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5.4 /6 極好 86 篇食評

Lewin Terrace

City Hall 創意料理 $$$$ +100
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  • 星期一 休息
  • 星期二 18:30 - 23:00
  • 星期三 12:00 - 14:00, 18:30 - 23:00
  • 星期四 12:00 - 14:00, 18:30 - 23:00
  • 星期五 12:00 - 14:00, 18:30 - 23:00
  • 星期六 12:00 - 14:00, 18:30 - 23:00
  • 星期日 12:00 - 14:00, 18:30 - 23:00
Lewin Terrace, Lewin Terrace, Fort Canning Park 21, 179290 Singapore

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86 篇食評

5.4 /6 極好 86 篇食評
聲量: 非常靜
食物質素: 我在天堂嗎?
等候時間: 沒有等候時間
抵食程度: 抵食
服務質素: 非常友善
環境: 非常舒服
44 6
33 5
6 4
1 3
2 2
0 1
Mariko K.
目前為2 篇食評 6
04.01.2017 23:44

It was our first visit and we were pleasantly greeted by the staff when we finally reached the restaurant. The ambience and food was great, but overall, it was the service of the staffs that truely made our dining a memorable experience.

Elizabeth T.
目前為1 篇食評 6
27.08.2016 17:02

Excellent service, food quality was great. Went for a birthday celebration and they even added in an instant photo of us with our dessert platter in a photo frame! Pleasantly surprised. Highly recommend for birthday dinners or for any romantic occasions.

Jimmy L.
目前為1 篇食評 6
19.09.2016 01:03

We had a great experience celebrating our 4th Anniversary there. Food was great and the service was excellent. The place is just too beautiful to be explained in plain words. It takes one to be there to see it for him/herself.

目前為2 篇食評 5
03.09.2016 11:14

The food and services are excellent. The restaurant staff are friendly and make you a homely environment. They do give you a fantastic service through out the dining experience. The quality of food and wine that paired up with the dishes are definitely make you to come back.

Zack N.
目前為2 篇食評 6
31.12.2016 17:44

Customer service excellent ! Every dish was explained to you on clear details on how it was done and also the ingredients used. Nice cosy environment with a great location. Parking is easy. Will definitely come back again !

Misuzu S.
目前為1 篇食評 5
15.10.2016 11:19

was wonderful peaceful lunch I had.it would be good if guests are well protected from mosquitos when sitting outside. also it maybe good if we can have more ranges of courses in price starting bit smaller and cheaper. Tea inclusion will be good after couse menu.

Yi L.
目前為1 篇食評 6
02.08.2016 10:58

This is one of few restaurants which deserve the prices listed on their menu. Very comfortable environment, delicate food, plus professional service. What else do you expect for? A good choice for the lunch/dinner on a big day.

Al Hakim H.
目前為2 篇食評 6
27.07.2016 04:37

Food great, ambiance awesome, staff very friendly. The only drawback is that you need to take steep stairs to the restaurant which means taking older poeple will be difficult and also what happen if it rains hard?

Colin C.
目前為8 篇食評 5
17.06.2016 18:06

Lovely ambience of the beautiful colonial black-and-white, coupled with attentive service and beautifully presented food that tasted good. The 3-course lunch is perfect in terms of portion size to avoid the post-lunch food coma, and yet good enough to satisfy the stomach.

Mandy C.
目前為2 篇食評 6
15.10.2016 12:56

We went during weekday for lunch. The restaurant is nicely located and lush greenery views. Great ambience, service and impeccable food. Lunch sets are value for money. Recommended for special occasions or business lunch.

Sabrina S.
目前為2 篇食評 5
07.12.2016 14:59

The menu changes regularly and we went on the first day of a new menu. The serve staff were still very knowledgeable in describing the dishes, no need to check with chef. Food was excellent, ambience was excellent. Overall fantastic.

joe k.
目前為3 篇食評 5
24.01.2017 18:56

Great ambience, food and service. Defintely a must go for special romantic occasion. The service staff was friendly though one explanation of the food was not too clear but the head chef was kind to met you at your table.

Yi shan A.
目前為1 篇食評 5
15.10.2016 11:28

Food was really good and the service was impeccable. Celebrated a birthday there and they helped us to take a photo + framed it as a gift! Parking was free as well. However, it was slightly on the pricey side.

Patrick D.
目前為2 篇食評 6
28.08.2016 23:34

We had a wonderful time. The service was discreet and effective, the food was excellent and the setting is beautiful for a nice and qiet lunch or dinner. I will definitely come back.

Tres P.
目前為1 篇食評 5
14.12.2016 23:24

Great value set lunch . Restaurant is Set in the green lung of spore at fort canning . beautifully plated good food , warm and attentive service. Perfect location for a lunch meeting or a get together with friends.

Renee Y.
目前為4 篇食評 6
25.12.2015 03:19

I had a great Xmas eve dinner with superb food and excellent prompt service. There was no need for my hands to be raised at all. Lovely ambience, a lovely evening.

Oscar B.
目前為1 篇食評 6
03.01.2017 14:01

This is a nice cafe with the beautiful house. Clear and bright interior, with very good service. Foods are quite delicious. Quiet place where is easy to talk with friend.

Victor A.
目前為1 篇食評 6
15.02.2017 12:36

Lovely place for a romantic dinner. Great service, amazing food, beautiful atmosphere . We really liked the menu and the staff was very kind and helpful. The cocktails are amazing

Mina H.
目前為1 篇食評 2
27.10.2016 13:17

I have to say I am dissappointed in service. Course is around 120 dolars or 180 dollars for dinner which we usually require a good service. Firstly bread is served with amazingly hot stones in a small intransparent bag. Staff never mentioned to be careful, so I burned my fingers touching a hot stone. They just left some bread and they somehow took away butter. Also, no asking for more bread. Even though food was not bad (I prefer lunch here), their services made me feel awkward to enjoy there.

Abel T.
目前為1 篇食評 6
30.08.2016 08:13

Great food, taste excellent and look like arts. Service is excellent, with staff carefully and professionally explaining the dish. Great ambience for business discussion. Will bring all my guests again.