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Sedap Place

East Victoria Park · Asian, Malaysian · $$$$
350 Reviews

About Sedap Place

Malaysian food and fantastic service await you at Sedap Place, a restaurant that offers authentic dining in East Victoria Park. Suitable for first timers to the cuisine as well as old pros, this Albany Highway restaurant is inviting to all, and is ideal for the whole family. Whatever you order, you’re in for a treat at Sedap Place in Perth. Book your table now.

Opening Times

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Sedap Place
876 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park
Perth 6101

Chef's Choice



Macha Curry Chicken

Chicken pieces and potatoes cooked with spices and creamy curry gravy

Makmak Fried Chicken

Chicken drumstrick marinated in traditional spices and deep fried

Beef Rendang Special

Tender beef slow cooled in an exotic mixture of lemon grass, turmeric, cinnamon and other authentic spices


Macha Curry Chicken


Tangy Sambal Cockles


Curry Laksa Steamed Chicken



Mee Goreng Mamak


Meehoon Siam


Char Koay Teow

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More about Sedap Place, East Victoria Park

With a name like “sedap” (Malay for “delicious”), you can bank on finding authentic and great-tasting Malaysian cuisine at Sedap Place. Situated along the Albany Highway in East Victoria Park, this eastern Perth restaurant prides itself on showcasing complex and robust flavours in its popular dishes such as the traditional laksa and beef rendang.

Try shareable dishes like the nasi lemak for two with four dishes of your choice, or the delightful crispy and savoury roti telur which goes amazingly well with the in-house curry. In true Malaysian style, you’ll have to wash it all down with the sweet and refreshing blend of three-layer milk tea. If you’re new to the cuisine, the colourful menu with pictures at Sedap Place will help you figure out what to order, and there are plenty of vegetarian options for diners who like their food meat-free. One visit to Sedap Place and you’ll see why this restaurant is such a well-loved spot among Perth’s Malaysian community, but just remember to reserve ahead of your visit to snag the best seats.

350 Sedap Place Reviews

Jackie d.a day ago · 1 review

Everything on the menu is worth a try and do compliment your selection with a teh tarik .. you will be absolutely delighted with the taste as it is truly Sedap!

Lyndon J.4 days ago · 1 review

Great food and service. Portion sizes for the nasi lemak and kuay teow wanton soup were generous and tasty. Service was quick, polite and friendly.

Anna T.4 days ago · 2 reviews

Great Rendang Nasi Lemak and pratas. Curry laksa was not good. Too oily. Service was prompt and helpful. Modern Decor but Air con needs servicing. It was max 30C today but felt as warm inside.

imgLesley G.5 days ago · 10 reviews

very busy as it was Chinese New year and lots happening in Victoria Park. Big choice on the menu and very reasonable prices. no corkage and a fun night.

Monica W.6 months ago · 1 review

It was our first visit at Sedap, all 5 of us loved it. Vegetarian options and true Malay flavours. The food, service and ambience all exceeded our expectations. The head lady waitress who served us was warm and welcoming. We ordered the nasi lemak to share, char koay teow (wok flavoured) and my favourite was the hot the tarik, rich strong tea not made from packaged 3 in 1. Will be back to try their 2 cylinder teh tarik good for 6-8 people $18.90. Wanted to order for the 4 of us but the waitress said we wont be able to sleep if we drank it all.

Alfred L.7 months ago · 1 review

I grew up till my teens in Malaysia, eating a lot of the dishes that Sedap Place sell. I tried their Nasi Lemak, Roti Telur Bawang and Teh Tarik. I found that whatever flavour was present wasn't what I remembered from my time in Malaysia. In fact, most of the dishes, including curries and dhal were flavourless. The exceptions were the rendang (which though flavourful, was not the traditional "dry" style), roti (freshly made, which is rare to find in Perth) and fried chicken. Even the teh tarik wasn't the right flavour - and was rather bland. The service was good and portion sizes were large (too large - I'd prefer smaller servings with lower prices).

Berenice L.a month ago · 1 review

Service is okay. I was expecting the service to be better. It was my first time there, instead of bringing us to the table, one of the staff just pointed (using the menu or something) where we should sit. Which we were confused for a bit. So it was a really bad first impression. Although the rest of the staff were really nice and friendly. I know it's good to have different combo for the nasi lemak so that it would be your signature dish. But I wish the combination could have been better. The achar and the brown thing (with ginger in it I think) were just off for me. It was sour and sweet. Were we meant to mix everything all together with the rice? Which I don't get it. Loved the rendang beef though :)

Chai N.4 months ago · 1 review

Overall great experience with the food and service. That was our second visit to Sedap Place. We will definitely return to try other dishes, especially the ice kacang and cedol which we were told will be on the menu from Nov.

Shaun Y.10 months ago · 1 review

i have to say this is the best restaurant in Perth by far that comes closest to the taste back home in Malaysia. Truly authentic! This will be my new place to have any fix for Malaysian cuisine. The only improvement is that it might be a bit of a wait for food (maybe them being new which can be resolved if they get more staff in). But trust me, the wait is worth it!

Alex P.4 months ago · 6 reviews

Our third visit in two months and once again, we weren't dissapointed. We had the Nasi Lemak with all the sides to share as well some egg prata and some drinks. Substantial and delicious! Kid friendly too as the little one was occupied with crayons and colouring paper. It's our new favourite joint to have good quality and tasty Malaysian/Singaporean fare!

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