♫ Oh girls just want to have... ♬

A Girls' Night Out in Hong Kong

♀ Sorry, guys, not tonight!

Harbour views or skyline bar? Fine dining or clubs and cocktails? Hong Kong offers some of the coolest nightspots you’ll ever encounter. Get your best girlfriends together for a ladies’ night out at one (or two, or five) of the cities’ best hotspots with great food and exciting drinks. Stylish bar, lovely restaurant or chill café – you name it – this Collection puts the best venues for a girl’s night out in Hong Kong proudly front and center. Get dolled up and paint the town red!
  • La Paloma

    Sai Ying Pun
    5.1 /6 Uitstekend 198 Beoordelingen
  • TokyoLima

    5.0 /6 Uitstekend 180 Beoordelingen
  • Ciao Chow

    4.3 /6 Heel goed 19 Beoordelingen
  • Moi Moi

    4.7 /6 Uitstekend 45 Beoordelingen
  • Maison ES

    Wan Chai
    4.6 /6 Uitstekend 39 Beoordelingen
  • Shore

    4.2 /6 Heel goed 61 Beoordelingen
  • Djiboutii

    Wan Chai
    4.7 /6 Uitstekend 3 Beoordelingen
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