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Little India
Everest Kitchen
Everest Kitchen Menu

Everest Kitchen

Indian, Vegetarian, Nepalese

Dishes priced aroundSGD 9

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Menu from Everest Kitchen

Check out the menu at Everest Kitchen and discover what everyone's craving! Know what to expect when you book a table at Everest Kitchen: From appetizers to desserts, discover the delicious food awaiting you. You can even peek at the prices, menu highlights and popular dishes from Everest Kitchen. Mmm we’re getting hungry already…

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Menu highlights

Includes dishes that are:




Chicken Pepper Soup

Chicken cooked with carrot, onions and pepper in broth seasoned with curry powder and cloves

SGD 3.90
Shorba Soup

Tomato Shorba, a tangy mild spice soup with cumin seed and green chillies

SGD 3.90


Mutton Vindalu

Mutton cooked with potatoes in spicy thick gravy

SGD 12.00
Pudina Khasi

A minty flavoured mutton in thick gravy

SGD 12.00
Mutton Rogan Josh

Tender mutton cooked in mild spicy sauce with garlic, ginger & tomatoes

SGD 12.50


Butter Chicken

Grilled marinated chicken cooked in creamy buttery gravy

SGD 9.50
Chili Chicken

Battered and pan fried chicken cooked with spicy sauce, onions, capsicums & tomatoes for spicy lovers

SGD 9.90
Chicken Jalfrezi

Boneless chicken cube prepared with capsicum, onions, tomatoes & seasonal vegetables

SGD 10.00


Fish Masala

Boneless fried fish cubes cooked in thick gravy sauce

SGD 11.50
Jhaneko Machha

Marinated whole fish shallow fried and cooked with garlic, onions & capsicum and spices

SGD 14.00
Prawn Chili

Deep Fried prawn cooked with onions, capsicum and green chilies

SGD 14.00


Garlic Naan

Unleavened bread freshly baked in the charcoal oven over topped with garlic

SGD 2.50
Masala Naan

Unleavened bread prepared in the tandoor oven stuffed with a mix of potatoes and spices

SGD 3.00
Kashmiri Naan

The princess of naan, unleavened bread topped with dry fruits and nuts

SGD 3.50

Rice Dishes

Vegetables Briyani

Briyani Rice cooked together with assorted vegetables

SGD 7.50
Chicken Briyani

Briyani rice cooked together with chicken under slow fire with selected chef's spice

SGD 7.90
Mutton Briyani/ Prawn Briyani/ Fish Briyani

Mutton/Prawn cooked together in briyani rice with selected Chef's spices

SGD 8.90


Vegetable Chowmein

Noodles cooked with mixed vegetables and spices

SGD 7.00
Vegetable Thukpa

Noodles soup cooked with Nepalese spices, Seasonal vegetables and sprinkle with chopped onions and chili on top

SGD 7.00



Made of rice with sugar and milk flavoured with cardamom, raisins & cashew nuts

SGD 4.50
Malai Kulf

Home made Nepalese Ice-cream

SGD 5.00


Vegetable Pakora

Vegetables Tempura assorted vegetables coated in spices, battered and deep fried

SGD 6.50
Chili Momo

Deep fried chicken momos, prepared separately in a slight gravy

SGD 9.00
Khasi Bhuteko (Mutton Fry)

Boneless mutton cubes marinated in spice, fried and cooked separately with onions and tomatoes

SGD 12.00

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