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4.9 /6 Bardzo dobra Recenzje 276

Alter Ego

Esplanade Bar $$ +100
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  • Poniedziałek 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Wtorek 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Środa 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Czwartek 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Piątek 12:00 - 15:00, 17:00 - 01:00
  • Sobota 11:00 - 01:00
  • Niedziela 11:00 - 23:00
Alter Ego, Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall, #01-13D 8, 039802 Singapore

Recenzje 276

4.9 /6 Bardzo dobra Recenzje 276
Obsługa: Przyjazna
Atmosfera: Bardzo dobra
Głośność: Cicho
Jedzenie: Bardzo dobre
Czas Oczekiwania: Krótko
Jakość/ Cena: Bardzo przystępna
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113 5
53 4
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Kueo Y.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
17.09.2017 23:02

Great! Food was excellent and tasty, loved the ambience too! Overall a really pleasant experience dining at Alter Ego! Would definitely go back again. :)

Lisa O.
Liczba recenzji 9 6
13.09.2017 13:38

Never fail to disappoint me. Happy that they've added a few more outdoor seats!

Jun Hong L.
Liczba recenzji 2 6
12.09.2017 21:39

Poke bowls were superb and the grilled cheese sandwich was sinfully good

ang w.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
12.09.2017 10:45

Slightly overpriced but Alter Ego definitely have great service and nice ambience. great place to chill after school or work. Thumb up! Will definitely visit again!

Natalie W.
Liczba recenzji 22 5
01.07.2017 22:28

Welcoming service with friendly and attentive staff, along with great food and ambience. Lunch sets are also available on weekdays, at a pocket-friendly pricing of $15.90 onwards with a main and drink. I decided to go for the ala carte menu and ordered the Southern fried chicken sandwich (which turned out to be a burger instead), cornflake french toast and loaded taters. My favourite dish among all was the southern fried chicken burger which comes with a huge slab of deep fried chicken thigh topped with nacho cheese and ranch sauce, sandwiched between soft buttered brioche buns. It also comes with a side of tangy purple slaw and honey butter cornbread that was luscious with a soft, crumbly texture resembling a pound cake. A great and sweet change from the usual fries/wedges. The loaded taters was sinful albeit enjoyable, deep fried mini bite sized hashbrowns loaded with a generous amount of spicy jalapeno cheese, sour cream, chives and bacon bits. Would prefer if the sauces are served separately though as the tater tots below had turned soggy and lost the essential crisp factor. The cornflake french toast was crisp and coated with cornflakes that provided a pleasant crunch factor, filled with a spread of white and dark salted chocolate ganache and served with butterscotch banana slices and macerated berries. The fillings of chocolate ganache could have been more though IMO, tasted pretty mediocre and akin to a typical chocolate spread without any hint of saltiness as stated. Though prices are pretty steep for the dishes here, it's worth a visit for the ambience and quality of food served!

Ariane L.
Liczba recenzji 3 6
15.02.2017 17:20

I had an excellent time at Alter Ego. The poke bowl was wholesome and good. I just wish the chunks of fish could be larger. Also tried the pizza fries and it was very good value for the price. The cheese used for the dish wasn't the usual 'cheap' type of cheese that most eateries used so I really appreciated that. The caramelised ikan bilis tasted wonderful too though it would be good if they served it in smaller portions as it was a bit too much for two people to share. Great experience!

Cindy L.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
20.08.2017 18:28

I'm a regular at Alter Ego since their opening. I like their poke bowl mix and it's very yummy! They just launched $15.90 lunch set, so get coffee/tea with your order! If you want also are able to eat some "sinful" but super delicious sides, be sure to try their fried chicken skin, fried fish skin or the pizza fries. You won't be disappointed. If you want more food options, try their burger also. They also serve a lot of drinks like mead, cider and other drinks. Highly recommended! 😉

Hong L.
Liczba recenzji 12 4
08.09.2017 09:18

Alter Ego is the brainchild of the same team behind A Poké Theory, but with another side to it - decadent, sinful and equally enjoyable. From the contrast between the pillowy bun, snappy sausages and broad flavours of the Chilli Dog, to fried chicken skin dusted with paprika that is airy and crisp, Alter Ego's offerings are well-executed versions of classic comfort foods.

Yi Ting N.
Liczba recenzji 1 4
15.06.2017 15:04

It was an average experience at Alter Ego. Service was prompt and staffs were friendly. Pizza fries was good when eaten hot, it turns salty when cold. The Original Poke Shaker and Umami Omega pokebowls were not bad, Chilli cheese dog wasn't that fantastic though it was recommended by the staff. The portion for chilli cheese dog was disappointing, considering it's the same price as the salmon bowls, it came with a small portion of coleslaw & curly fries. There was a 10% discount for UOB cardholders.

Jamie T.
Liczba recenzji 3 6
10.04.2017 13:34

It was a great experience! We made a reservation so we didn't have to wait. The staff were prompt to serving us and the food was delicious. It was really lively within the restaurant and we didn't mind one bit. The price was slightly on the high side. But overall I would recommend Alter Ego.

