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Dragon Bowl (Marina Square)

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About Dragon Bowl (Marina Square)

Known already throughout Singapore for its Aperia Mall location, Dragon Bowl is opening up shop at Marina Square on busy Raffles Boulevard to the delight of shoppers and Chinese-food fans. A favourite among the city’s Chinese community, as well as with critics and foodies, Dragon Bowl serves fresh cuisine without the addition of any suspicious ingredients. Found in Marina Bay, the restaurant is an excellent option for shoppers as well as locals looking for excellent Chinese cuisine at reasonable prices.

Opening Hours

  • Monday 10:00 - 22:00
  • Tuesday 10:00 - 22:00
  • Wednesday 10:00 - 22:00
  • Thursday 10:00 - 22:00
  • Friday 10:00 - 22:00
  • Saturday 10:00 - 22:00
  • Sunday 10:00 - 22:00
Dragon Bowl (Marina Square), Raffles Boulevard Marina Square 6, 8039594 Singapore

Further Information

Master Chef Leong and his kitchen crew at Dragon Bowl’s Marina Square premises invite you to come taste their incredible Chinese offerings, all made authentically and without the use of additives. Available for private functions, including weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions and more, Dragon Bowl on Marina Bay’s Raffles Boulevard on makes it easy to throw an unforgettable bash with fantastic food and excellent service.

Fans of authentic Chinese cuisine will be glad to know that Dragon Bowl is now open at Marina Square, right in the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s Marina Bay. The restaurant’s menu is extensive and covers all the bases, with appetisers, roasted meat dishes, seafood options, a pork and beef menu, vegetable and bean curd delights, staple foods and several desserts. For first-timers, we recommend the stir-fried chicken with spicy Sichuan sauce or the stir-fried beef with bittergourd, capsicum and preserved black beans. The desserts are also excellent, especially the mango pudding or the tasty herbal jelly. Reserve now and experience a stunning Chinese dinner at Dragon Bowl’s Marina Square outlet.


86 Reviews

4.5 /6 Excellent 86 Reviews
Food: delicious
Atmosphere: entertaining
Noise: quiet
Waiting Time: short
Quality/Price: cheap
Service: friendly
15 6
35 5
24 4
6 3
3 2
3 1
1 review so far 6
29.05.2017 09:03

nice food and great dining experience as the staff are very efficient. My husband's teacup was leaking and we highlighted to them and they got it changed immediately.

2 reviews so far 6
14.05.2017 09:09

Chose the buffet option for lunch with family. Quality of food is excellent! Service is also good. The marble goby was the best highlight and recommended dish. My family enjoys the meal!

1 review so far 6
26.10.2016 21:36

Very good service! Not cheap but great value. Duck is always juicy and tender.

2 reviews so far 6
10.10.2016 13:46

Waitresses are very attentive to special request and tea is constantly refilled. Food are served almost all at once and short waiting time which is a bonus.

1 review so far 6
02.06.2016 09:55

Excellent service, excellent dim sum. The complimentary soups were such a pleasant surprise, shows the restaurant's hospitality and appreciation to their guests. It was a welcome start while i set about ordering the rest of the meal. I hope they continue with the complimentary soups because a little goes a long way and this gesture will be remembered and will result in repeated visits from guests. I for one am definitely going to return. I came with my father and niece, and my next visit i will be bringing more people....a party of 8 guests! The food is high quality and the selection is so diverse, i wish i could have ordered more. My next visit i will try the Peking duck special done in 3 ways. Again, another creative take on a traditonal dish at such a reasonable price. Dragon Bowl will definitely succeed!

1 review so far 6
23.06.2016 23:09

The atmosphere was a little boring and China for me. The lobster pumpkin soup was totally different from the menu representation. 2 petite sized lobster pieces, rather pathetic and did not taste exceptional. The stir fry Ee Mian was oily and lacked taste and ingredients. The roast chicken lacked taste and when we asked for the roasted salt, the waitress gave us a plate of table salt instead. Overall, the restaurant pails in comparison when placed side by side with Kai Garden just next door. Service was also average, it was not always a breeze to communicate with the service stuff.

1 review so far 6
21.06.2016 22:53

Great food, great service. It's hard to find quality dim sum / Chinese food these days. Dragon Bowl certainly brings the benchmark of what premium dim sum is supposed to taste like, back to where it's supposed to be. The peking duck should be a must-try for every visitor - it was cooked to perfection. Both the chefs and kitchen staff sure know their things.

13 reviews so far 6
12.10.2015 09:52

Food is tasty and of good quality. The staff are courteous, friendly and do their best to accommodate to our requests. When we made the reservation, they asked if we are celebrating any special event. When they knew we are celebrating the birthday of an elder in our family, they prepared complimentary longevity buns for us. They also gave complimentary parking tickets to patrons.

