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Praelum Wine Bistro
4 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089590

Menu highlights




with fried leeks, tomato-basil, apple-pineapple chutney
$ 27,00


chipotle rub, mango relish
$ 22,00



with crème fraîche, roma tomatoes, basil & parmesan
$ 20,00



pastry wrap, dill-tarragon butter, wholegrain mustard
$ 35,00


root vegetables, forest mushrooms, mash
$ 35,00



fresh cream
$ 15,00


with hazelnut ice cream
$ 17,00


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124 Reviews
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Louis L.4 dagen geleden · 1 review

Amazing place. The Sommelier is very knowledgeable, and the salmon is good. The people serving are friendly, but unfortunately, the Enomatic wine dispenser isn’t operating. I was there to actually have a look at the wine dispenser. Despite that, it is still an amazing place to chill.

Jessi C.één maand geleden · 3 reviews

Very nice wine collection and knowledgeable, helpful staff. Gerald knows his stuff and he’s a nice story teller! Great experience!! Food is good but quality fluctuate from time to time. Overall, pleasant experience!!

Yao Wen H.één maand geleden · 4 reviews

Came here on a date with wife. Food is good value for money and staff are very attentive. There is also a good selection of wine for wine lovers.

Yvonne L.2 maanden geleden · 1 review

Praelum is a great wine bar and served decent food. We were recommended different types of wine and it was lovely. I would happily return and bring friends.

Shi Hui L.één jaar geleden · 1 review

Ordered an appetizer, two mains, a dessert and two drinks. Our appetizer was served to the table next to ours before the customers commented they didnt order that particular dish. It was then sent to our table. After a long wait, my pork ribs came,without the garlic mash i ordered. Beef cheeks arrived but actually we ordered steak. Our steak order was sent to us a while later.After the mains,we asked for dessert to be served. Thought it was strange to be given a clean set of fork and knife for a creme brulee. I joked that maybe they will serve us the wrong dessert, perhaps key lime pie as that was probably the harder texture dessert that requires knife. True enough,waitress came with key lime pie. We alerted them about the wrong dessert served and they decided to give us the key lime pie complimentary,on top of the creme brulee which will be served. When bill came,credit card for palate dining was given but was not automatically 50% off. We informed the waiter and problem was rectified. I enjoyed the complimentary bread,calamari as well as the recommended drink (i like sweet alcohol). Complimentary dish was a nice way of saving the day but I wish there werent so many cockups.

"Heel goed"5/6
Ying Hui Q.2 jaar geleden · 15 reviews

Excellent food (we had the lamb and angus steak) and fantastic friendly people as always :) also we had the key lime pie which wasn't fantastic but was still a good end to the meal. One thing to note: we used the entertainer app, which at Praelum covers almost everything in the menu. So do take note that desserts are considered in the same category as mains and thus the cheapest item (usually the dessert) will be free. Order two mains if you wish to take full advantage of the promo :) Thanks Praelum for always delivering a satisfying meal.

"Heel goed"5/6
Adele C.3 jaar geleden · 7 reviews

My partner and I had the pork parcels and salmon en-croute. The food was well-executed and unique. I personally felt that a little side salad would have given the dishes some balance and improved their overall presentation (they looked a little bare). On a random note, we noticed that the price difference between the menus in the restaurant and the one displayed on their website had price differences of about $10+ per dish. This is quite a jump and should be updated. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my meal here and recommend this place even for those who are not wine lovers.

Eugene S.één jaar geleden · 2 reviews

I had an enjoyable evening here. I was served excellent wines for my flight of 5, with each wine very different from each other, with its own distinct character. I also ordered pork parcels, which coincidentally (or not), came between my first 2 wines (a prosecco and a Pouilly-Fume) and paired very well with both wines. Service was excellent and staff were knowledgeable about their wines too. Definitely a great place for even beginners to learn more about the wines out there.

Eloise P.2 jaar geleden · 1 review

A bit disappointed by my last visit at Praelum. they didn't have the wine we wanted and only had more expensive ones to suggest, main courses all came at different times (there were 6 of us), and side dishes arrived late, once everyone had finished their food. some main dishes (such as lamb ribs) are very small for the price tag. the manager saw we were disappointed by the dishes arriving at different time and too late and nicely gave us free deserts (good commercial gesture that you rarely see in Singapore). overall experience: food is pretty good and place is chilled, but a bit pricey for some dishes and service can be improved.

Daryl L.één jaar geleden · 3 reviews

Nice cozy wine place which serve good food & good wines. Gerald the sommelier there was patient in selecting and recommending wines to us based on our preference. His vast knowledge on wines had made the evening not only a wonderful dining experience but also a good learning experience. I would definitely recommend this place to those who want to learn more about wines and taste good wines by the glass at reasonable prices!