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Miyagi – Bold Street

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About Miyagi – Bold Street

Dear diners, if you are unable to reserve online, please call the restaurant directly. Please also note that Mother’s Day reservations require a £10 deposit before they can be confirmed.

Wax on, wax off, quoth Mr Miyagi, demonstrating that the daily grind can indeed lead one to a kickass Way of Enlightenment, kid. In a similar fashion, Liverpudlians’ daily wanderings through the Ropewalks might find them encountering the beatific countenance of Miyagi, an upstart restaurant on the city centre’s Asian dining scene whose pacific premises down Bold Street pack a lot of power when it comes to the delicacies contained within. The emphasis is Japanese cuisine, but punching far above its weight, Miyagi offers Liverpool a battery of pan-Asian and fusion dishes all set to stun.

Opening Hours

  • Monday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Tuesday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Wednesday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Thursday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Friday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Saturday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Sunday 12:00 - 23:00
Miyagi – Bold Street, 77 Bold Street, L14EZ Liverpool

Further Information

Japanese soul food meets ghetto Asian, quoth Miyagi’s co-founder Alex Hannah. And indeed this Japanese restaurant in Liverpool’s bohemian Ropewalks precinct is no simple Nihon-focused entity. While there are plenty of authentic and old-school Japanese dishes on the menu at this city centre spot (well-known due to previous tenancies), there’s more than a little fusion flair going on too, with wonderful Windward Generation concoctions like the reggae jerk slow-cooked lamb shoulder bun with coconut slaw and magic mint jam rubbing slow-cooked shoulders with a New York-style shrimp patty and miso aioli bun under the heading Flesh & Buns. Kung fusion?

Bold Street this is, with Miyagi’s Soul Food menu continuing the pattern of Japanese tradition shot through with curveballs from other Asian and international cuisines. You’ll find Japanese standards peppered throughout – edamame with pink Himalayan salt and togarashi, tempura tiger prawns, beef tataki with daikon, cilantro and enoki mushroom – but it’s the cool and unusual flourishes that make this Ropewalks restaurant a top candidate for Liverpool’s Foods of Fury awards: the salmon ceviche versus tuna tataki with pickled red ginger, yuzu and a kimchi mayo stages a delicious Korean-Japanese-Peruvian standoff that’s sure to get diners vying for ringside seats, while the fried crispy duck gyoza served with hoisin takes Peking’s best and marries it to the classic further-Eastern dumpling. Sino-Japanese relations have never been nicer, culinarily speaking, as at this quasi-Japanese restaurant. Enter the Miyagi on the city centre stage to round these curiosities off with a good list of yakitori, ramen (and laksa), sushi, sumo-sized dishes, and desserts (use your betsubara! quoth Miyagi) and you’ve got a surefire winner.


417 Reviews

5.4 /6 Excellent 417 Reviews
Food: heavenly
Waiting Time: no waiting time
Noise: quiet
Quality/Price: cheap
Atmosphere: excellent
Service: extraordinary
263 6
94 5
37 4
10 3
11 2
2 1
Nick B.
5 reviews so far 6
18.05.2017 22:20

Amazing! Food was awesome!!! Service was really good, atmosphere was excellent! We took clients for lunch and they were really impressed with the whole experience

Grace G.
1 review so far 6
11.05.2017 21:51

Just slightly expensive but everything was worth it. Food is outstanding, staff were pleasant. We have a lovely evening here. Only improvement would be for the food to come to the table wit closer intervals of each dish

Jodie B.
6 reviews so far 6
11.05.2017 21:09

Had a lovely time as usual. We were late and still got seated straight away. Food was amazing and our staff were so attentive and fun.

Jodie B.
6 reviews so far 6
11.05.2017 21:08

Can never fault miyagis always great food, great staff and a great atmosphere. The change in the menu was a surprise but works well. Love it

Trevor R.
1 review so far 6
15.11.2015 18:14

What a fantastic restaurant, the choice of menu was exceptional with a fusion of Japanese and western food, setting Miyagi apart from your more traditional Japanese restaurants. The service was friendly, helpful and just great and the atmosphere incredible, background music was jazz/blues based, loud enough to provide a really edgy and funky atmosphere but also allowing guests to converse freely during the meal. The food was really great, all 3 courses were superb. From a person who eats at some of London's top restaurants, Miyagi it right up there with the best. Will definately return next time we're in Liverpool...great night out.