1 review so far 6
30.04.2016 00:40

Excellent Cantonese cuisine in a very service-oriented environment. I was there with my 86 year old mother and they treated her really well! Thanks. The food is also well put together and I love that the server was honest in apprasing what we needed so we did not order too much food.

5 reviews so far 5
26.11.2015 09:40

I don't like iPad ordering to be honest - so troublesome and we are the ones ultimately paying for the unnecessary hi-tech in the restaurant, right? Dim sum is reasonably good. Wide range of varieties of Cantonese, Shanghai and other regions' specialties. Tasty and authentic enough. Price is not bad either for that environment so I'm happy with the general offering.

7 reviews so far 5
08.11.2015 14:23

While price was a little on the expensive side & portions a tad small, the quality made up for it with their strength in sauces. 3 dishes should be sufficient for 2 (including a carbohydrate item). Expect to pay about $70 for 2 (should there be a seafood dish). Service was polite and attentive with live gu zheng music.

1 review so far 5
03.06.2016 00:27

This is the first time my friends and I ate at Dragon Bowl as one of my friend read good reviews about this restaurant. As we are eating, beside the food, my mouths are also filled with praises about the sumptuous meal. Every dish is marvellous. With such quality food, we will definitely patronise Dragon Bowl again!

1 review so far 5
14.04.2016 08:32

We enjoyed the food plus the location is very convenience and comfortable. Good venue for my colleagues to celebrate birthdays. I will visit Dragon Bowl (Marina Square) again.

1 review so far 6
20.10.2015 11:34

brightly decorated restaurant. Bought my German friend for dinner when she came to Singapore. She was cold seated under the aircon. We weren't able to change seats, but the waiter was so kind to offer scarf or jacket for her. Great and fast service. Delicious food.

1 review so far 5
18.10.2016 18:39

While the staff and managers are polite, I notice that the staff are not as observant as they should be considering that the restaurant was only 1/4 full on a Friday night. This is a soft skill that cannot be trained but can be reminded. Overall we do like the place and will definitely return.

4 reviews so far 5
11.11.2015 00:23

Service staff generally friendly but quality of service could be improved if the staff could check with us for last order before the kitchen closes at 4.30pm. We were told that the kitchen closes at 4.45pm when we arrived, maybe due to mis-comm. Food was good but didn't manage to order more variety thou.

1 review so far 5
03.05.2016 14:52

The flavour of the various dishes was subtle but tasty, without being overly salty. Dishes were served quite promptly. The servers were appropriately attentive and polite. I was happy with the service and my experience overall. Personally, I thought the rice could be a little softer, but that is a matter of personal preference.

3 reviews so far 4
30.03.2017 22:50

the food is awesome!! too bad they did not refill the dessert bar! :( I didn't get to try their mango sago. :( Their Deep-fried soon hock fish is awesome! Don't try to batang fish though! there is a mud taste! the mini buddha jump over the wall is GOOOOOOOOD! :) Their lobster is good too! can't decided which one to eat!

6 reviews so far 6
30.09.2015 18:13

I had Wagu beef with garlic and green/red pepper. The meat was not as soft as tender as I thought. But still nice. Very friendly waiters. The head waiter even helped me to calculate how much food I ordered.

4 reviews so far 6
16.02.2016 21:02

Excellent experience at Dragon Bowl. Prompt and attentive service by very friendly staff and the food is pretty up there amongst the top Cantonese restaurants we have tried. Crispy duck is a must try. Nice atmosphere too!

37 reviews so far 2
30.12.2015 19:59

there was only 3 tables including us. One of the staff was very rude and her service was very bad. I guess she is a assistant manager or manager as she was wearing blazer....we have to request additional chilli padi 3 times and was still not send to us... We signal to her and she ignore us even when she passby close to our table....our food was almost half finish and my mum cannot tahan ask another staff and she bring immediately.... only a couple of dishes is ok. The egg yolk bun is the generic ones that crystal jade is using (distinctive orange colour) nothing fantastic...

1 review so far 5
21.05.2016 23:31

Very attentive staff and patience to explain the various types of dishes since this is our first visit. Ordered the Peking Duck promotion. Duck meat fried rice was not oily per other restaurants. Black pepper tenderlion beef was great. Great experience.

1 review so far 4
24.11.2015 08:25

The fish that they served is very fresh. Service is ok. I thought it will be better if they can be easy on the aircon, as it is quite cold in there. They need to improve on the ipad food ordering system, as it is not that easy to use.

1 review so far 5
20.06.2016 07:41

Food & ambience is quite nice, but waiting time rather long for the food. Would be better if they provide menu on both ipad & hardcopy...as not able to view the image for some food on ipad.

1 review so far 4
11.06.2016 18:36

Nice and quiet ambience. Food was fantastic and dim sum wide variety. Thumbs up for providing free soup to customers. Some food are quite pricey though. Overall, it's a good experience dining at dragon bowl. Hope to see dim sum offer at Aperia mall branch too.

