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Super Loco - Robertson Quay

Robertson Quay Messicano $$$ +100
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Orari di apertura

  • Lunedì 17:00 - 00:00
  • Martedì 17:00 - 00:00
  • Mercoledì 17:00 - 00:00
  • Giovedì 17:00 - 00:00
  • Venerdì 17:00 - 00:00
  • Sabato 10:00 - 15:30, 17:00 - 00:00
  • Domenica 10:00 - 15:30, 17:00 - 00:00
Super Loco - Robertson Quay, 60 Robertson Quay, 1- 13, 238252 Singapore

Visualizza il Dinner Menu

Check out Super Loco Robertson Quay Dinner Menu here!
Monday to Friday - 5pm onwards
Saturday & Sunday - 5pm onwards

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Check out Super Loco Robertson Quay Brunch Menu here!
Saturday and Sunday - 10am to 3:30pm

95 Recensioni

5.0 /6 Eccellente 95 Recensioni
Rumore: tranquillo
Qualità/Prezzo: economico
Servizio-Personale: amichevole
Atmosfera: eccellente
Tempo d'attesa: nessuna attesa
Cibo: delizioso
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Evelyn Y.
1 recensione finora 6
13.08.2017 13:45

Great food and nice ambience. Most importantly it is a dog friendly restaurant

Reka S.
1 recensione finora 6
05.08.2017 18:17

Fabulous hideout to chill out at or 'fiesta' with my friends. Great food, amazing cocktails and prompt service! Try the pina calamansi and tacos here.

Shweta G.
2 recensioni finora 6
02.08.2017 07:33

Great food. Amazing ambience and immaculate service ad usual! The Sangria is fruitalicious and the food is fantastic. My favourite has always been the Corn!

Josie C.
1 recensione finora 6
31.07.2017 19:05

Perfectly located in the restaurant as requested on my booking notes. Lovely meal, lovely staff and lovely restaurant spot. Highly recommended and will be a return customer.

Maxime E.
2 recensioni finora 5
03.06.2017 09:19

Very good food, good location. Drinks are a bit overpriced but good choice of various cocktails and beers. Staff is generally friendly but rather arrogant. 1 staff was terrible: He did not get my order, had to repeat 2 times, and he still brought me the wrong dish. When i told him and requested what it was (mostly if it was pork) he told me: "yeah but you like it, right, so what??" And left! No excuse, no apologies for bringing the wrong dish (supposedly vegetarian & this 1 was meat!) and no explanation to what is in the plate... rude, arrogant and useless. We avoided him afterwards!

Vidya S.
1 recensione finora 4
05.07.2017 09:59

The food is good but the service could be better. Most of their staff are friendly but very slow in their service. The lady who handled our bill settlement was very upset that we Split the bill payment with multiple credit cards - although we were a big group and had a fat bill to settle! Service means a lot in a restaurant to make it a wholesome enjoyable experience for customers even though the food & location are great! I hope they will take this feedback into account and work on improving their service.

Vanessa Q.
2 recensioni finora 4
23.01.2017 15:01

Super Loco has a great location and vibe about it. We booked in for lunch on a Sunday at 1pm. The only reason I've given it a 4 and not a 5 is because they only had their all day brunch menu. I was actually expecting that they would have both the all day brunch menu but also the usual menu. The pulled pork burger was not bad but it would probably be the corn chips and churros and will make me go back!

Devin K.
1 recensione finora 5
09.05.2017 07:20

Good was good. Service people did a nice job of taking care of us. Sitting next to a hoarding in a closed off courtyard was a bit off-putting. The lighting was bad and it made the management seem greedy for using space not meant for diners. That said, it was Cinco de Mayo so getting any seat at all in a Mexican place was okay.

Vi S.
1 recensione finora 4
19.03.2017 18:08

Location and ambience is great. The service is good too, just had a few issues when we tried to pay separately as we could only split the bill four ways. I ordered the zucchini and corn fritters and was a bit disappointed. The fritters were very dry and there could have been more watercress on the plate. It was generally a small serving for the cost in my opinion. The passionfruit and mint mocktail was very good though.

Yanti Y.
6 recensioni finora 5
13.02.2017 17:21

When we go to the restaurant, I showed my Quandoo reservation from my app and the lady directed us to our table. The service was good and the servers are attentive to our needs. The food was so authentic and delicious. Will come back again for the good food and good service.

