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Bussorah Street has numerous noteworthy restaurants to its name but few of them are as revered by the local Muslim community as LePak at Rayz. At this elegant and cosy diner in the Bugis district of Singapore, you can feast on a smorgasbord of well-loved international dishes ranging from Asian noodle soups to fusion pastas to classic favourites like fish and chips. Make LePak at Rayz your next dining destination but before you do that, you’ll want to reserve a table in advance.

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LePak at Rayz
62 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199478

Menu Highlights



Nachos Grande


Truffle Fries


Salted Egg Calamari



Garden Salad


Chicken Salad


Crabmeat Timbale



Buttermilk Chicken


Pan Seared Salmon


Rib Eye Steak



Penang Char Kway Teow


Rayz Laksa


Mee Celop


Non-alcoholic Cocktails

Jamaican Ale


Citrus Breeze


Singapore Sling


Sunset @ Rayz


Main Menu

Rayz Bistro Menu


More about LePak at Rayz, Singapore

Dear diners, please note that the restaurant will only keep tables for a maximum of 15 minutes past reservation times. Please call the restaurant if you are going to be late.

You’ll never be lacking in dining destinations in Singapore, and nowhere is that truer than in the city centre. From authentic curries in Little India to warming hot pots in Chinatown and smaller eateries that dot the streets around the myriad Western joints for the gastronaut and casual diner alike – there is something for everyone. Yet, even among the throng of restaurants in Singapore, there is one name that stands out among the offerings in Bugis, none other than LePak at Rayz.

Situated on Bussorah Street, LePak at Rayz serves up a classic menu filled with a little bit of everything. Take your pick from a wide spread of international favourites that includes biryanis, nachos, bruschettas, ginger beef noodles, and a whole lot more. Asian meets Western on the menu – and sometimes on the plate, to which the chilli crab pasta will attest – so head on over to LePak at Rayz and try out a delicacy or two. You can find them within walking distance from Bugis MRT and are halal to boot, so book a table now to avoid disappointment.

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87 Reviews
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Kalthom A.13 days ago · 1 review

Nice food, affordable prices and range, super friendly service. We will definitely come back, especially to check out the ice cream and the desserts :-)

june a.a month ago · 2 reviews

Had iftar with my non-muslim friends.. and they were very impressed with the food and service was quite fast for a high peak season. They were very attentive and the food was really good!

june a.a month ago · 2 reviews

Had my iftar with my non-muslim friends. they were impressed with the whole set up of the restaurant and the food served. the service was fast and they are very attentive despite the busy season. food tasted so good!

Norziana A.a month ago · 1 review

I would say good service and ambience. I have only triend the Asian food and so far im satisfied. Price are affordable too. Staff are helpful.

Emma M.a year ago · 2 reviews

Great service to start with. Very polite and helpful staff. I didn't like their crab tambule (appetiser), thought it tasted too fishy but my family liked it so it was probably just my taste bud. Their watermelon lychee kangkung salad was so good (the duck was the highlight). Their sotong hitam pasta was to die for, a MUST MUST TRY! It was uniquely delicious and addictive. We actually ordered it again for us to share. Their mee celop something (name's too long for me to remember) was tasty though the beef rib was a little too tough for us. My mum really enjoyed their nasi goreng kampong though I thought it was nothing special. Their penang kway teow goreng was not what you would have expected, their version was a lot better! Generous portion of cockles in it. For dessert, we had gelato and creme brulee, both nothing to shout out for. A family was there for a birthday celebration and shared with us a slice of the birthday cake made by the restaurant. Black forest cake I think. Not sweet at all which is good. My mum really liked it even though she has sweet tooth. We also had a complimentary new dessert on the menu - I didn't get the name unfortunately - it's donut-like with orange flavour. It was SO GOOD. We were really full by the time it was served. We even informed the manager that we will not be able to eat them and to give it a pass but luckily he insisted that we just have a bite to try. We ate it all clean. You got to try that (ask the manager about it). Price-wise, it is on the high side but I would be more than happy to go back there again on special occasion.

Nurfarhanah O.2 years ago · 1 review

Upon arrival, we were welcome by the staff and invited to our table. Order for appetiser was made and just waited not long before it was served. Truffle fries and garlic bread were served. But cutleries and serviettes not given till we asked for them. Then we ordered for main dish.. Its pretty unfortunate that the chef specialty laksa and a steak I think, plus other main dishes were not available.. So we ordered for what they had on that day. A friend ordered steak medium rare but it came well done.. Staff (A) saw and was concerned about it he took the steak back for replacement. Another steak came but it was medium well. My friend didnt want to ask for a change because we waited long enough for other food to come. Still, new cutleries were not served till we asked for it and some came in wrong pair. I had ordered opeh dish but cutlery came with a knife and fork. While there may not be a lot patrons, I thought it'd be better if the staff takes a look at what we ordered, prepare the cutleries and bring it to our table. This is what they do in other restaurants. The staff were seen waiting on one side looking at their patrons eating. One wouldnt feel comfortable. Instead of just waiting and looking, would be better if they're more proactive.. Food is good as it has to match with the price. But overall dining experience could be better.. Staff (A) was seen hardworking as he attends to the tables of patrons, but there were some lingering and not doing anything. I would love to dine in again if the chef's specialities and other dishes are available, plus the staff readiness to serve us.

Mohseena K.2 years ago · 1 review

Everything was great....loved the ambience and service was awesome. Needs to improve though on the waiting time. Took too long for food to arrive. And quality of the drinks were not up to standards. Did not serve ice water and most fine dining restaurants serve ice water instead of charging us for the mineral water. The main course wasn't too tasty for the hefty price you would expect more. Tried the coconut rice n laksa but wasn't impressed. Garlic bread n calamari were awesome. And also the lack of interesting desserts. This restaurant has a lot of potential but please look into all these factors. Would love to come and visit more frequently if they improve on all these .

Hanita Y.2 years ago · 1 review

It was a cosy restaurant to be in on a cool Friday night with family me and my girlfriend had a great evening there! Cool ambience family environment or candle light dinner with ur love ones was a perfect place.. Not too extravagant nor pricey and the most important it served halal cuisine. From Asian to Paris spread of food in the menu... I'm loving it.. With friendly staff and warmth welcome by everyone in the restaurant. Makes me feel at home. Definitely I will come back coz this is my 4th visit there since last ramadhan. 👍👍👍❤❤❤

Jaslyn L.2 months ago · 13 reviews

The service is good and the dishes are quite tasty and filling. The garlic bread and mushroom soup is really delicious and a must-try. The opeh special is pretty flavorful especially with the addition of prawn gravy, the crayfish is sadly not that fresh. The squid ink pasta taste not too bad but probably cos I have tried a better one so it's not at the top top of my list; for those who have not tried a good one, this is a worth to try dish.. It's located around the sultan mosque area, quite accessible.

NIthiya M.a year ago · 1 review

Food was really delicious and teased the senses. Pretty unique take on dishes, so there was a good surprise element too. Had the slippery lobster with noodles, tom yam champagne and kampung fried rice. For dessert, we had their speciality chocolate cake. That too was decadent awesomeness. Staff were very friendly and accommodating, and helped us with our birthday surprise. Overall, a really good experience, and we'll definitely be going back for more.