1 review so far 5
03.02.2016 18:42

Very good and attentive service! food is general good and delicious. just very trouble to order from the ipad, and it always prompt for table number and password which needs the manager to come and verify.

1 review so far 5
24.07.2016 12:25

Ambience is good, service is good, we ordered Tim Sum for lunch and taste good too. One thing can be improved is to have more variety in the menu such as general food item like 肠粉

4 reviews so far 5
22.06.2017 13:36

very courteous staffs. food was good but can be better. quite a value for the buffet lunch. it is good to go in 3 as each dim sum comes in the number of 3.

3 reviews so far 4
04.01.2016 14:32

Good Service but food was slightly disappointing. Small portions. The dessert of Chrysanthemum and Apply Jelly with Aloe Vera bits was awesome though. A refreshing touch to end the meal. The restaurant was well lit and ambience was pretty alright.

13 reviews so far 6
13.10.2015 09:59

Good and quality food. Nice ambience for family gatherings. Friendly and polite staff who are very accommodating. Complimentary parking coupons for first two hours for diners

1 review so far 5
02.11.2015 09:41

Delicious food at a very reasonable price. The Peking duck set was a steal - Peking duck, duck soup and duck meat fried with either noodles or rice for only $40!

1 review so far 5
13.10.2016 02:42

The food is good and the staff are attentive. The restaurant is hard to find as it s at one corner and there was no sign to show where is it.

1 review so far 4
11.05.2016 09:13

Comparing to my first visit the food was much better than my recent visit. Ala carte is better than the set menu. The Peking duck was not as crispy as the first visit. Dessert was so so only

3 reviews so far 6
14.02.2016 08:04

Good food & service from Staff , especially the Peking duck, noodles, honey pork & Luo han vegetables. Will recommend & definitely patronise Restsurant again.

3 reviews so far 5
29.05.2016 21:24

Service not bad.. convienent location. Food also nt bad... ordered dim sum, got free soup.. will go again soon. Worth it... will be good if there are more promotio ..

1 review so far 4
20.06.2016 00:01

Food was great and portions generous. Staff was a tad busy during the time we were there and it took several rounds of asking before our requests of additional chilli etc were delivered. Food service was prompt.

4 reviews so far 5
13.10.2016 08:45

had the $28 ++ set lunch.5 courses , solid traditional cantonese Chinese food - the highlight was the soup of the day. they also have dim sum for lunch.

1 review so far 4
13.10.2016 10:00

Food is nice.. Would be back again though! The clean environment was a plus. I've been to other restaurants along Marina square. The cleanliness and gleaming floors made me feel much more at ease!

1 review so far 4
17.03.2016 08:53

It was a very enjoyable experience and the food that was served tasted really good. Such Examples are the pumpkin prawn and the cereal beancurd. The cereal beancurd is really a unique dish too.

1 review so far 5
22.12.2015 18:28

Service was great... Food was delicious... Only downside is that the waiting time for some dishes was a tad too long... Overall we had an enjoyable time...

1 review so far 5
29.04.2016 18:10

The service is prompt and the waiter and waitresses are very polite. We tried their dim sum, they are quite good! We will definitely be back again.

3 reviews so far 4
26.06.2016 17:47

Dim sum is good. The xiao long bao,carrot cake,har kao and siew mai taste much better than other restaurants. Main menu OK, would have been great MSG is lesser. Too much MSG used.

3 reviews so far 6
13.06.2016 12:33

Good foods, good location, great services, Children friendly dinning place. All my friends and their kids enjoy the dim sum. highly recommended!

2 reviews so far 5
10.02.2016 10:39

My family was very happy with the attentive but non-intrusive staff and always keeping our cups filled up! Thanks for making our reunion dinner very enjoyable!

1 review so far 5
26.10.2015 08:18

Good food nice interior, wide selections of menu. Highly recommended to those who like Chinese foods. They even have private rooms to cater for private event

1 review so far 5
28.09.2015 10:27

Good food and nice ambience. Fish were very fresh, said was freshly catch! overall my family and i enjoyed the dining experience there. Will return back.

1 review so far 5
03.04.2016 19:34

Delicious and reasonably priced dim-sum with complementary soup for every diner. Nice and cozy environment too. Service was prompt and good. Will definitely go back again.

3 reviews so far 5
16.10.2016 13:09

Positive - Easy n fast, min steps to finalize Hassle free Negative - no reminder of the reservation. No link to personal calendar to track

2 reviews so far 5
09.02.2016 19:19

Went with my boyfriend to the marina square outlet. He likes the food. Waiting time Abit too long. But overall still satisfied. Will return again.

2 reviews so far 5
21.07.2016 23:09

Food is value for money. Food is fresh.services is great. We have enjoyed the sharkfin set at$30 per pax. Beijing duck a bit too dry