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About Shu Liu Xiang

Singapore is one of the finest places in the world to enjoy Chinese food – possibly the best outside of China proper – and one of the premier exponents of the cuisine in the city is Shu Liu Xiang in Geylang. Singapore differentiates itself from the other great cities of Overseas Chinese restaurants – San Francisco, New York, Sydney, London – in its loyalty to traditional methods, which were often lost or neglected, both to the Cultural Revolution in the homeland and to fusion tastes in Chinatowns the world over. Some of the time honoured dishes on offer at Shu Liu Xiang include braised pork intestines with soy sauce, chicken giblet with pickled peppers and sauteed frog in chilli sauce. There are obscure flavours too: duck tongue, clavicle, webs and gizzards, pig tail, tongue and ear, jellyfish skin and chicken feet. Book at table and take the train over to Kallang to enjoy the authentic taste of China at Shu Liu Xiang on Geylang Road – one of the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore.

Chef's Choice


Shared Dishes

Tofu served on sizzling hot plate


Squid served on sizzling hot plate


Beef / Lamb on sizzling hot plate


Braised chicken with mushroom



Stir fried squid with cumin


Braised hairtail with soy sauce


Sauteed small whelks with spicy sauce


Boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chilli


Shrimp cooked in brine


Kung Pao supreme shrimp


Fried shrimps in hot spicy sauce


Flavor sauteed perch


Baked fish shi chuan style



Mini steamed and deep fried mantou


Sauteed sweet corn with salted egg yolk


Sauteed sweet corn with Pine Nuts


Sweet potato / Taro in Hot Toffee

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