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Tiong Bahru · Japanese · $$$$
15 Reviews

About Bincho

For truly innovative Japanese cuisine in Singapore, Bincho is one of our top picks. From delicacies like spiced pig ears to sweet treats like mochi, this Singapore yakitori restaurant and bar covers all the bases when it comes to Japanese cuisine. Located at the historic coffee shop Hua Bee on Moh Guan Terrace in Singapore's Tiong Bahru, Bincho serves food that’s not only delicious, but also incredibly beautiful. Open every day of the week except Monday, Bincho is a must-visit for fans of Far Eastern cuisine


78 Moh Guan Terrace #01-19
Singapore 162078

Opening Times

Closed today

Chef's Choice



Assorted Appetizer & Sashimi Platter



Stuffed Shiitake with Cheese Truffle



Salad Sticks with Bincho Signature Miso Paste



Grilled Squid with Herb Chicken



Yakitori Don



Yakitori Platter



Oyster Kurobuta roll



Dessert of the Day

Further Information

Made to look like a yakitori house so common in Japan, Bincho provides a setting that’s unlike any other in Singapore. The Tiong Bahru restaurant is found in the back of Hua Bee, a lively 70-year-old kopitiam (traditional coffee shop) and mee pok stall during the day, which makes for a bit of confusion but only adds to the authentic experience, making diners feel as if they’re dining somewhere very exclusive, just like in a small alleyway bar in Japan. The restaurant was once a full-time kopitiam, and still retains traditional touches including marble tables and old wooden chairs – come by to take a glimpse into the the past when dining at this local legend.

Bincho’s menus change frequently, which is a good sign that the kitchen puts emphasis on freshness. The best way to enjoy a true Bincho dining experience is to order a set menu. The YamaSachi set for two, for example, is a great option, and includes option such as fugu skin nikogori with ankimo tofu, salad sticks with Bincho’s signature miso paste, eight types of mushroom with chicken soup nabe, ramen and dessert. Best of all? The prices are fair and reasonable, even for so much food! Experience Bincho on Moh Guan Terrace by stopping by its Tiong Bahru premises at Hua Bee – book ahead to ensure your table.

15 Bincho Reviews

Lisa t.a year ago · 1 review

Good quality food served. Small portion. Good service on serving the tea. Sashimi is super fresh. Will come back again for another try. Overall good experience.

Zigor M.a year ago · 1 review

excellent food, music and ambiance. Service is good, food takes a bit to arrive, otherwise great place! Would strongly recommend it to any lover of good quality food

imgKunal K.a year ago · 3 reviews

Amazing food, excellent drinks. small grill, so food can take a while to arrive but it's totally worth the wait. Here are five more words

Jason C.2 years ago · 3 reviews

As usual, food was great. Do go during lunch as their set menu are really value for money without compromising on the quality. I had the beef tongue don set.

Ashley S.2 years ago · 1 review

On top of the great food served here, Bincho is by far the most romantic izakaya by night! -Lighting, music, table settings...altogether gives a nostalgic feeling. Sitting at the bar sipping sake n watching chef Asai san plating in front of you is a pleasure itself.

Jason C.2 years ago · 3 reviews

As usual food was really good. Had a unagi don that was done just right. Ordered chicken neck yakitori and it tasted awesome from the smokey flavour of the charcoal. It was less noisy today as the noodle store next door closed earlier.

Jason C.2 years ago · 3 reviews

Food was great. the place was packed, thank goodness we made a reservation. We were seated at the end of the bar, just in front of where they plated the dishes. Nice place to have an awesome laid back meal.

Esther Y.2 years ago · 1 review

We were fortunate to be at the restaurant on a quieter day. The food was superb and service staff very attentive. Will definitely return and spread the word.

Adam L.2 years ago · 1 review

A surprising and cozy place. Lunch set is nice, also reasonable price. Will go again to try their dinner set some other day. Their sake is good too.

Mandy K.2 years ago · 5 reviews

Food was really good. The price for a lunchtime don would have felt expensive if not for the additional dishes before and dessert after the don. Service could have been refined a bit.

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