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Ceviche Old St

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About Ceviche Old St

Peruvian cuisine has taken London by storm in recent times, and much of the credit for this rather appetising revolution lies firmly on the shoulders of Martin Morales, the chef and music producer and his world-class team. Ceviche Old Street is a winner of no less than two Best Restaurant in the UK Awards and is also Michelin Guide listed. With a kicking bar and a phenomenal selection of light and main dishes for everyone, from vegan to locally-sourced grilled meat options and vegetarian to gluten-free, Ceviche Old Street promises to push the new wave of Peruvian cuisine even farther into London’s dining scene. It’s also a top art gallery and has regular live music – reserve a table now.

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Ceviche Old St
2 Baldwin Street, Old Street
London EC1V 9NU

Menu Highlights



Ají de Gallina Tequeños

Wonton fritters with creamy chicken, onion, Parmesan filling, amarillo chilli dip.

Ceviche Bar

Ceviche Pon Ponzu (gf)

Sustainable stone bass, ponzu tiger’s milk, avocado cream, samphire and black radish.


Causa Sensación (gf)

Yellow fin tuna tartar, Peruvian olive sauce, nori flakes.


Adobo Secreto (gf)

Grilled marinated Ibérico pork, adobo sauce, choclo corn and coriander purée.


Pollo a la Brasa

Our own recipe marinade, corn-fed quarter rotisserie chicken, chips, hot amarillo chilli dip


Picarones Old St (v) – to share

Pumpkin doughnuts, chancaca honey, cinnamon ice cream.


Pisco Sour

Sol de Plata Pisco quebranta, lime, sugar syrup, egg white, Peruvian Chuncho bitters.
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More about Ceviche Old St, London

Ceviche, along Old Street in Soho, takes its name from the dish most associated with Peruvian cuisine, in which raw fish and seafood is marinated in citrus and seasoning, and served with an array of sides. It’s as simple as sushi, twice as delicious, and pretty as the Pacific. Second time’s a charm, we say, and it’s a delicious blessing that London is now graced by not one but two places where you can enjoy Martin Morales’ now legendary take on Peruvian cuisine. Morales’ first restaurant, Andina in Shoreditch, is among the top restaurants in London. Not one to lose momentum – this is a guy who DJ’d and chef’d at the same time, was a producer for EMI and ran iTunes Europe and Disney Music – Morales has built on Andina’s success (he sold his house for that first gamble), and given us Ceviche.

A combination of Peruvian kitchen and pisco bar, Ceviche does everything with a slice of chicha, the distinctly Peruvian quality of good-natured cheek. Health-conscious and ever-hungry London will be pleased to hear that Amazonian and Andean superfoods feature heavily on the menus, as do interesting fusion cuisines, represented by dishes of Peruvian-Chinese, Peruvian-Japanese, Afro-Peruvian and Criollo (creole) extraction. Ceviche Old Street remains true to big sister Andina’s winning combination of lively pisco disco atmosphere and fresh, delicious food, but will be introducing some other innovations, too. For the curious, your ceviche can be prepared, and customised, right before your eyes. London’s Peruvian food revolution is only just beginning to turn up the heat.Dear diners, to view Ceviche Old Street's range of gift cards and masterclasses, visit ceviche.giftvouchers.uk.com

1,276 Ceviche Old St Reviews

1,276 Reviews
Noise levels:Average
Value for money:Good value
Waiting time:Very good
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John S.3 months ago · 2 reviews

We had a lovely birthday party and enjoyed the food very much

Robert F.8 months ago · 3 reviews

Lovely staff, beautiful food, and excellent value! 10/10! Only thing I would change would be the portion size 3/4 per person. Highly recommend stone and coal, it was excellent!

Katharina W.8 months ago · 1 review

We had amazing food, both the meat and vegetarian options surpassed any expectations. and our waiter was lovely and the service was quick! Will go again

Sumaia M.9 months ago · 2 reviews

Great food, atmosphere and service. The food was so fresh and tasty in particular the tiger's milk ceviche. The cocktails were to die for and the service was on point.

Lawrie S.2 years ago · 1 review

Ceviche Old Street is the converted Lipton’s Alexandra Trust Dining Rooms from the 19th century when it offered very cheap meals to the poor working classes and now offers mid-priced Mexican food to the business classes and well-heeled of the area. It has retained some really interesting décor features and added some nice extras, and it has a pleasant light airy feel to it. The olives and crunchy Peruvian corn probably weren’t necessary, as the 2 ceviches we ordered as starters arrived fairly quickly. The Don Ceviche was nicely spicy and accentuated the Sea Bass well, while the lemon sole ceviche was more delicate in flavour, added to by the sauce. The main course Lomo Saltado’s beef was done quite rare but without blood, and was quite the tenderest beef my colleague had tasted for a long time; my Pollo á la Brasa’s chicken was to melt in the mouth and was pleasant tasting with the hot Amarillo sauce dip, which was excellent; the chips could have been a touch crisper. Interestingly we shared a Kish coriander seed brewed Island Beer with the Ceviche on the recommendation of the waiter, and it was a good choice, a really pleasant aroma that went down very well with the fish.

