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Fukusen Japanese Restaurant

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About Fukusen Japanese Restaurant

Bugis might not be the obvious place to grab a spot of sushi, but bear with us. Amid the mosques, curry houses and assorted Indian influences that abound between Nicoll Highway and Kallang Road, you can find Fukusen Japanese Restaurant, ensconced in the Hotel Clover on Jin Sultan. Their take on the cuisine of the Land of the Rising Sun is exquisite and indulgent: take on one of their 5, 7 or 8 course options as laid out by cousins and chefs Liow Wei Siong and Liow Wei Kim, packed with Japanese specialities laid out in a Singapore style, such as spinach scallop carpaccio and wagyu tata aburi, grilled beef with egg yolk. Book a table now – they do get busy so we heavily recommend it – and take the MRT out to Nicholl Highway for a superlative meal.

Opening Hours

  • Monday 12:00 - 14:30, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Tuesday 12:00 - 14:30, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Wednesday 12:00 - 14:30, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Thursday 12:00 - 14:30, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Friday 12:00 - 14:30, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Saturday 12:00 - 14:30, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Sunday Closed
Fukusen Japanese Restaurant, Jalan Sultan #01-02 33, 198965 Singapore

Further Information

Perhaps not always recognised in Singapore is that high quality food can also be surprisingly affordable. What’s more, this type of food is often found in the areas of Singapore you might not necessarily expect, but, amid the mosques, curry houses and assorted Indian influences that abound between Nicoll Highway and Kallang Road, Fukusen Japanese Restaurant is one to behold. Set inside in Hotel Clover on Jin Sultan, here you’ll find a superb range of Japanese dishes that are affordable whilst still making use of premium produce flown in twice weekly from Japan all the way to Bugis.

Fukusen Japanese Restaurant focuses on bento and rice bowl sets for lunch and then Omakase dining – Omakase being a Japanese phrase that means ‘I’ll leave it up to you’ – in the evening. Everything is fresh and everything is beautifully presented, just like the dining space itself, which may explain why this Bugis restaurant is so popular among Japanese food lovers that aren’t even staying at the hotel. People of Singapore, what are you waiting for?


81 Reviews

5.1 /6 Excellent 81 Reviews
Quality/Price: cheap
Atmosphere: entertaining
Service: extraordinary
Waiting Time: short
Noise: quiet
Food: heavenly
29 6
35 5
12 4
5 3
0 2
0 1
1 review so far 6
07.06.2017 14:35

We had the best service. The omasake was awesome and the ingredients super fresh. Even thought we went later and our last few courses came when their store was closing, the food and service were both impeccable.

2 reviews so far 6
15.05.2017 02:00

Great dining experience. friendly chef. Awesome food, special items on menu. great ambience. will definitely be back! one of the best japanese restaurants around. :)

1 review so far 6
09.05.2017 10:51

Attentive staff, good ambience and great quality food at a very reasonable price. Will definitely return to try other dishes. Keep up the good work. Thumbs up!

1 review so far 6
06.05.2017 13:41

Quaint place with good food and drinks. Small place with both counter and table seats. Salmon and uni don is a good combi (not in menu).

2 reviews so far 4
01.03.2017 07:46

Service was good, chef was friendly, food was fresh and good value. We sat at the bar so we could see the chef in action, that's always good fun to me. We had the uni rice bowl which had a good amount of uni topped with an egg yolk marinated in soy. Mix the both together with the rice, rich and flavourful. The Fukusen Chirashi was well portioned and the ingredients were fresh. Was a lovely Tuesday night. Will be back to try their omakase meal. If i had to be fussy, there's a distinct sound emitted from the kitchen which bothered me slightly, but by the time the food came, I was a happy camper.

2 reviews so far 5
24.02.2017 07:31

The quality of the food was awesome - we tried the sashimi (5 types) which was fresh. The tendon was tasty (portion a little small IMO), as was the tori karaage and garlic fried rice. The service was great too! One of the wait staff noticed the table was shaky and rectified it by stuffing a piece of paper underneath, even though we didn't say anything. They were super patient with our boisterous group of the 8 of us. A return visit is definitely needed!

2 reviews so far 4
29.08.2016 15:44

I had eaten in this restaurant 2 years ago and really loved it. However, this time I was quite disappointed by the quality of food. The fish tasted thawed with little flavour and the cream cheese in one dish tasted old or rancid. The unique dishes were missing. It seemed like corners were cut. This is no surprise as most places need to do this to survive the astronomical rent to make ends meet. However, the atmosphere is lovely and cosy with excellent service. Perhaps people don't notice the difference since most of the patrons were on their phones throughout their meal.

