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The Mind Cafe (Dhoby Ghaut)

Dhoby Ghaut咖啡廳
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The Mind Cafe (Dhoby Ghaut)
60A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188664

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1,070 The Mind Cafe (Dhoby Ghaut) Reviews

1,070 項評論
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Tang Y.neljä päivää sitten · 1評論

there were plenty of games and the food choices are a lot and very nice!! the prices were okay and the games were fun !!

Anne-Maëlle B.viisi päivää sitten · 1評論

Staff is very helpful and always explain and advice for new games. Packages with free flow snacks and beverages are a good value. Can be a little noisy. Overall very satisfied

Xin Yi T.kuusi päivää sitten · 1評論

great environment, not too cramped! the staff there are also very friendly and helpful. they would guide the customers when we are unsure of the game instructions and rules. there's also free flow drinks and snacks, and a whole variety of those to choose from! overall highly recommended :)

Wendy L.yhdeksän päivää sitten · 1評論

Best & Cosy place for friends gathering. The staff was very friendly and patience to teach. Location is great too. Will intro friends to go infuture.

Madeline H.kaksi vuotta sitten · 4評論

My reservation was at 4pm. Went there but had to wait for almost 40mins because according to them, the previous customers refused to leave. They served us well in the 40mins that we waited, by giving us free titbits and chairs for us to sit and wait. They also sounded nice and apologetic. We thought the service was pretty sincere and good at that time. We finally went in at around 440pm. Had to say, service by the staff was really good in the few hours that we were playing the games. They were patient with our food or drink refill requests and nice and friendly in the coaching of the games. However, at the end of the session, our impression of the cafe changed. We took the 4 hour package so we assumed the games would end at about 845pm. While we were playing the last round of our game at around 830-840pm, someone came to rush us several times to leave (not just to finish up the game). We repeatedly told them that all we needed was a short while more to finish up. We were playing saboteur (those who know the game would know this game wouldn't drag on and on because we have no more cards left to draw and the table was already full of what we have 'built'). We merely needed like a few more mins to finish up the game and this was communicated twice or thrice to the same staff who came many times to ask us to pack up. He told us that he went to ask his manager but we had already exceeded 6mins of grace period (and so we had to pack up immediately). Not even sure how the grace period was calculated because we actually went in at around 440pm after a 40mins wait?! We were shocked because there were many other empty tables around, and we already wasted almost 40mins earlier just waiting for a table (that we had booked). We felt that they were being too calculative on the extra few minutes we needed to finish up the game (especially when there were lots of empty tables nearby). Btw, we are not too sure if it's the same Filipino looking guy (perhaps the 'manager' mentioned by the staff) who served us earlier and who had gotten his staff to rush us off. Would say that we were really turned off by what happened. We're happy with the previous few times we went but this time round it was really quite a disappointing experience. Don't think we would go back to the cafe again.

mariya p.kaksi vuotta sitten · 2評論

There are plenty of fun games but some of them are in a different language or with missing instructions or with missing parts. I often find parts of certain games in the wrong box. The atmosphere is cosy and pleasant especially at the private couch area. The staff need to be more flexible if asked to split the bill or to reprint a receipt if you want to be a member after they have explained to you that you can be a member after they are the ones who printed the receipt. The food is tasteless but that is not so important as it is mostly a cafe. The staff should politely ask people to take care of the games and put them back the way they found them and maybe put signs about it. I always have fun at the mind cAfe but there are some things which if improved can attract and retain more customers.

Aishah A.kaksi vuotta sitten · 1評論

Reserved for 4 and table given was so small. We had to place our drinks on the floor while playing. We ordered for the free flow snacks for 3 hrs. Some staff had no initiative and were reluctant to help us top up our snacks and drinks. In the end, we had to help ourselves. And when we did, the staff were unhappy with it and that we were taking too much. Since we have already ordered for free flow as published on their menu, why are we still being limited to a quantity? Also, we chose a game that we did not understand and asked for help from one of the staff. He dismissed us by saying that he did not know how to play the game too and that another staff that knew, was not working on that day. He left us as it is and we had to google to figure out how to play the game. Me and my friends were shocked at the service given to us. Understand that there is a crowd, but is it not common sense to increase your manpower during peak hours, especially on weekends? We were very much disappointed with our visit. Our bill totaled to $70 for 4 in 3hrs, this is quite pricey since most of their customers are student-aged.

Ying L.vuosi sitten · 1評論

Overall is a good place to have fun with your friends. A big table can squeeze 10 people. Something that they can improve on is the food. I had bake rice and it's average. Hope that it can be better to enhance the dinning experience. The drink selection is good enough. There's coffee and tea, and the usual ice tea and soft drinks. The washroom can be improve too. Should update the washroom....haha. Other then that, the lighting is warm and the game selection is really wide. Too bad we dont know how to play and we just want to play fast game as we couldn't stay for long. Spent around 3 hours there. Staff were friendly despite being busy and very helpful too. Will visit again.

Whe How L.kaksi vuotta sitten · 3評論

Service there was EXCELLENT!! Food is AMAZING!!! Great atmosphere and best of all, the package that Mind Cafe have is really really affordable. This is the reasons why more people should check out this place as it has not just a wide range of board games available but the many different promotions at different days which are guaranteed to make you come back for more. However it can get abit loud when groups of people come, as they may shout and scream which is still fairly understandable as its a big group. Overall AMAZING EXPERIENCE, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 10/10.

Audrey H.kaksi kuukautta sitten · 1評論

Our family of 4, with 2 big teenage boys went to the MIND cafe for the first time and all of us enjoyed. The young staff are friendly and helpful. They know the rules and how to play for every board ganes which amazed us. The cafe also has the flexibility to allow us to select a package and decide at a later stafe if we want to upgrade. This is fantastic! Slightly pricy but the free flow drinks and tibits have great varieties to select from. Overall great experience.

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