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About Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria - Marina Bay Sands

Dear diners, to reserve for groups of more than 10 people, please contact the restaurant directly.

This Brazilian barbecue (churrascaria) is the third outlet in the Carnivore chain, giving Singapore the chance to sample an authentic Brazilian-style grillhouse. Here, skewered grilled meats are accompanied by a range of salads at the buffet. See what the fuss is about at Carnivore Marina Bay Sands.

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Chef's Choice



Buffet Lunch

$34++ per adult / $12 nett per child (Daily)

Buffet Dinner

$49++ per adult / $12nett per child (Daily)

Set Lunch

$14.90++ per set (Mon - Fri only)

Set lunch available from Tues - Fri only, except PH.

Further Information

Singapore is spoiled for choice when it comes to Brazilian barbecue houses, or churrascaria, thanks to Carnivore’s many outlets. The churrascaria style of grilling mouth-watering meats has a long tradition, stemming from the culinary practices of the gauchos in the Pampas region in southern Brazil. This tradition is replicated at Carnivore Marina Bay Sands, which can be found at Marina Bay Sands’ The Shoppes along Bayfront Avenue.

Diners can take their fill from the buffet – with salads and sides aplenty – while passadora (waiters) will serve you meats grilled to perfection on the rotisserie straight to your plate. Buffet lunches and buffet dinners are a popular option at Carnivore Marina Bay Sands, with all-you-can-eat menu prices set for adults and children. Singapore loves Carnivore and you will, too. Reserve a table now!

212 Reviews

Eileen N.2 months ago · 2 reviews

Awesome customer service! Love how prompt the Chef was in bringing us the meat. He was friendly, very professional! Love the experience and will definitely go back!

imgJerome S.3 months ago · 1 review

Really friendly staff who is accommodating and always asking if we are in need of more food. Two thumbs up! Would love to come back for more!

Herb Howard H.3 months ago · 3 reviews

The venue is good. The ambience is great. The food is delicious and lots of meat choiches. And the staff are awesome and very attentive. Would definitely come back. :

Korin S.3 months ago · 4 reviews

Food was good, ambience good for gathering. Able to try different types of meat. The staff were also friendly. But think too much meat, would prefer to have veggies as well

Dallies L.2 years ago · 1 review

Environment was great! I was celebrating my 1.5 years anniversary with my boyfriend and it was both our first time trying out carnivore and we absolutely love it! We were clueless about how it works at first but the manager came over to us on his own account as soon as he realized that we were new to this. Food was great as well. We had a great time with the fishes served and was waiting for the next time it would be served. However, we waited quite awhile and still did not see it coming. Hence, we checked with this waiter and he was really kind, informing us the cooking time left and how long before it's served. Once he got hold of them, he came to our table immediately to serve us with those long awaited fish. I must say that this is execellent service! Can't wait to visit you guys again :)

John C.a year ago · 1 review

Had a lunch buffet at carnivore and it was great experience!! Enjoyed most of all the menu and the service was good, the guy who serves the meat kindly explain about the meat that I'm curious with. From all of the menu I most recommend the beef hump and lamb meat. The hump meat is very tender and tastes like heaven, it melts in the mouth. The boneless lamb meat is very rare to find in Singapore, so must try one. Overall very satisfied and definitely recommend this restaurant to my friends.

Desiree T.2 years ago · 2 reviews

Overall, servers were prompt to dish out the generous servings of meat, right in front of your plates. However, we do appreciate if there could be more serving of non-beef items on to go (as our table consists of 2 who did not take beef) and were really with a lack of choice. The concept at the ex- Marina Square outlet would have better suited diners with non-beef palate, as they are able to choose their dinner accordingly. Nevertheless, service was prompt and the dining area was very pleasant with view of fireworks (for the NDP rehearsal period). Plus, the 10% UOB discount make this visit more worthwhile.

Katherine Y.10 months ago · 1 review

Food was yummy esp the chicken thigh. There were several cuts of beef where there are some tender ones. Medium well beef are a little tough. However, the fish was too salty and we were disappointed after too much meat. There is a balanced salad bar though the desserts range can add a good ice cream choice. Overall, we had a good family dinner and staff was attentive. Supervisor was alert when at the end our drinks were being cleared , he ensured that we were actually done with our meals. Thumbs up and great job guys!

Felinda Y.2 years ago · 1 review

I requested to dine in the vip table as I wanted to have a private room for my family hence I asked the manager. However he immediately claimed that I needed to spent at least $500 to be able to be in the private room which is ridiculous! was he trying to say that the way we dress have no class and we couldn't afford to spent $500? so I asked a waiter if I could use the private room and he said that it was a room for 20 people. Hence I'd understand that dining in the private room was impossible for 7 diners. Afterwards, we really did spent over $500! bad service from the manager!

Phyllis W.3 months ago · 1 review

Service staff was not well-trained, not particularly friendly (eg. plates were not changed automatically and we had to do it ourselves), but the waiters serving meat were chirpier. Servings of the meat were not sufficient eg. we only get 1 round of fish, 2 rounds of bacon chicken, chicken thighs & Chouriço sausages but 4 rounds of chicken wings! Of course there were servings of beef humps, lamb, ham, roast beef and short ribs...but for those who don't eat beef you could only expect to fill yourself up with the cooked dishes/salad at the salad bar. It would be good to go early to the restaurant because when diners start to come in, waiting service gets slow. Honestly, the chicken thighs and fish were good and we were all looking forward to more rounds of it but were disappointed.

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