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About Enbu Japanese Grill Izakaya

Found at Eat at Seven, a group of seven Japanese restaurants housed on Suntec City’s third floor, Enbu Izakaya offers innovative fusion cuisine in a comfortable modern setting. Using traditional Japanese techniques for grilling meat to absolute perfection, Enbu offers an authentic experience while at the same time fusing non-traditional ingredients, creating a unique culinary concept that has diners across Singapore raving. Found on Temasek Boulevard in Singapore’s City Hall, Enbu is a must for Asian-food lovers.

Opening Times

Open today - Opens at 11:30 am
11:30 am - 2:30 pm
5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
11:30 am - 2:30 pm
5:00 pm - 12:00 am
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Enbu Japanese Grill Izakaya
3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-307 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 048983

More about Enbu Japanese Grill Izakaya, Singapore

Enbu Izakaya is, at the time of writing, a brand new restaurant in Singapore’s Popular Suntec City Mall on Temasek Boulevard in the City Hall area. Part of the new Eat at Seven family of Japanese restaurants on the mall’s third floor, Enbu Izakaya is the first restaurant of its kind in Singapore to utilise warayaki, a technique where meats or vegetables are roasted atop a bed of straw. At Enbu, you’ll be presented with a creative, beautiful dish that looks more like a work of art than a meal – almost too beautiful to eat.

If you’re looking to try something completely new, you can’t go wrong with Enbu Izakaya’s chicken warayaki with spring onion sauce. Roasted over straw, the chicken is served skewered and hanging from a hook with a side of delicious chilli sauce. For those looking for a more fusion-inspired dish, the taco salad is phenomenal – served in a jar, the salad is shaken up and poured onto a crispy wonton shell, then topped with a spicy meat sauce and cheese. Vegetarians are encouraged to try the homemade steamed tofu, served in a stone pot and topped with a tangy yuzu miso sauce. A unique Japanese-fusion experience awaits you at Enbu Izakaya in Singapore’s City Hall – reservations are a must!

73 Enbu Japanese Grill Izakaya Reviews

73 Reviews
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Irene L.2 months ago · 3 reviews

love the food. interesting recommendation- grilled gingko nut! the drink to have Suntory high ball!

Derrick K.3 months ago · 2 reviews

It's a quiet restaurant at the sky garden with soothing view. Pretty affordable japanese food. Especially like the wagyu pot fried rice. It has happy hour for alcohol too.

Fuiyun K.4 months ago · 5 reviews

it's so nice that i am already planning my next visit! That Tsukune is.... unforgettable!!! Really love at first bite. Drinks are value for $ too!

Shieu Huei H.5 months ago · 1 review

Food was very yummy and we thoroughly enjoyed the meal! Only downside was that the service was slightly slow. It was worth the wait though!

Weiling C.a year ago · 1 review

A rather unique menu that is different from your common Japanese fare and all the food tasted great! Nice warm ambience to catch up with friends. The happy hour was a decent value, but it was overall still quite pricey (we ended up paying slightly over $50 each for 5 female appetite). Still, would come back for the food, drinks, ambience and special occasions.

Dianne L.3 years ago · 2 reviews

Could have been poorer rating if not for the quality of food. First, my worry came through that my reservation via Quandoo wasn received by restaurant, as had samw experience with another app & another resta earlier. Then, our 2nd order wasn't received by kitchen and we only realized after being kept waiting for 20min. Lastly, before the kitchen closed for the afternoon, no one came round to ask for last order which is the usual. When gave feedback to them about no one xame round for last order, staff replied that they're short-handed. Excuse me, please don't make your problem customers' problem. Moreover, there's no where stated of last order timing that customers could have read of. Certainly not a place I'll recommend or visit again. Will take our spending elsewhere, especially when it's not an average-price restaurant yet such far below average service. BIG THUMBS DOWN!!!

Zaryine T.2 years ago · 11 reviews

The Atmosphere is cosy and nice, portion of food is a bit too much for 2 woman. 1) Plum wine is really nice 2) Seafood skewer a bit dry and never meet up to my standard. 3) Potato hotplate, I would think it would taste better and nicer if the potato is being cut, place layer by layer, grilled it and bring up the taste to its maximum

Parisa W.8 months ago · 2 reviews

Had been to Enbu for many times. Never feel disappointing on their food & service. Lunch set is delicious and the pricing is reasonable. It is a nice place to chill in the evening, you can see Fountain of Wealth at the outdoor seating.

Lee Lee L.3 years ago · 6 reviews

The dishes are very unique. They are very delicious. But it's a pity the ceiling of the restaurant is transparent glass so the sun shines through during lunch time, and we feel warm. On the whole food are good. Service not bad too.

Raymond T.2 months ago · 28 reviews

Party of 5. Food was good value. Venue wasn't too bad although the sun can get in your face if you're at the wrong table. Service was good and attentive. Not crowded at all. Think probably a bit nicer at night when it isn't too warm.