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Outram Park
Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant
Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant Menu

Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant

Photo of restaurant Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant in Outram Park, Singapore

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Menu from Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant

Browse the menu highlights at Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant and explore the popular dishes people are craving! From starters to something sweet, take a look at what’s in store when you book a table at Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant. Besides the flavours, you can even check out the prices at this popular spot. Mmmm, we're getting hungry already...

Menu highlights

Includes dishes that are:



All you can eat

Gado Gado Jakarta (Mixed Steam Vegetables with Peanut Sauce)

Sop Bantut Nusantara (Clear Oxtail Soup)

Ikan Colo Colo(Deep-Fried Dory Fish served with Black Spicy Sauce)

Udang Bijirin Nusantara (Cereal Prawn)

Rendang Daging Sapi (Beef Simmered in Thick Coconut Sauce)

Kintamani Signature Peha Kaki Kambing (Roasted Lamb Leg)

Pulut Durian Pengat (Durian Paste with Glutinous Rice)

Goreng Pisang (Deep-fried Banana Fritters)

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