there was a long wait until anything happened (the nachos came out about 5 minutes after they realised we were missing them). Also they've stopped selling cans of soft drink so the drinks were a bit expensive. Otherwise, pleasant and we'll definitely go back.