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About Backbenchers Cafe & Bar

There’s a famous pub in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, right across the road from the Houses of Parliament, called the Backbencher. It’s famous because this is where minor politicians come to get tipsy and opinionated on their lunch breaks. There’s definitely something of this ruddy-cheeked Commonwealth joviality in the air at Singapore’s Backbenchers Cafe & Bar, though thankfully politics isn’t the exclusively the order of the day when it comes to conversation. Found down Tanjong Pagar Road at the intersection with Duxton Hill, that the Backbenchers offers a great range of craft beer and fine wine plus a menu packed with healthy bites means this pub wins our vote.

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Backbenchers Cafe & Bar
21 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088444

More about Backbenchers Cafe & Bar, Singapore

Backbenchers Cafe & Bar attracts an international crowd from Singapore’s strong expatriate communities. Here you can find Russians, local Singaporeans, and proper red-faced Brits rubbing sweaty shoulders in the sweltering heat, all enjoying beers such as Trooper, both from the licensed Robinsons’ microbrewery plugged in by Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson (who also likes to collect military hardware). Run for the hills, is all we can say, but not in fear – we mean run to the junction of Duxton Hill and Tanjong Pagar Road, where you’ll find Backbenchers.

Drink good beer with good friends, Good people drink good beer, and Keep calm and watch Manchester United vs Liverpool 12am onwards. These are the kind of gaily sign-boarded injunctions you’ll find hanging about the quaintly cluttered walls of Backbenchers Cafe & Bar. Not at all a representative of the temperance movement, this Tanjong Pagar hotspot gets very busy when the very happy hours kick in. And then when they kick in you know about it, with baskets of chips and troughs of pub grub being wheeled out to cope with the appetites of a spontaneous and international congress of beer drinkers. Book some elbow space for a true blue Backbenchers experience in Singapore.

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