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4.9 /6 Bardzo dobra Recenzje 38

5 Little Monkeys Cafe

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5 Little Monkeys Cafe, Pico Creative Centre #11-00, Kallang Avenue 20, 339411 Singapore

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Breakfast & Coffee at $8.80 nett
9.30am to 11.00am

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Recenzje 38

4.9 /6 Bardzo dobra Recenzje 38
Atmosfera: Wspaniała
Czas Oczekiwania: Krótko
Jakość/ Cena: Bardzo przystępna
Obsługa: Przyjazna
Głośność: Cicho
Jedzenie: Bardzo dobre
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Boon T.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
07.08.2017 09:25

Great view from the cafe. Not sure about other hours but it was not rowdy and very enjoyable experience. Food is great too. Had the sweet potato fries and grilled chicken chop.

Olivia N.
Liczba recenzji 2 6
30.06.2017 18:05

5 little sneaky monkeys have found the perfect, secret rooftop hideout. Such a lovely, spacious place overlooking the city! Peranakan food's awesome and reasonably priced too. Get the sambal prawns with petai and assam fish for a spicy yet satisfying meal!

Singyee Y.
Liczba recenzji 5 6
16.06.2017 06:51

The place is located at the top of the building with full length windows giving a nice clear view. The cafe is very spacious and clean as well!

Michele N.
Liczba recenzji 4 6
15.06.2017 06:35

Enjoyed myself; a quiet respite near CDB. I almost felt I got away from work. Food and drinks were value for money. Loved the grilled lemon fish

Yonatan N.
Liczba recenzji 2 4
11.08.2017 22:42

Communication skills by the two waiters there could be improved. Added more oysters for oyster omelette for $3 (told us about the additional charge only after the order was taken, just before it was served). The dish served was indeed containing a number of oysters but I am not sure how much oysters were really added since the amount of oysters just seemed normal. Omelette served was a tad too salty and had egg shells in them. Gave the feedback when paying and was told that we should have told them about this at first. So that's a heads up for others who are visiting to voice out your complaints early.

Chester C.
Liczba recenzji 1 5
09.04.2016 09:56

Good value meal, nice and quiet peaceful ambience. Would definitely go again. We had several dishes - Assam pedals fish, oyster omelette, curry chicken, chap Chye, otah. The otah was a set meal costing $6.50 for the otah and tea/coffee/juice(packet kind). The taste of otah wasn't really special, so I wouldn't recommend it. The oyster omelette was something new on their menu, and it was very, I mean extremely oily! Another no-no for me. The rest of the dishes were superb as always.

Wendy W.
Liczba recenzji 1 3
09.09.2016 17:07

Ambience was good as we had good city view. Food was disappointing though. Tried Peranakan dishes, spaghetti, pizza and chicken rice. The chicken curry still had some curds of excess coconut milk not mixed well. Chap Chye and Ayam Buah Keluak were ok. Spaghetti was chocolate colour. Pizza crust was pale yellow, instead of golden brown. Well, we were too hungry to bother much. Too out of the way and opening hours are limited, and food ain't anything to crow about. Don't think I'll patronise again.

Jerine Y.
Liczba recenzji 5 6
30.04.2016 11:48

the café is nice, cosy, quiet....is a nice café...for celebrating birthday with love one and friends. I will recommend my friend for this café, food is nice and reasonable, staff over there are nice and polite. Have a sweet memory there.

Aliferiel I.
Liczba recenzji 1 5
30.12.2016 00:37

The food and service were great! The wait staff was patient in taking our orders, as there were 15 of us in total. The peranakan dishes were delicious and we enjoyed every single bit. Thank you for having us at 5 little monkeys! We will definitely come back again.

Velda C.
Liczba recenzji 16 5
20.08.2016 11:44

Large quiet space with really good and value for money peranakan good. The matcha latte I had was lovely, with that tinge of bitter aftertaste that is not overwhelming. My only complain? If only they open on weekends so that I can try out their breakfast menu!

Amelia H.
Liczba recenzji 3 5
11.02.2017 07:45

Great views and very value for money food served! Thanks also for the special provisions put in place to accomodate our request! A good place to hang out w friends or even just to work! Will definitely be back!

Michele N.
Liczba recenzji 4 6
26.05.2017 18:29

Great place! Love their Grilled Lemon Fish and coffee was great! It was packed during lunch. Suggest placing reservations if you want to have seat for sure

Michelle C.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
24.04.2017 17:41

Lovely ambience - spacious, cheerful, natural, bright yet relaxing Food - succulent, perfect to the taste Staff - Friendly, helpful, warm & smiley Cleanliness - Clean

Leslie W.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
15.02.2017 21:43

Excellent Ambience and service. Food was above average. Coffee was good.the bill for our party of eight comes up to around SGD127. Good value for money.

Fiona A.
Liczba recenzji 3 6
24.03.2016 18:02

Smooth reservation and well greeted by name on arrival. Great ambience and spacious area. Will go again on Fridays since they have extended operation hours.