Lucy S.
1 review so far 6
02.01.2016 20:54

Had the most lovely meal at Miyagis. Food was amazing and the staff were lovely, welcoming and really attentive. Best of all we had our two year old with is and they were so lovely with him! Thank you staff of Miyagis for a lovely experience!! Ps. Not even over priced! Worth every penny for the service and gorgeous food!!!

Don M.
2 reviews so far 6
07.01.2016 18:30

My wife, myself and 2 friends visited Miyagi last night. The staff were very attentive, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. We ordered the yakatori mixture and wine to start - delicious. This was followed by ordering our 'mains' - absolutely delicious. Not a single complaint. We were left to enjoy our meal and drinks, and converse. There was no pushiness from staff nor was there a racket from other diners so prevalent in many other restaurants - hence we could talk ! A relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Lauren S.
14 reviews so far 6
28.01.2016 17:45

A group of us visited on a Wednesday night and were very surpised at how busy it was mid week! The food was completely beautiful, between 6 of us we ordered a good spread of the menu and everyone enjoyed their food. I shared the katsu curry, scallop and pancetta pancakes and veg tempura with my partner and they were all superb! The cocktails are nice but they don't taste like they have a lot of alcohol in! The chocolate brownie spring rolls are worth visitkng for alone - heaven! I would like to give the staff a special mention, our server, I think her name was Becky, was really friendly and I noticed she was training another staff member. This didn't alter her attentiveness ad I was impressed in the level of care she was taking in training her colleague. The management clearly care about making sure good customer service is instilled in their staff. a final point is that the restaurant is decorated beautifully. Make sure you take a peek upstairs!

Laura W.
1 review so far 5
15.05.2016 16:20

Great service, food and drinks delicious. The non alcoholic cleansers were really refreshing. Food cooked fresh and with care, packed with lots of flavour. Presentation of the restaurant and dishes where delicate. The only issue was we ordered far too much. We expected all small bowls to be small, but there was a mixture of large and small. So size of portions were not obvious. I would definitely come here again, this was exactly my type of food and now i have got a better idea of what to order - So i am sure i would enjoy my experience even more the next time as the table will not be as jam packed with food! However for someone who doesn't like spicy food they may struggle as my mum was coughing a lot from the hidden kick in the mayonnaise (i think this should be advised on more). I personally loved that most food had a hidden Wasabi spice in it and how Mayagi have managed to create a modern twist on Japanese style dishes combining with the popular tastes that everyone loves!

Nicola K.
1 review so far 4
17.10.2016 16:55

We did have an ok time but it wasn't exactly the birthday celebration I had in mind for my husband. Be aware if booking for a special occasion make sure to ask for a table downstairs. Upstairs is funky but much more relaxed, more café than restaurant. Our first visit so wasn't aware and no-one mentioned this even though I stated the booking was for my husbands birthday. Didn't help that our waiter kept mentioning how good it was downstairs and there was a band on so after we had eaten we should go and sit at the bar 'downstairs' to enjoy ! We had to wait for over half an hour at the bar downstairs until we were actually taken upstairs which we were quite surprised about as all the tables up there were practically empty. We were then seated next to a dirty table with all cleaning products just left on it ! Would be OK for a night out with friends I am sure but as I say not really good for a special occasion. Great cocktails though, which is why we ended up staying.

Sheila S.
1 review so far 6
02.01.2016 07:16

The food at Miyagi's is amazing! It's my 2nd time there and I could eat everything off the menu. The service and staff are super friendly. I live in Leicester so I will visit every time that I'm in Liverpool. I even took a takeaway, so I could enjoy more food when I got home :)

David M.
1 review so far 6
08.02.2016 15:06

Another top night at Miyagi's. Some of the best service and friendliest staff in Liverpool. Food top notch; offering something really different and soooo delicious. Well done and thank you to all at Miyagi's!!

Chloe T.
1 review so far 4
30.04.2016 03:47

Nice food and great decor but the place was a bit too cold for my liking that I had to keep my coat on, service was a bit slow but staff were very helpful and friendly i enjoyed my afternoon here but i don't think i will be back. The Black Cod with Miso was superb and the green tea soba salad was tasty but would of been better warm. I originally wanted to order some sushi which i liked the sound of from their online menu but was told you needed to let them know 24 hours before hand which was not mentioned anywhere on the website! Loved the peppermint tea i ordered and it was served in a tetsubin which was a nice touch but my friend didn't rate the english breakfast tea. Overall i give 3.5/5

Denis W.
1 review so far 6
01.06.2016 05:06

Fabulous. My wife and I booked on the recommendation of a wine waiter in another restaurant. He was absolutely right. Great welcome, great waitress (who's name I should have noted but didn't) went to great lengths to ensure that not only did my wheat intolerant wife know which dishes she could order but also went to talk the chef to see which dishes could be modified. A wide choice, something for everyone. Every dish was a delight. Great choice of wine and beer. Best meal I've had in years.

