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W39 Bistro & Bakery

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W39 Bistro & Bakery, Jalan Mas Puteh 39, 128637 Singapore

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Menu bekijken

36 Beoordelingen

5.2 /6 Uitstekend 36 Beoordelingen
Service: Vriendelijk
Eten: Zeer smakelijk
Atmosfeer: Zeer aangenaam
Wachttijd: Kort
Geluidniveau: Rustig
Prijs-Kwaliteitverhouding: Gunstig
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1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
01.07.2017 23:32

Great service and great food with gd ambience. Love the decor interior ehich make me feel relax and comfy. Will come again with friends always

Mavic L.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
14.06.2017 23:47

We enjoyed our visit at this place. The ambience was good with all those stuffs that you can use for taking great pictures. The food setting also very nice but it was a bit pricey.

Kellene L.
4 beoordelingen tot nu toe 6
27.03.2017 07:36

Went there for pancakes and realised they don't have those anymore. Instead, we had a surprisingly good mee siam and nasi lemak! The mee siam gravy was so addictive and so good. Now I know where to go for my mee siam fix!

Ling Rong N.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
19.03.2017 22:47

Great food and awesome services. Very nice ambience too. Would love to go back but the location is not very convenient. Was there for their weekend brunch. Might go back for dinner and drinks some other time.

Clair Elaine Jerusha D.
3 beoordelingen tot nu toe 4
02.02.2017 09:56

We had a good set lunch at W39 Bistro and Bakery on the Friday before Chinese New Year. The soup portion served for the set lunch was rather small and the croutons were soggy when it got to us. But the soup was tasty enough but no bread roll and butter to go with it but that's okay. My main course of Confit of Chicken Leg was excellent and quite a surprise as I normally have Confit of Duck. There were however no carbs served with the confit but just a small portion of corn and beans with a few slices of radish in a cream base. I commented that there should have been a portion of mashed or boiled potatoes as the meal was not filling. My husband had the fish and chips which was good. The set came with a drink; I had ice lemon tea while my husband had hot earl grey tea which was served to him at the start of the meal rather than at the end. We ordered dessert separately as there was a 50% offer and the Ondeh-ondeh cake was both innovative and delicious. I was however really put off with the strong urinal stench in the toilet due to mere neglect to give the toilet bowl a good bleach. I would go back if they will improve on its condition as hygiene is very important especially in a dining environment.

Cindy C.
3 beoordelingen tot nu toe 5
04.04.2017 11:42

Food is good. Service is hit or miss. They recently changed their lunch menu, so there is no set lunch specials anymore. Only an $5 add on for soup and drink which isn't as affordable as before. Overall, a nice quiet place for lunch especially if you work in the Industrial areas around Pandan where the options are pretty limited.

Emi M.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
13.03.2017 02:22

I made a reservation on Thursday evening. It was not so crowded in the beginning but later in the evening, the place was quite full, so I recommend to make a reservation if you want to secure your seat. We liked the food. Portion is generous. Friendly place for casual dining. I will go there again.

Benjamin L.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
23.02.2017 22:27

Was a pleasant experience. Food was really good for its price and customer service was great. Knew it was me who made the reservation before I announced my name. Environment was nice and cozy, making a good place to have a chat or catch up.

Crystal S.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
26.02.2017 12:43

Amazingly fantastic!! Food was unexpectedly delicious and love the cosiness atmosphere with touches of vibrant Colours makes you feel delightful. Reminds me of a European cafe I visited during my London vacation. Will come back again 😁

Kay W.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
19.07.2017 08:33

Rather inaccessible but very lovely and quiet place. Staff were attentive and the food was great. Wished that the aglio oglio was more spicy though. I think the cakes were a miss for me - both the rainbow and ondeh ondeh flavour.

Sock Ling T.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
22.12.2016 09:21

W39 was a great find in this neck of woods. The set lunches were value for money and very delicious. I had the Pork Jowl and the meat was so tender and juicy. The Onde Onde cake was also rather unique.

Cindy C.
3 beoordelingen tot nu toe 6
19.12.2016 14:38

Cute little cafe tucked away in an otherwise industrial zone. The set lunches are reasonable but the ala carte prices are on the high side. Service is hit or miss depending...