Derek W.
Liczba recenzji 1 5
08.05.2016 18:32

Pleasant & quiet ambience with nice views from the 11th floor. Peranakan food was value for money and not too spicy. Courteous and helpful staff. Will like to come back

Mabeline T.
Liczba recenzji 1 5
24.10.2016 09:13

Curry fishhead is relatively good. Worth to try. Ambient is good, although can be crowded but they have a big area. A good place to gather even during office hour.

May T.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
15.10.2016 14:42

Good ambience and good service by the staff. A very good food, definitely will come back again! Will try the western dishes next time :)

Shona T.
Liczba recenzji 1 5
12.04.2016 08:54

Lovely spacious cafe with nice views. Wide variety of choice on the menu, the food is always tasty too. Great place to go if there is a group of you.

Ai Kun T.
Liczba recenzji 2 4
07.04.2016 09:48

We tried the nyonya cuisine and they were quite good. It's spacious and staff are courteous. One negative point is that the carpark at the building is ridiculously expensive. We paid $9.50 to park for 1+ hours.

Liczba recenzji 1 5
09.07.2016 10:29

Cosy environment with good nice peranakan food! Service is good and price are very reasonable! Hope owner can consider to operate for dinner hours from Mon to Sat too!

Charlotte S.
Liczba recenzji 1 5
27.02.2016 03:45

Quiet and cozy. Love the ambiance, it's great for catching up with friends. Hope they open till late, have all day breakfast and more items on the menu.

Sabrina L.
Liczba recenzji 1 5
20.02.2017 12:18

Nice ambience and cozy place for a meal. Sambal prawn is good. Only thing is need to improve on deep fry food. Oil has to change more frequently.

Jolin L.
Liczba recenzji 1 5
14.10.2016 22:36

Good place for a gathering with a good view. Price is reasonable and best part is no additional cost. We enjoy our lunch there and will come again.

Candy G.
Liczba recenzji 2 4
11.03.2016 11:42

It is a good experience. Great for chatting with friends. Good Ambiance. Can be quite packed during lunch, making reservations is a good way to ensure seats. Seats by the window is nice.

Jolene K.
Liczba recenzji 2 4
28.07.2017 23:11

clean, spacious, good place to chill with friends, food portion is generous and tasty. I ordered the mangosteen and melon tea. Interesting and refreshing flavour! Will go well with the cakes and tarts.

Sunny P.
Liczba recenzji 2 5
21.05.2016 11:22

Easy to use app. Provide quite a fair bit of information with regards to the eatery. Most importantly it's easy to make reservation using this app.

Jy F.
Liczba recenzji 1 3
12.08.2016 08:56

Tried the peranakan food, beef rendang, assam fish and oyster omelette with rice/ achar . The fish was good, oyster omelette was ok. The beef redang was rather disappointing to me, it wasn't as rich and fragrant as I expected it to be.

Tan H.
Liczba recenzji 5 6
30.04.2016 12:39

This place always comes to my mind for Friday evening meetups. Nice view. Decent food. Very affordable prices. Very cheerful staff.

Jonathan L.
Liczba recenzji 3 5
21.05.2016 01:06

The place had a nice ambience and a quiet environment suitable for meet-ups. Food was good and at affordable prices, and service staff was friendly.

beavan c.
Liczba recenzji 1 5
20.05.2016 22:32

nice ambiance. lucky for us it's near our office. good place to work if they have wifi. food isn't terrific. coffee is rather nice :)

Chris K.
Liczba recenzji 1 4
08.11.2016 11:21

I'll prefer the food to be served hot. Otherwise the overall experience is good. Area is spacious and comfortable and the food is value for the money paid.

Muriel A.
Liczba recenzji 2 4
26.05.2017 19:03

Love the assam fish head curry here — perfect for rainy days! Be prepared to wait longer on rainy days as it can get extra crowded during lunch.

peck sim g.
Liczba recenzji 1 4
13.05.2016 18:52

Nice cosy place for lunch. We wanted some cakes but what's available were from the previous day. Would be great if there were fresh cakes daily.

Angeline O.
Liczba recenzji 1 4
17.05.2017 09:22

The cafe has a nice atmosphere n quiet ambience n a good view. Wonderful to be there. Food is nice too. Tks. Hope to visit again.

Jit Sun L.
Liczba recenzji 1 4
01.08.2017 19:26

The food can be more. Staff need training. coffee is nice beef stew is nice enviroment is nice the service is moderate not like expected.

Le Wei L.
Liczba recenzji 2 3
30.04.2016 20:49

Food was okay. If only the portion was more. Easy to locate the place. No get and service charges. Prices indicated are nett. Overall can give it a try

Peggy C.
Liczba recenzji 1 5
18.06.2016 16:49

Food is nice and price reasonable. A very good hangout place or gathering.