Erin O.
1 review so far 3
02.01.2017 03:00

Usually love this place, but we were really disappointed with our experience on Boxing Day. Our table booking was at 7.30 and by 9pm the waitresses were rushing us out, collecting our glasses (with plenty of wine and water still in them) as they clearly wanted to close up shop. Had we known they wanted to close early we would have happily moved our booking to an earlier time so that this didn't happen. Also, and I know this is rather pretentious, but we ordered a bottle of wine and when we asked for another bottle we were told they didn't have any left and that we'd had the last bottle. Having worked as a waitress myself they really should have let us know that when we ordered the first bottle. When we asked for a different one that was pretty similar to the first, we were again told that they didn't have any. The food was just as good as usual but the experience has made me question whether I'll go again.

Georgina A.
1 review so far 6
04.02.2017 19:20

Loved the deco of the restaurant very cosy and distinctive. The staff were very attentive and helpful taking time out to explain the menu and make recommendations. Whilst the food was incredible, seemed to me an unique take on Asian food which was all mouth wateringly delicious. Really loved the tapas approach as well as you can try lots of different dishes I particularly enjoyed the tempura prawns and the pork belly bao bun. I thought really reasonable priced as well. Will definitely go back.

Kevin C.
2 reviews so far 4
06.11.2016 16:00

The food and drinks where really good and having been here before knew I liked the place. However I was disappointed on this occasion as we were seated upstairs which is decorated more like a takeaway noodle shop than a restaurant so the cool ambient you get downstairs was instantly lost. The thing that annoyed me the most was the fact it took nearly an hour for the food to arrive after ordering, and it didn't come until after I complained. Now the place was busy so I could understand it taking longer, but seeing all those around who in some cases sat down up to half an hour after we did get their food before us. It undoubtedly felt as if we had been forgotten about.

Lauren S.
14 reviews so far 4
10.05.2016 17:24

Staff are really enthusiastic and friendly. Menu is not as good as it was which is a shame. The sushi has completely gone and some of the best small plates have disappeared. We tried some new dishes and I wasn't blown away. We had a random charge for pickle or something on the bill which no one ordered. Ordered a shot of plum wine which was not on the menu, was surprised at the cost of £4.50, when the bill arrived if you want to try it go to Blind Tiger they only charge £3 and the presentation is much better! Might leave it until the next time they refresh the menu to go again.

Katie D.
3 reviews so far 4
04.02.2016 02:51

The food is delish, and the decor is lovely, but as it's fairly pricey we'd have preferred to lounge over our meal for longer and make an evening of it. Instead dishes come out when they're ready (almost all at once on this occasion) and the music is far too loud for a dimly lit restaurant which would otherwise have been quite romantic. Great cocktails though. Fine if you like eating restaurant quality food in a bar atmosphere, probably more enjoyable for a group than a couple though. Service was pleasant and quick! Weirdly I got a missed call from the restaurant AFTER we'd been seated! But just to reiterate, the food is delish.

Maya M.
2 reviews so far 6
31.05.2016 05:53

Fantastic dining experience with really wonderful food with great attention to detail. Incredible service from Yaz who gave us excellent advice on what to order on both the food and the fabulous cocktails! All staff interacted with diners. Special care to be inclusive was given to our disabled diner and it made a lunchtime meetup into a very special occasion. I will keep going back there. Yaz is absolutely brilliant!

Aya A.
1 review so far 6
16.10.2016 10:37

Great food, good atmosphere, unique experience. A great restaurant which I plan to visit again! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone! The food is always great! Fresh ingredients and great quality Japanese food at very reasonable prices. It's great to visit for group meals (even large groups) or if you'd like to enjoy a lovely meal alone or as a couple. Staff are friendly, great service provided.

Jade M.
1 review so far 6
22.12.2015 15:16

Amazing delicious food. We ate from the soul food section in order to try lots of different dishes, and we were not disappointed. Hospitality was above and beyond. we were celebrating a friends birthday and requested the miyagi special birthday cake- it was to die for, red velvet and chocolate, amazing not your standard sponge and cream. Overall will definetly be going back. Beautiful decor friendly staff amazing food!!!