Rawdah J.
1 recensione finora 6
13.01.2017 22:40

It was good. Service staff was attentive despite the busy place. However, the smell of cigarette smoke from the smokers near the river is rather strong. So, request for a table inside if you're sensitive to the smell or if you're with kids.

wee y.
1 recensione finora 6
24.02.2017 08:57

Have actually made a reservation for my boss and our guests. Making reservation was very easy and convenient. Feedback received from them that all the foods they ordered were all good! Overall they enjoyed their visit at Super Loco!

Danisha L.
1 recensione finora 5
08.05.2017 15:08

The food was good and the atmosphere was nice as well, with friendly staff. The only issue was that our seating was indoors and the aircon wasn't strong enough to be felt from our seats. So after a while it was quite hard to feel ventilation.

Susan H.
1 recensione finora 5
28.03.2017 23:38

It was my first visit and the ambience was good. Though it's could be hard to find with the hoarding put up around the restaurant due to renovations. Suitable for hanging out with friends. Food was tasty and servers were able to recommend dishes for sharing.

Evelyn Q.
1 recensione finora 5
12.06.2017 00:43

Good food, especially the main slice beef dish! Some dishes are a tad salty, which is subjective. Service was excellent but the acoustic was pretty bad, too loud for a meal, especially when you have a bunch of diners laughing loudly at the indoor dining area.

Leisha K.
1 recensione finora 6
17.04.2017 09:44

Food was excellent, service was great. Just wished the server could have highlighted the pricing of the food when we ordered for a group of 6, as we thought the serving was for 6 and not 1.

Thamonpat K.
2 recensioni finora 6
27.06.2017 08:55

Great Mexican Street foods , cocktails selection is awesome and fun vibrant. Staff was very helpful. I was there on Friday evening and it was super busy, so I recommend you book a table in advance.

Cherie C.
3 recensioni finora 6
15.07.2017 01:42

Food was great! My second time there.. ambience was great as well. Went there at night and seated beside the walking pavement, it was cooling. Overall experience is awesome and would love be there again!

Kevin L.
2 recensioni finora 5
07.12.2016 21:16

Portions are great, taste is on point. Only complain is that the place is rather noisy, so it might not be an ideal location for a romantic date. Oh yes just to add on, dress comfortably as the restaurant is open air.

Nicolas P.
1 recensione finora 4
27.12.2016 23:11

Love the food (great tacos in particular) but subpar service today, not much care and attention, incl. spilling sangria on me, bringing frozen not on the rocks margarita, and saying no to bringing another basket of chips "because there's only one in the set menu" (we could have paid for it...)

Sarah D.
1 recensione finora 6
28.06.2017 14:07

Great service, experience (they greet you Hola when they come by your table)and ambience, food was not fab though. They do not charge service charge so tip generously as service was top notch.

joanna c.
2 recensioni finora 6
12.04.2017 16:17

very satisfied with the food and experience. the staff is always on hand to assists and the food is amazing as usual. special mention for the bdae song played by the staff.

Scott B.
2 recensioni finora 6
13.02.2017 08:34

Good restaurant to have business dinner. Super Loco is a great spot for those who love Mexican street food. They have an extensive menu of great and tasty tacos as a specialty.

Deborah O.
1 recensione finora 6
18.06.2017 18:17

Fantastic place for brunch with the family and young kids. Food is amazing and service was really good. Very attentive wait staff who are very sympathetic to the needs of young kids.

ellen h.
1 recensione finora 3
26.04.2017 08:29

I've been to Super Loco Customs House and loved it. So I thought I'd get the same great experience in the Robertson Quay branch. Unfortunately not. Service was slow and inattentive. We had to try to catch the waiters' attentive all the time. Guacamole portion was stingy and lacked taste. The suckling pig main was oily, very fat with barely any meat. Overall disappointing.

Uma M.
1 recensione finora 6
16.05.2017 17:50

Fantastic food and service. There were enough vegetarian options to cater to almost anyone with dietary restrictions. Staff gave very constructive food suggestions which is useful for first time visitors.

Xinyun L.
1 recensione finora 5
07.07.2017 04:04

Been back a couple of times now. Great food (especially the esquites - grilled corn), great location and ambience. Some of the staff are really attentive while others sometimes seem pretty arrogant. Will come back.

Punitha G.
2 recensioni finora 6
18.03.2017 17:11

Excellent service! Fabulous food! My third time this year and many more to come! Authentic mexican food - the margaritas and tostidoes and corn and tacos are all fantastic.

Anna Y.
1 recensione finora 6
10.06.2017 22:27

Want something different for brunch? This place is laid-back and refreshing. Good for family and a lazy Saturday morning. Service is really good. Waiters got a sense of humor.