1 review so far 6
23.01.2017 08:48

Omakase Quality of food is fantastic. Waiting time is a bit long as restaurant is crowded during our visit most of them doing the package. Highly recommend the crunchy fresh oyster, foie gras mushroom and shading. Very fresh and delicious ingredient. Chef and staff are very friendly. Will visit again.

1 review so far 6
16.11.2016 14:42

Knowing it was my boyfriend's birthday, the restaurant gave us a pleasant surprise by presenting us with a ice cream with a candle. They even offered to sing him a birthday song. I like the fact that they actually went the way out to ensure we have a good time.

2 reviews so far 6
01.04.2017 00:21

definitely the freshest uni don in town! they were also very accommodating when I requested to change table as the huge air-con over the entry was blowing directly at us. Another must try is the hotate mentaiko. definitely order 2 plates if there are two people dining!

2 reviews so far 5
12.11.2016 13:43

Topped with thick cuts of fresh sashimi slices, the omakase chirashi is a must order item when dining at Fukusen. That one bowl of goodness is value for money, you'll not regret ordering it. Do try the other items in the menu or ask the chef for something off the menu if you are feeling adventurous.

1 review so far 5
23.10.2016 21:04

The food was good (we found the unagi a bit fishy but no big issue) and the ambience was lovely. A cosy and quiet dinner was what I wanted and got. Great service by two lovely waitresses who's attentive and friendly. They helped with a birthday cake surprise and executed it nicely. Thank you.

2 reviews so far 6
15.10.2016 10:14

It's a lovely, cozy restaurant with very good quality food and service. Try whatever the chef recommends because it's an interesting interpretation of Japanese cuisine. Who would have thought to drizzle truffle oil on ikura? But it's the best thing ever and so addictive!

1 review so far 6
18.08.2016 07:45

Their food is good. Ingredients fresh. Ambience is cosy and Service great. The team including the chef are very hospitable and pleasant. Special thanks to the chef for creating the lovely "happy birthday" display within short notice. Very creative and helpful.

1 review so far 5
28.11.2016 11:37

love this place for d fresh n yummy food. Staff are friendly and attentive. Place is pretty conducive for a quiet dinner if it is not too crowded. Their choices for chirashi don is very interesting too. Been back there for more than 4 times and still loving it!

7 reviews so far 6
02.06.2016 08:39

Nice restaurant! Definitely coming back with more friends and family. Would recommend for its unidon and its sashimi. Chef is friendly as well and tmfood is fresh , that makes all the difference from other Japanese restaurant

1 review so far 5
01.05.2016 01:29

The chirashi don was an exceptional dish. Well-plated, very fresh fish and rice seasoned just right. Variety of fish was excellent too and rivals the likes of sushi bar and tanuki raw. Definitely a place to keep in mind for quality Jap food

2 reviews so far 5
09.05.2017 09:23

We had the premium chirashi don - the sashimi slices were fresh, and we were pleasantly surprised to taste some hint of truffle on the salmon belly. The maguro and cream cheese appetiser was pretty interesting too! Friendly wait staff :)

1 review so far 5
20.09.2016 07:57

excellent quality of sashimis, with special mention to tuna\salmon\swordfish. in addition, the menu present interesting and less common entries such as dishes with foie gras which further enrich the experience. 1 for 1 Asahi beer till 8pm is a plus

1 review so far 6
31.10.2016 10:03

Loved the food and the sashimi especially because the cuts were thick and it was really fresh! Loved their beef cheek too it melted in our mouth and definitely going to go back.

1 review so far 5
16.02.2017 20:47

Great ambience and great food! Uni don was well-portioned and the service was great. We arrived at 11.15 but was allowed to have our seats (even though they opened at 11.30) without any qualms. Will come here again!

1 review so far 6
15.10.2016 11:04

Fresh sashimi, very generous portions for the Chirashi. Good value for money. Wagyu beef was done very nicely too. Fried chicken/karage was outstanding. Uni sold out on the day of visit.

1 review so far 5
12.10.2016 09:12

Amazing food at affordable price. The sashimi was very fresh. The portions served was reasonable. Will be back again! If you are there to try the Uni Don, don't forget to reserve it when you book!

2 reviews so far 6
10.04.2017 12:01

Love the yummy food,atmosphere, location and service there. :) defintely going back again! Will recommend to my friends as well! has some special items on their menu, taste so good!

7 reviews so far 5
30.06.2016 10:47

The restaurant has good ambience but maybe the tables are a little too close. The food is good and not exorbitant in price. will definitely check out the other items in the menu on next visit.

