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About E-Sarn Thai Cuisine - Ridgewood

Yet another E-Sarn That Cuisine restaurant is to be found up on Singapore’s Mount Sinai, at the Ridgewood Condominium complex just off Holland Road. Founding mother Achara – or Neng, as she is known to locals and regulars – has done it again, setting up another flagship for quality Thai food in one of Singapore’s prime residential areas. The residents of Ridgewood have it good here – fantastic Thai home cooked-style dishes created by a small army of handpicked Thai chefs.


E-Sarn Thai Cuisine - Ridgewood
Ridgewood Condominium 5 Ridgewood Close Unit G2
Singapore 276696

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Chef's Choice



Fish cakes (5pcs)

Curried fish patties served with cucumber & peanut sauce

Omelette (w/ Minced Pork)

Fried egg omelette with onions

Crispy Soft Shell Crab (2 pcs)

Deep-fried and served with sweet and spicy chili sauce


Tom Yum Noodle Soup

Classic Thai spicy and sour soup with flat rice noodles

Basil Chicken

Stir-fried with Thai chili paste, basil leaves and onions

Crispy Sea Bass with Green Chilli

Crispy deep-fried whole fish served with home-made spicy and sour dipping sauce on the side


Red Rubies

Red and green water chestnut ‘rubies’, served with crushed ice and coconut milk

Mango with Sticky Rice

Fresh mango with Thai glutinous rice, topped with coconut milk

Fresh Mango

Fresh mango platter

Further Information

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine takes its name from Isan or Isaan, the northeastern region of Thailand famous for its specific culinary character. Isan cuisine is known for its use of khao neow (sticky rice) and fiery hot chillies. These attributes have come to typify much of Thai cuisine in its homeland and overseas, and it’s a tradition that is carried through to the kitchen of this Ridgewood outpost of the E-Sarn Thai Cuisine empire, located atop Singapore’s Mount Sinai behind Holland Road, in dishes such as som tum (papaya salad), larb (minced meat salad), and gai yang (grilled chicken).

Ridgewood Condiminium residents are lucky to have a slice of Thai cuisine paradise in their backyard with the addition of an E-Sarn Thai Cuisine restaurant to their already stellar facilities. Singapore locals should not be dismayed though, as owner Neng extends a warm welcome to everyone here at her Thai restaurant atop Mount Sinai, close to bustling Holland Road. At E-Sarn Ridgewood, the same philosophy applies: give Singapore residents the opportunity to eat the same way that Thai and Isan locals eat. With chefs handpicked and trained by Neng herself, the genius behind the E-Sarn project, you can count on having an authentic Thai cuisine experience no matter which E-Sarn restaurant you visit.

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