Melanie A.2 years ago · 1 review

Had a wonderful time on Saturday night at Ceviche Old Street - it was a get-together with 5 University friends. Food was great - can't remember all the names but we had a couple of causa's which were really tasty and beautifully presented - also a sweetcorn cake which was so light and fluffy - I am not a meat eater so enjoyed the ceviche but my friends are and said the pork and beef were delicious. Desserts were lovely - I liked the rum and pineapple one - rum wasn't strong. Atmosphere was very buzzy - lots of activity. Thanks for a lovely evening. I rated Noise - noisy - but in a good way!

Alexandra S.3 years ago · 5 reviews

Second time at Ceviche Old St was a disappointment. Food was uneven, some excellent, some cold/old (chips), but the place was really loud and impossible to hold a conversation, and service was poor. Plates arrived in ridiculous order (I know there are no 'firsts' and 'seconds', but all decent tapas/ceviche etc places take it for granted that the the cold dishes will come first, before or at the very least at the same time as the hot ones, not the other way round (and with a considerable gap, to boot). We also had to ask for things twice, and, worst of all, the waitress made an error with the bill in the end, which turned into quite an embarrassing situation. She originally gave us the wrong one, which was two pounds less - that's, of course, including the hefty 12.5 "discretionary" tip that everyone charges these days. She discovered her mistake after we had already paid by card, and came back to request further payment. As far as I'm concerned that was bad enough, because the two pounds only affected the tip, and, as it was her mistake, she shouldn't have pursued it further. Nevertheless, my friend and I were then scrabbling for change, because you don't really want to put two pounds on a card, and came up with a pound or so... And then the waitress actually pointed out that this is not the full sum! I regret that my friend and I were so bamboozled by this that we actually found a note to cover it, and that this objectionable custom of automatically-added tip (which, admittedly, almost every restaurant does these days) has terrorised us all into forgetting that it is entirely "discretionary", and that when the service is so wanting we should not accept it. Unpleasant conclusion of a mediocre dinner - won't be rushing back.

Lauren R.2 years ago · 2 reviews

We had a great time at Ceviche Old Street. Food was delicious & creative, as were the cocktails, the decor was great and the service friendly & attentive. The restaurant also catered very well to a mixed crowd of dietary preferences, including a vegetarian, a pescetarian & a devout carnivore on the table. All enjoyed their food & had plenty of choice (untypical for a restaurant specialising in seafood!). The only reason I wouldn't give it full marks was because we were there on Sunday evening and many of the ceviche dishes were sold out. I understand it's a problem with fresh fish on the weekends but it was a shame. Overall though, I'd highly recommend and will definitely be going back.

Ellen W.2 years ago · 1 review

Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed with my experience at Ceviche Old Street, despite the food and cocktails being absolutely delicious! This was sadly down to the service. I booked a table for 2 people on a Friday at 9pm, only to be told that our table was not ready when we arrived. We were asked by the hostess to wait at the bar and order a drink, and she would let us know when the table was available. When I asked her HOW she would let us know (other restaurants use buzzers, some can ring you...) she said 'not to worry' because she would 'easily find us'. 40 minutes passed and when we returned to the hostess to ask about the table again, she said that she hadn't come over because she 'couldn't find us'. If this wasn't annoying enough, when we finally got seated and ordered our food, they forgot almost half of our order when they brought it over! Neither of us wanted to begin eating without the other, so between waiting to get a waiters' attention and actually getting the remaining food, we waited another 20 mins before we could eat... Having ordered two Pisco sours, two glasses of wine, and five dishes - the bill came to around 90 quid. Which, I wouldn't mind paying just off the back of the food. But to pay that much and have such bad service (on a level I haven't experienced in a long, long time...) is pretty unacceptable. It's such a shame. My advice to other diners would be to maybe try their sister restaurant Andina (which is smaller) or avoid at least avoid the Old Street branch on Fridays/weekends!

Peter S.3 years ago · 1 review

Excellent, friendly and very attentive service from both the waitresses and the manager who explained the various dishes to us and also advised on the mix and numbers to have. The manager was also very willing and informative in describing the background to Ceviche Old Street and the buying of the new premises. We particularly liked the open plan arrangement and being able to see the cooks in action. We will definately come again - a great experience. Thank you. PGS Salisbury UK