Shin Yuet C.
Liczba recenzji 2 5
21.02.2017 07:25

Being a vegan I was delighted to find a restaurant serving a vegan option for my pre-theatre dinner. I had the Green Goddess Bowl which was a satisfying mix of avocado, kimchi, brown rice, and pomegranate. I added spicy roasted cashews for an extra $2, and they added crunch and spice to my meal. They also served my favourite Chai Rebel coconut mylk! My friends had the other Poke bowls and they all enjoyed their food. We also ordered both smoothie bowls and the cacao one was the nicer if the two - but then chocolate always wins when it comes to dessert! Both were not too sweet and tasted very healthy. Reservations recommended as they were quite busy! Best place for a healthy guilt free meal at Esplanade in my opinion.

Lyd C.
Liczba recenzji 1 4
23.04.2017 00:17

Came here to celebrate my friend's birthday! The staff were very eager to help me out in this so kudos for that. The birthday girl enjoyed her grilled cheese (FOR ULTIMATE CHEESE LOVERS) as did I, and we all loved the fried fish skin. Buffalo wings are a tad monotonous with a single layer of flavour - sour-spicy, that never graduated into a different taste, so skip that. Service-wise, there's a lack of clear floor management and procedure - the staff forgot to pass us our water and we had to ask thrice before another server got it for us very apologetically. It's also slightly unhygienic to be served water from a flask on the ground. What saved the day - nice food, servers were still very friendly and we pulled off the surprise successfully so thank you! I tried to be fair in this review, hope this helps y'all target what to improve!

Peiying C.
Liczba recenzji 3 6
27.05.2017 18:34

Very nice ambience in the restaurant and the food was awesome! Small and cosy for a dinner gathering with friends. All the food recommendations were so good and to top it off, the happy hour was perfect! I would highly recommend my friends to try Alter Ego!

Na C.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
05.07.2017 08:27

everything was great! service was fast and efficient, especially love the pizza fries there. After making payment, one of the staff told us "Hope to see you guys back at Alter Ego again!" and I felt that this was a good gesture.

Liczba recenzji 1 4
14.03.2017 10:13

My dining experience was good until the part where the service crew did not mention that there was credit card promotion. I had to find out when I walked over to the cashier to order my takeaway. Next thing, my takeaway took half hour. When I asked the crew, he went into the kitchen and he told me that there was a mixed up in order thus there was a delay. I could see the look in the crew's faces and it was a case of order not done at all. I would have appreciated the honesty rather than lying to my face. The crew did not even do any service recovery by offering anything other than a glass of water. The service needs work.

Krystal F.
Liczba recenzji 2 6
18.03.2017 15:31

Alter Ego is an excellent after work dinner place. The restaurant was packed as it was a Friday night. The food was really good and filling, we ordered the poke bowls and various sides to share. I will definitely come again!

Janelle C.
Liczba recenzji 3 6
02.04.2017 01:19

We love it here! I was here a few days ago and I came here again with some other friends after trying. I love the fact that we can get the eat clean and eat dirty menu because we can accommodate people of different eating diet. the eat clean menu ends at 8pm (even though the website and a lot of reviews claim that it doesn't serve eat clean food in the evening!) love the atmosphere

Geok Hian L.
Liczba recenzji 2 5
29.04.2017 20:22

Ordered the umami poke bowl, juicy lucy burger as well as the pizza fries. I've to say its my first time there but will definitely not be the last. The pizza fries, albeit took super long to arrive (after i finished my mains) was super mind blowing. The cheese on top of the fries were really generous and complements well. However the fries itself was a little on the hard side. The poke bowl and burger were fantastic though. Cant wait to try our other food on the menu :)

Lydia L.
Liczba recenzji 1 5
12.04.2017 10:56

The food overall was great and the service was pretty fast. Our drinks, pokebowl and appetizers arrive shortly after we placed our orders. The staff were quite attentive to the customers although we waited a little more for our bill before another waiter noticed us. I guess the first waiter we approached was busy taking new orders and kind of forgotten us getting out bill. But the ambience was great, it's good place to chill and relax on a Saturday night. Will definitely visit again in future :)

Sue T.
Liczba recenzji 1 3
01.08.2017 07:25

Friendly staff. Food didn't wow me. Personally found desserts lack lustre where it isn't interesting. The staff got the orders wrong 3 times. First they served the loaded taters with bacon (when we asked for it to be separated), then they change the order but forgot to serve the separate dish of bacon, and served a wrong dish of main to our table. We were a table of 4 and ordered 2 poke bowls, a main, 2 drinks, had 4 glasses of water on the table and was still waiting for another friend. The table was getting horribly and impractically crowded with no space left but yet they didn't offer a change of tables. We had to request and also correct the wrong orders. I would think attention to details, besides being friendly is important.