Jo O.
1 review so far 6
19.01.2016 00:24

Beautiful place, lovely atmosphere, great music. Staff so friendly, happy & helpful. Food was amazing, everything was delicious and beautifully served. We ordered 4 smaller dishes and one large main between two of us, just so we could try a little of everything. We were not disappointed. Prices are very reasonable too. We would definitely go again. Cocktails, Scooners of larger & wine were all devine. Highly recommend.

Sura H.
1 review so far 6
17.06.2016 17:21

Miyagi has always been a favourite of mine. The food there is so excellent, with plenty of options for both meat eaters and vegans alike. The waiters are professional and friendly, and are happy to help out with whatever queries you have. If you are veggie / vegan I highly recommend the veg Bao Buns - so tasty and filling! Thank you Miyagi for another wonderful meal.

2 reviews so far 6
02.04.2017 15:47

Great service, lovely waiter, delicious food. We arrived a little early, hostess was happy for us to sit at bar and wait, bar tender automatically set drinks on a tab which was helpful. When we sat down, waiter immediately introduced himself and was happy to answer any questions about food. From then on service, food and atmosphere continued be wonderful.

Rachel N.
2 reviews so far 5
30.01.2017 02:34

Really enjoyed our visit great food great service relaxed atmosphere. The menu has a good variety of interesting food 2-3 portions each is plenty , interesting cocktail menu and the marshmallow dessert to share is a great way to end the evening . Will be coming again definitely!! Oh and even had a small scredriver when asked to fix handle on my bag !! Miyagi is cool fun and great food ,

Shaunna N.
2 reviews so far 6
25.01.2016 02:51

Absolutely amazing food here! Second visit to Miyagi's and it was even better the second time round. Tempura vegetables are outstanding, as are the teriyaki beef skewers. Whole heartedly reccommend!

Wayne B.
1 review so far 5
17.10.2016 07:40

Arrived 15 mins early but table was ready for us. Great service throughout. Food was all to table quite close together, no-one in the party was left waiting. Food was great all-round, really well-cooked and served, tasted lovely. Shame that upstairs bar was not open to have drinks in afterwards given that it was Saturday. Had a great time and staff were really goof throughout. We're already planning to return.

Gavin B.
6 reviews so far 6
04.02.2016 18:57

Amazing food and great service. We had a sceptical 8 year old with us who didn't like the sound of much on the menu but was won over at the end of the meal and couldn't wait to return. Duck gyoza, pig gyoza, samurai fries, chicken ramen, the katsu curry and the spring roll brownies are all delicious

Rebecca M.
7 reviews so far 6
05.05.2016 18:05

So many new places have opened in Liverpool over the past year that I put off visiting Miyagi on Bold Street for months - I regret that now and will definitely be visiting again in the future. Couldn't fault it. Would highly recommend the tofu Laksa with a side of pickled mushrooms and a Ghetto Geisha cocktail.

Chris D.
1 review so far 6
16.03.2016 18:17

We visited the restaurant at lunch on a Saturday. They were turning people away as it was fully booked. Notwithstanding this the service was fantastic. The food was great and the atmosphere really good. The only shame is that Manchester city centre cant boast something like this. As good as Hakkasan but a third of the price!

Shonna J.
1 review so far 5
04.12.2016 03:57

Food was superb. Service was not as good as I would have liked. Someone jumped the que in front of us and we then had to have a table by the disabled toilets. I was not impressed. The table was ok but you could feel a draft. They should have a proper system in place, as the people who jumped in front of us had a better table.

karen h.
4 reviews so far 6
08.05.2016 19:09

Amazing food so many great things to choose from. loads of variety for veggies and meat eaters alike - it's hard to choose what to have. Drinks are equally good great wine list and fab cocktails. Atmosphere is fab and the staff are brilliant - helpful, friendly and excellent at the job. Couldn't ask for more!

Anna S.
1 review so far 4
12.02.2016 22:05

The place is very nice. The staff was polite and helpful. The food was very good. We had Bento Boxes and Edamame beans. I loved the beans. The Bento Box had very good rice and California roll with goat cheese. The beef skewer and fried peppers were great as well. The only thing was that it wasn't very Japanese. Also there was something in the rice that hurt my tooth, so I was a little bit annoyed but I will give them another chance.