3 reviews so far 4
15.02.2017 22:06

Ambient is cozy and comfortable. Dishes (menu recommended choice) were so so. Disappointed that all sashimi belly toro not available for order, probably it was lunch time. Wagyu beef dish, most expensive choice, was disappointing, not as expected. The lucky draw was a surprise nevertheless.

1 review so far 6
14.11.2016 08:25

Great food with generous sashimi cut! The place is cozy and the rice don is to die for. Staff are polite and smiles all the time. Pleasant experience overall

2 reviews so far 6
22.09.2016 08:43

Quality superb. I highly recommend it. A little pricey though but worth trying. Try the salmon carpaccio and the truffle chawan mushi. Service staff is very attentive too.

7 reviews so far 6
10.09.2016 10:10

Great experience and food, nice people to chat with as the Chef will come out to have a quick chat with you no matter how busy he is

1 review so far 5
06.06.2017 14:09

overall experience was good. staff prepared a bday surprise as they know it was my bf bday that day. food was good, not fantastic imo. staff was friendly and polite. overall good experience.

1 review so far 6
11.10.2016 10:44

value for money! really good and fresh sashimi in the premium chirashi don. would definitely come again on another occasion. the dbs card promotion was already good!

1 review so far 6
12.12.2016 12:59

Fukusen is a hidden gem. Sashimi was fresh and staff were really helpful and friendly. We thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience there. Will definitely be back again.

1 review so far 6
12.02.2017 10:56

The service crew were meticulous and friendly. And the food was really real awesome and fresh! It was all worth the price especially for the Uni Don!

5 reviews so far 5
10.02.2017 16:51

It was abit difficult to find it as it was hidden in Hotel Clover. But the service was good and the food was served promptly. Nice and quiet place to have dinner.

2 reviews so far 5
31.05.2017 12:34

Fresh sashimi and good variety of selection on the menu. Love the foie gras chawamushi and the Omakase donburi , the rice bowl choices look interesting ! Especially for the Uni bowl.

1 review so far 5
15.05.2017 09:06

Ample parking space nearby. Pretty kid friendly as it was quiet. Reservation is definitely recommended. Food was of high quality, though serving size can be slightly more generous with the price tag.

7 reviews so far 5
26.08.2016 07:47

Great food and management as always, a pleasure to head for over an awesome meal. Generous amount of hospitality from the management itself, and reservations need to be made prior the day

1 review so far 3
15.11.2016 08:19

Clean decent restaurant. Some items more value for money than others. Chirashi was yummy and of good value. The beef bowl on the other hand - $49 for a small bowl of rice and 4 pieces of meat Not worth it, better off ordering something else on the menu. Decent variety of sake.

1 review so far 6
31.10.2016 09:32

The food was really really fresh - ordered the premium chirashi set (i think?) and an additional side of uni. Would definitely come back here agin!

1 review so far 6
17.10.2016 08:00

Very good quality of food and excellent service! Atmosphere is cozy and comfy. I think that the price is right for the quality of food offered.

1 review so far 6
03.06.2016 10:36

Love the freshness of the sashimi. Friendly staff. Just that the entrance is a little elusive. Pricing reasonable. Stay that way! See you again soon :)

1 review so far 6
16.10.2016 00:07

The sashimi is so fresh. Overall I would rate the food 8.5/10. One of the best Japanese restaurant I have ever tried so far. Highly recommend!

1 review so far 6
17.07.2016 21:59

Loved the warm n personalised services of the friendly chefs. Sashimi was very fresh. Fantastic food, 1st class service at affordable prices! Highly recommend this place!

4 reviews so far 5
10.06.2017 19:03

Nice food, decently priced, it's a gem of a Japanese restaurant at jalan sultan! Enjoyed the food especially truffle chawamushi and uni. Will definitely revisit to try out the lunch menu!

2 reviews so far 5
31.03.2017 07:52

Service was personal and the Chef took time to explain the various ingredients involved in the creation of the dishes I ordered. Food tastes fresh and does not contain additional preservatives.

1 review so far 6
04.01.2017 12:04

The environment as well as the quality of their food was really really good. Not forgetting that the portion given was pretty generous. Highly recommended!

2 reviews so far 6
22.02.2017 11:52

Food there is yummy and fresh, staff there are nice and cheerful. Will be back again... .... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

1 review so far 6
11.04.2017 10:16

Staff are friendly and food is superb! Especially the Foie Gras Hotate Don. Wish that more foie gras and uni will be put inside tho.

1 review so far 6
12.04.2017 14:13

The food is really fresh and fabulous. One of the best jap restaurant you can get in town. Definitely will be heading back there again.

1 review so far 5
25.03.2017 18:09

Cozy place, superb food and affordable. I love the food so much that I have been there 3 times within 2 month & have intro by good friend there!