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Happy Hour - Mon - Fri, 5PM-7PM

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please be aware that Tamarind Hill has a strict 'no children under 14 years of age policy' except on Sundays whereby children of all ages are welcome!

Guests can request for indoor or outdoor seating under Special Requests, however, seats are subject to availability.

What you won’t often find in Singapore is a restaurant surrounded by beautiful greenery, but Tamarind Hill is just that, set in the gorgeous Labrador Nature Reserve of Labrador Park. The restaurant occupies a colonial bungalow that’s laced with history and decorated with Asian sophistication in mind. Serving authentic Siamese cuisine, Tamarind Hill is truly a beautiful place to escape from the bustle of the city and take the edge off. Head over to Labrador Villa Road to see what the fuss is about.

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Tamarind Hill
30 Labrador Villa Road
Singapore 119189

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Every Day - All Day

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Further Information

Reminiscent of the original Tamarind Hill in Kuala Lumpur, Tamarind Hill in Singapore offers Siamese cuisine in a setting that oozes Asian character. As one of the best restaurants certainly around Labrador Hill and Labrador Villa Road, Tamarind Hill can offer diners plenty that they may not find elsewhere, largely due to executive chef Wanthana Nikonsaen. Born in Thailand, Wanthana knows a thing or two about Siamese cooking and at Tamarind Hill she uses her knowledge to create some fine contemporary dishes.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise of the menu too much, but trust us when we say that it has been crafted with love by Wanthana and her team. Quality ingredients worthy of the finest kitchens in Singapore are guaranteed every time, and around Labrador Hill, foodies return to Tamarind Hill again and again. Wanthana has best expertise in vegetable and fruit carving, alongside a keen eye for aesthetics. Everything you order will be as beautiful as Labrador Nature Reserve itself.

47 Tamarind Hill Reviews

Paula S.6 days ago · 1 review

This is a beautiful location, well worth the short drive from the CBD. The decor and ambiance are elegant yet in keeping with the restuarants lush surroundings. The staff and warm and welcoming service and the menu offers a new twist on traditional Thai dishes, each one delicious.

amie g.15 days ago · 1 review

The staff are very attentive, and take pride in their jobs. The restaurant itself is lovely, serene, and more than just a place to eat - it is also an experience.

Lianne F.21 days ago · 5 reviews

great place to celebrate special occasions. wide variety on the menu. staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We also enjoyed the cocktails menu and again staff was extremely helpful. will definitely come back.

Lynette P.a month ago · 4 reviews

The food at Tamarind Hill is impeccable! We went there for a girls night out and were thoroughly satisfied. The staff were very welcoming and friendly and gave us excellent recommendations. Highly recommend eating there!!

imgEdo v.20 days ago · 2 reviews

Tamarind Hill is located in a beautiful heritage house on a hilltop just west of Sentosa island. The food is good, great wine selection from around the globe and prices are very decent indeed. Service is friendly but lacking some experience. Port wine and wine were served by someone who admitted he doesn't drink alcohol at all, that's a problem. Frequent table visits to fill up the glasses - but each time only a bit extra - also can be improved. Time between starter and main course was very short indeed which is much better than a long wait ofcourse but no need to rush lah... we loved the ambiance and tastes so wanted to have time to clean our palettes with some water and wine before diving into the mains! Overall a 5 - not a 6, but still one of the best Thai food experiences we've had in a long time!

tony C.2 months ago · 1 review

The Tamarind Hill is undoubtedly one of our favourite restaurants in Singapore. The cuisine is original, refined and flavoursome. Helen looks after her guests with warmth and is clearly passionate about providing the best dining experience possible. We highly recommend Tamarind Hill to anyone who enjoys fine dining.

Emily S.2 months ago · 11 reviews

A couple of hiccups during our experience here. The Sautéed Beef came with all asparagus, no beef. Waitress said she'd order another one for us, but it never came. We had to order the Stir Fried Assorted Mushrooms with Sweet Basil twice. The entire appetiser menu was nowhere to be found? Even though we were told we should help ourselves to the appetisers & pad thai from the outdoor stations ourselves. (The only outdoor station there was for Pad Thai, salads, beef noodles & meat skewers.) We also waited 20 mins for our 2nd round of dessert; only after we enquired about it did the 2 desserts arrive. Something is wrong somewhere in the supply chain if the restaurant cannot deliver timely & adequately even when the restaurant is not completely full! Oh, & we were all quite thirsty after our meal 🤔 I'll be honest, I was only here because I won a contest & the prize was the Thaim-less 🇹🇭 brunch for 3 pax. Thankful that I won, but no I won't be back. Truthfully, the food isn't bad, although I am not sure how authentic it is. But $60++ per pax is STEEP, & the food wasn't amazing nor was the variety astounding. & this is at a pretty inaccessible (though rustic & is lovely in that sense) location. Maybe the a la carte menu would give you better value for money?

Fiona T.4 months ago · 9 reviews

Love the ambience at Tamarind Hill. Love the decor, the scent, the peacefulness of the location. Great food with high quality ingredients and thai dishes not found at other thai restaurants. Awesome service as usual, service staff are all incredibly warm and attentive. Have been here numerous times and can't wait for the next visit. :)

Alison W.5 months ago · 1 review

Tamarind Hill is in a beautiful, peaceful location. On entering the restaurant you immediately feel calm and peaceful. The service is excellent and the food is delicious. My favourite dishes are the Beef Massaman and the eggplant. There is also a great vegetarian menu. This is one of my favourite restaurants.

Kerstin K.3 months ago · 1 review

Great ambiance, beautiful decor, superbe bar! But - and that's what we mainly came for - the so called Thai food, was very average at best. Not the expected burst of fresh, zesty, fragrant, spicy flavours the Thai kitchen is known and loved for. No crispy, fresh, spicy-sour mango salad, but instead a salad drowned in a non defineable, boring sauce with lots of red chili. The same sauce unfortunately also drowned the larb gai (spicy chicken salad) which should normally contain lots of fresh coriander, lime, chili and fish sauce topped with ground, crispy roasted rice. The green chicken curry was nothing special too, not well balanced. As was the the red snapper with wild ginger and plum sauce. Just very bland. No aroma whatsoever. Our dessert - the famous mango sticky rice- had nothing in common with the wonderful dessert you can buy at any street stall in Bangkok - it was completely overcooked, soggy glutinous rice. The only good part was the tasty sweet and sour Thai mango.... So all in all: go there for a drink and the location but not for the food! I can only hope they just had a bad day or the real Thai chef was on leave....!

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