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Sichuan restaurants in Singapore are a dime a dozen, but if we had to pick one that’s strictly made for the brave souls who can handle the unadulterated spicy notes of garlic, chilli and peppercorn, Si Wei Mao Cai has to be it. Believe us when we say that this Chinese restaurant is not for the faint-hearted. The signature langzi catfish, along with other favourites like the chilli frog and fragrant pepper chicken will have you breaking into a sweat. Get down to this gem on Mosque Street in the heart of Chinatown, but don’t forget to book ahead.

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Si Wei Mao Cai
33 Mosque Street
Singapore 059511

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duck stew with potato


stir-fried lamb with bread


si wei chilli frog


pan fried chicken


si wei stewed pork knuckle


si wei stewed beef in hot szechuan pepper sauce



fish fillet in si wei home made chili


si wei langzi catfish


si wei steam fish


steamed fish in pickled tomato peppers



si wei grilled prawn


fried prawn with dry chili in sweet spicy sauce


si wei chilli crab


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More about Si Wei Mao Cai, Singapore

Singaporeans’ appetite for spicy food simply knows no limits, and that is probably why Sichuan restaurants have been going from strength to strength across the nation’s culinary landscape in recent years. But a large number of them, as we’ve come to notice, have been watered down to suit local taste buds – leaving the truly authentic ones akin to needles in a haystack. Diehard fans of the cuisine, however, swear by Si Wei Mao Cai on Mosque Street, a Chinatown gem that serves up delicacies from this southwestern Chinese region just the way they should be.

A signature dish and an all-time favourite among Si Wei Mao Cai’s regulars is the langzi catfish; an appetising melange of catfish, black fungus, pickled vegetables, and sweet potato vermicelli with a tingling spiciness made to last – consider yourself warned! You might want to tone it down afterwards with a milder round of grilled prawns; or how about beef with pickled vegetables, served in a fragrant broth? With an extensive menu that covers all bases, there’s plenty to go round the table at Si Wei Mao Cai, so gather your friends and family members down to this Chinese restaurant to sample more of the exceptional Sichuan fare it has to offer. Si Wei Mao Cai is conveniently located a few minutes’ walk from Chinatown MRT station, putting it within easy reach from most parts of Singapore. Reserve ahead for the best seats.

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Audrey K.5 months ago · 3 reviews

great food and atmosphere!it wasn't too spicy yet full with the great typical sichuan flavour ! moneywise is reasonable,worth for the money! with definitely visit again

Rosa T.9 months ago · 4 reviews

We were late for dinner as we left our son's birthday cake at home and had to turn around. But the waiter (this young KL guy with a cap) was all smiley face and very welcoming to us! The place was crowded with many people waiting outside. My son picked this place as he claimed it has the best sichuan food in SG, and he was right! Our family from 10 yr old to 75 year old all enjoy the birthday dinner! Great family restaurant with authentic Sichuan food!

Rosa T.9 months ago · 1 review

The Sichuan food was excellent and my team of international guests of 13 pax enjoyed the dinner very much. This place is small and crowded, and did not have large tables for large groups. But the food will make me return again!

Thijs W.2 months ago · 3 reviews

Great Szechuan food in your typical restaurant. Service was OK, dishes are well presented, big portions, and most important of all very 'ma la' and scrumptious

Joyce T.9 months ago · 8 reviews

Authentic Chinese food, all dishes were great. Especially my family loves the mala catfish! However, there was a table with 3 kids that were screaming and shouting throughout the meal. But overall, food was great!

S J.6 months ago · 104 reviews

It is pretty pricey but portions are big. So it's good for sharing. Be prepared to wait awhile for seats though. 10 out of 10 would recommend and would go back again.

ophelia t.8 months ago · 2 reviews

When we ordered the food, we didnt know we could select the level of spiciness. The dishes were not spicy at all. The staff should have asked us for the preference.

Sal L.4 months ago · 1 review

Food was delicious. Service and ambience was good. Location is also convenient for people taking public transport. Will be back soon. The LA ZHI JI is a must try. :)

Joyce C.7 months ago · 1 review

Good service. They managed to allocate us a table even though we were 30mins earlier. Food is good and my visitors are happy. Will definitely visit again

Kong W.8 months ago · 1 review

Food is good, service is sincere, but needs improvement to show service quality.Really glad that Singapore has some good Sichuan food to save us trips to Sichuan to satisfy the palette.