Eat with altitude

Dine With A View In Singapore

We searched high and low for the peak performing restaurants with a view in Singapore

And these are the ones that came out on top. Dining with altitude is easy when you look up at the city's spectacular skyline. We've made it easy on your neck and found the best restaurants in Singapore with a view. And made it even easier to book them. Scope out these eateries that match cosmopolitan cuisine with panoramic prospects.
People fill their lives with stuff to feel better – a new car, bigger house, golden iPad – but any good doctor knows there are two foolproof antidotes for any ailment: good food and fresh air. Using amazing views as proverbial fresh air, Quandoo has a two-in-one tonic with these amazing Singapore restaurants with a view.

If you’re more of a view to killer hits to your taste buds than just a feast for your eyes only then don’t worry, these places prioritise superb dining first – they just have envious views for good measure. All the time in the world is not enough to bore of observing people scurry from high above, but watching the sky fall into dusk throws an entirely different light over Singapore, creating unforgettable views.

We know that tomorrow never dies, but such a Singapore sunset scene would be a fitting finale should the living daylights fail to break the next day – though when they inevitably do there’s no better setting to watch the city wake up than on a restaurant terrace with delicious food and superb views, where you just feel good to live and let diverse tastes, textures and traditions that define Singapore’s unique culinary scene combine with an enthralling urban panorama – ‘oh Lordie another day in paradise!’

Whether a first-time visitor or a local facing the spectre of a gruelling work week, we’ve got you covered. Diamonds are forever the measure for excellence but you don’t need to splash out to dine with a view in Singapore – from casual rooftop bars to fine-dining restaurants issuing a licence to Kilpatrick oysters and caviar, there is something to suit every budget here.

You’ll find revolving restaurants or music lounges, ethically-conscious American grills where pigs roasting on the barbecue only live twice as well as your average hog, seaside spots with scintillating seafood, perhaps even a chef from Russia with lovely takes on classical Slavic cuisine – whatever the style, these Singapore restaurants all have one thing in common: incredible views. Enjoy.
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