Debbie C.
1 review so far 6
30.12.2015 14:30

Absolutely fabulous food, service highly recommend , Mr Miyagi is a top class experience all round, my friends and I have been before and will definitely go again

rich s.
1 review so far 6
26.04.2016 23:05

Really enjoyed our meal here - staff were helpful in explaining what was what. Everything we tried was new to us, and we loved it all! The ramen, yakatori, blackened cod and tempura, egg fried rice, and japanses 'slaw - all fantastic. Finished with green tea, doughnuts with black sesame custard and plum sake!

Hannah M.
1 review so far 5
10.04.2017 18:36

I really like Miyagi. The food is delicious, they have very friendly staff and there is a great atmosphere. The cocktails are incredible. Occasionally dishes are a bit underwhelming (the sushi was very unexciting) but generally it is very good. A couple of our party have been to Japan and other East Asian countries and felt the food was great. We will be back!

Peta C.
1 review so far 5
24.04.2017 17:19

The only thing stopping it getting full marks was that we waited so long for service to order dessert at the very end of the meal that we decided against it and just got the bill. Shame as we really wanted to try the brownie spring roll, but it was near impossible to get anyone's attention once it got a bit busier

Natasha R.
5 reviews so far 6
15.02.2016 17:44

The blackened cod was delicious, as was the pork belly buns. I've been a few times and the food is always good. The staff do try and upsell all the time which can be a little trying but it's worth it. The food and atmosphere make for a great dining experience.

van Tonder L.
2 reviews so far 6
23.03.2016 17:29

Excellent Asian fusion food. Fresh wasabi was grated in front of us. The ginger was the nicest I've ever has. I had the bento box- which was delicious (except the chicken skewer which was a little to salty) The décor is beautiful- a really great place for dinner- with great service.

Doreen M.
1 review so far 6
09.01.2016 22:56

Both of us really enjoyed the food. My friend had the teriyaki steak and I had the tuna, tempura king prawns and seseme chicken wings. All was beautiful but my eyes were just too big for my belly. Staff were lovely and attentive and helpful with what was on the menu.

Jennifer P.
1 review so far 6
13.03.2016 06:58

First time at Miyagi's. Read so many great reviews and seen many photos on social media of the food. Was not disappointed! Fabulous food and fabulous cocktails! Not cheap, reasonable for quality of food and possibly the happiest and friendliest waiter this side of the Mersey! Definitely not one to miss.

jennifer p.
2 reviews so far 6
20.10.2016 12:33

This is our second visit and once again the food was outstanding, the staff are so polite and helpful and really know their stuff so recommend dishes and drinks that really complimented each other - once again a great evening. Can't recommend this restaurant highly enough - well worth visiting

Laura F.
1 review so far 6
14.02.2017 23:31

We had a great night, food was delicious and didn't come out too quick which gave us the right amount of time to get through the dishes! The service was fab will be back soon! Special mention to the live singer he really added to the night was fantastic

Lizzie O.
2 reviews so far 6
15.03.2017 17:24

Went there for my mums birthday and was really impressed. Really nice food at good prices. It is all fresh and tastes lovely. We just got lots of small plates to share and I personally think 2 is fine with a side dish of rice. Good service and atmosphere.

Sue F.
1 review so far 6
23.04.2017 17:33

Booking online easy and efficient. Greeted at door and our table preferences had been noted and accommodated. Server prompt but gave us time to make choices and offered advice re the menu. Service then efficient but not rushed. Great atmosphere. Food delicious. We look forward to returning soon.

Luke C.
1 review so far 6
26.03.2017 16:42

Food was excellent, service was really friendly and efficient. When one dish took a while to arrive we were given a replacement dish while we waited which was really thoughtful. Bar staff were good fun and it was just generally a great experience. We will be returning!

karen h.
4 reviews so far 5
20.12.2015 04:48

Food was delicious fantastic menu, lots of great vehicle options. We both went for the 'flesh and buns' one mushroom, one pork and sides of samurai fries and edamame - far too much but all yummy! Nice wine list and the cocktails looked great too. Staff were friendly and helpful and brilliant soundtrack while we ate!

Lauren S.
14 reviews so far 6
07.01.2016 19:43

Had a brilliant night! The food was gorgeous, the restaurant is beautifully decorated and staff are really attentive and friendly. There are some items on the menu that are a bit over priced so don't expect a cheap night but it will be an enjoyable one!

Ann R.
1 review so far 6
29.10.2016 23:10

Great food - really different and extremely tasty. Lovely environment, nicely decorated with a good atmosphere. Live music on certain nights and open till late. Really great venue - o yes, and a chap called Sean makes a great French Martini & Long Island Ice tea!!