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Beppu Menkan
Beppu Menkan Menu

Beppu Menkan

Japanese, Sushi, Ramen

Dishes priced aroundSGD 14

Photo of restaurant Beppu Menkan in Chinatown, Singapore

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Menu from Beppu Menkan

Check out the menu at Beppu Menkan and discover what everyone's craving! Know what to expect when you book a table at Beppu Menkan: From appetizers to desserts, discover the delicious food awaiting you. You can even peek at the prices, menu highlights and popular dishes from Beppu Menkan. Mmm we’re getting hungry already…

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Menu highlights



Hiyashi Ramen

Choice of cold ramen / spicy cold ramen
Char siew, crab meat stick, sesame seed, carrot shreds, seaweed, bamboo shoot, spring onion, fried garlic in cold ramen sauce/spicy cold ramen sauce

SGD 11.80
Char Siew Ramen

Four slices of char siew, egg, corn, seaweed, bamboo shoot, spring onion, fried garlic in Kyushu soup

SGD 13.80
Beppu Ramen

Sliced Char Siew, sliced beef mussel, scallop, egg, crab meat stick, prawn, pickles, corn, seaweed, bamboo shoot, spring onion, fried onion in Kyushu Soup

SGD 16.80

Rice Dishes

Kare Katsu Raise

Curry Pork Cutlet w/ Rice

SGD 12.80
Chirashi Sushi

Mixed Sashimi w/ Rice

SGD 16.80
Unagi Donburi

Grilled Eel Rice

SGD 18.80


Cali Maki

SGD 9.80
Sake Sashimi


SGD 10.80
Ika Sashimi

Squid / Octopus

SGD 10.80

Shared Dishes

Tori Karaage

Fried chicken

SGD 8.80
Soft Shell Crab

SGD 10.80
Grilled Squid

SGD 16.80

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