Rufina L.
2 beoordelingen tot nu toe 6
19.12.2016 19:38

The food served was fast and the ambience is just fantastic really a very cosy place to have brunch catch up and feeling very relax! Recommended a must go to visit!

Jolynn C.
3 beoordelingen tot nu toe 5
16.03.2017 08:38

Not crowded at night. Tried the duck confit and it was nice but pricey. Its a good place to just chill with your friends. There will be a waitress walking around to refill your water.

Kelvin S.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
29.08.2016 13:59

Great coffee and ambience! Our family's favourite haunt for the moment. Try the Nasi Lemak and French Toast brunch menu items. Staff were also very accommodating and attentive.

Wah Chuen K.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
19.02.2017 07:45

Food was good although the chips tasted a little cardboard-like (could be the flavour of the chips?). Service was great and the staff accommodated our request to turn down the aircon even!

Charissa T.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
01.01.2017 17:31

Good ambience but variety of food is rather limited. The place is just like a hidden gem tucked in a corner of Jalan Mas Puteh road, overall I enjoyed myself dinning there.

Jeff W.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
05.11.2016 08:22

Good food and good environment. A nice place for gathering and meet up friends. Varieties choice of drink including beer, wine, cider, soft drink and coffee.

Michelle W.
2 beoordelingen tot nu toe 5
13.03.2017 07:34

We've had a pleasant dining experience at w39. Two thumbs up for the eggs ben! Will be back again to try other items on the brunch menu and for the cakes!

Shane L.
5 beoordelingen tot nu toe 6
23.08.2016 10:19

I've never thought there would be such a cool cafe hidden at clementi -food was great, service was great , the entire experience was great

Laura L.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
28.09.2016 09:22

Nice quiet place, great friendly staffs and awesome food! Will definitely recommend to friends and will be back to try other options on their menu.

Jackie L.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
30.10.2016 17:52

Great stuff and good ambience. All of us ordered the different set lunches. Best was the pork jus, fish n chips.. linguine with beef brisket was a tad disappointing though.

Renee J.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
25.12.2016 07:16

Food portion is good and Serving was fast. Good place for gathering. Good selection of dessert. Tried linguine and prawns were fresh. Love the chilli for the chicken wings.

Charles Z.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 3
15.02.2017 12:27

Service was okay (a little short handed on v day is understandable). But food standard has been in the decline during the last few years. Also, the menu seldom changes. More attention needs to be paid to the core which is the food and not the instagram-pretty stuff

Jia Ying N.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
02.05.2017 08:44

Confit of Duck Leg is good. Worth the money :) Nasi Lemak is not bad as well. But do note that nasi lemak is only available on weekends.

Jacquelyn T.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
11.05.2017 10:21

Small but cosy place. breakfast portion was big. their homemade bread was very nice! A-must-buy! price was satisfactory. value for money for the food and their portion.

Cassandra L.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
28.05.2017 12:52

The pan fried salmon and coffee was great and but the espresso ice cream which came with the waffles tasted more like shaved ice than ice cream.

Caelen L.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
08.11.2016 00:21

Good. Worth a revisit. Went during lunch hours not much of a crowd. Proportions for lunch sets are just right (depending how big an eater)

Roshe W.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
01.01.2017 12:50

Excellent service, great ambience! Pasta is good, pork loin cordon bleu a tad bit dry, PEM (passionfruit, elderflower, mint) tea is easy on the tongue.

Thomas C.
9 beoordelingen tot nu toe 5
14.07.2017 07:26

Food is good. Ambience is cosy and nice. However would prefer the music to be softer as it is difficult to hear my lunch partners.

Shining P.
4 beoordelingen tot nu toe 4
17.06.2017 17:17

Food was rather mediocre. A little too oily for the pork main with some salsa chips and bacon from hearty breakfasy was too hard even though 3 was given

Rachel G.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 4
17.01.2017 08:21

The service staff was friendly! However, although they are a pet friendly place, they did not take note of my puppy and did not give him water.

May G.
3 beoordelingen tot nu toe 4
10.07.2017 22:20

It's certainly a nice and cozy place, and staff are friendly. The food is good. Brought my colleagues there and they loved it. Thank you.

Denise O.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 3
10.06.2017 16:24

A usual Bistro place and A little over priced. Nothing to shout about. Should improve in food choice variety and also maybe seating to accommodate more diners.