Jean W.
1 recensione finora 6
17.04.2017 09:06

Food and Service good! Love the ambience too! Only small issue was the aircon inside was a tad warm. The toddlers were cranky due to feeling hot and perspiring.

Alix B.
1 recensione finora 6
01.04.2017 11:42

Lovely atmosphere, great music and decorations to take some nice Instagram photos :) Very kind and helpful staff and amazing Margaritas, the Frozen Mango Margarita is a must try!

1 recensione finora 6
16.02.2017 15:37

The best Mexican place that you can find in Singapore! Great food and superb service. It's great place to hangout with friends. Sunday brunch and margaritas are highly recommended!

Rowena S.
1 recensione finora 6
18.01.2017 16:13

It was a very easy reservation process. And my friends were very happy with Super Loco and said they will be back. The staff took good care of us!

Rahul B.
1 recensione finora 5
12.02.2017 16:05

Wonderful atmosphere and friendly staff. Saturday evening tends to be busy, so book beforehand and be patient with a few minutes wait for the food. Nice short menu and great drinks options. Loved it!

Linda S.
1 recensione finora 6
25.04.2017 08:29

Might not be authentic Mexican, but still good food/flavors. Been there twice for brunch & once for dinner, was not disappointed at any time. Good service. Easy reservations.

Ashley C.
1 recensione finora 6
28.06.2017 08:34

Great food as always but too terribly noisy and music was a little loud, many kids running around unsupervised by parents who didn't bother. Will still be back.

Elizabeth S.
1 recensione finora 6
25.03.2017 00:13

Food was good. They had a good selection of vegetarian and gluten free dishes which is a welcome change. The variety of tequila on offer was great !

Peri K.
1 recensione finora 6
24.03.2017 12:12

Great service and great ambience! It is a nice place to really just chill and relax. Nothing more to say. Just meeting the minimum number of words now

Edward W.
1 recensione finora 5
03.04.2017 21:11

Delicious food, good service. But no air con so could be a bit warm. We had the 4 course set meal for a party of 14 and the food was more than enough.

Jennifer W.
1 recensione finora 3
21.06.2017 08:23

They lead us to a not so good table while there are plenty unoccupied table in the restaurant, then what is the purpose to make a reservation? Reject the chip and salsa if you don't really want it, they serve it without informing you it is chargeable even thought you did not make an order.

Shervon L.
1 recensione finora 4
03.01.2017 14:40

The food was amazing - very fresh and flavourful! I would return again just for the food, albeit it was on the slightly pricey side. Service, however, could have been better. Staff could be more attentive and attend to customers faster.

Maria H.
1 recensione finora 6
24.07.2017 20:27

It is an awesome place for group dinning! Especially for a celebration as it is great fun. Really yummy food and drinks too. Definitely going back soon!

Lisa M.
2 recensioni finora 6
16.02.2017 07:21

Excellent service, amazing food (especially the corn!) and reasonably priced. The restaurant has a lovely atmosphere. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good Mexican restaurant!

3 recensioni finora 6
26.06.2017 09:26

Service was great and food arrived very quickly. Also very happy to see that this restaurant was pet-friendly and we will be back soon with our doggo!

Daniel H.
1 recensione finora 4
16.02.2017 22:08

They made a mistake on the bill and when we asked them about it they revised the bill up, even though it was a small amount of the total bill. Not a very pleasant way to end a good meal.

Melissa L.
2 recensioni finora 6
07.04.2017 10:07

Excellent food w excellent service! The staff helped us out with a birthday celebration and it exceeded our expectations - will definitely be back one day!

Andree s.
1 recensione finora 6
20.03.2017 21:01

Fantastic margaritas, chips, salsa, guac, quesadillas and artichoke. I am sure other items on the menu were equally delish, but we were to full to try!

Himanshu G.
1 recensione finora 5
31.07.2017 02:03

Great location, attentive staff, decent food (a bit pricey when u see the portion size though). It's crowded, so reserve ahead and you should be good. Many choices for Vegetarians too.

Jessica W.
1 recensione finora 5
21.12.2016 23:41

Great attentive service. Helpful staff. Delicious food. Loved the al pastor tacos and lamb quesadillas. Pricing was not cheap but reasonable especially for quality Mexican food in singapore. Will be back.

Weisi C.
1 recensione finora 6
14.01.2017 10:08

Great service and food! The waiter was knowledgeable and took care asking about any dietary restrictions. The ambience was conducive for social gatherings among friends