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4.6 /6 Excellent 138 Avis

Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria - CHIJMES

City Hall Steakhouse $$$ +100
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Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria - CHIJMES, Victoria Street 30, 187996 Singapore

138 Avis

4.6 /6 Excellent 138 Avis
Qualite/Prix: Raisonnable
Temps D'Attente: Pas de temps d'attente
Service/Personnel: Amical
Ambiance: Bonne
Bruit: Calme
Nourriture: Délicieuse
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Normando Enrique I.
5 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
28.07.2017 14:12

First time we visited the place in March 2016 and it was a reservation for 10 people. We had a lovely dinner that night and we expended a wonderful time. The service impacted a lot on us and we decided to visit for a second time on the same March 2016. This is one of the places that when you arrive to it, its natural and fresh environment invites you to spend a pleasant time in company of family and friends

Erlin R.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
26.06.2017 15:04

Service and staff were awesome! My first experience and I was treating my gf to her first birthday surprise dinner. She loved it too! The buffet needs some improvement though. It was not tht appetizing but the meats are amazingly good. Will definitely come again!

Ker-Zhing L.
3 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
04.04.2017 11:42

The waiters are really friendly and attentive which make the services good. The food is great and I was lucky to get to try their cheese bread which is chewy and yummy especially when it was being served warm. This place is awesome for meat lovers and not forgetting it has a nice ambience.

Wendy T.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
22.01.2017 08:46

Service are good and the food is great. The ambience was nice too as it's not so noisy and conversation can be carry out without needing to shout. What I liked was their cheese bread ..it's chewy and yummy. Great for friends gathering and who love meat alot.

Greg K.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
03.02.2016 08:06

Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria at Chijmes was a great night. The quality of food was fantastic. The meat was flavorsome and tender. The accompanying salad bar had a wide variety of sides of complimentary dishes. We had three children with us which would normally make the night out quite expensive, however children under 5 years old were free and older children less than half price. This make the night quite inexpensive. The service was professional and efficient.

ryan s.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
29.02.2016 12:14

Good eating experience. My friend's first time and he enjoyed it. Good selection of meat. Having more fans outside would help though. Was very humid at night. Waiters could be more attentive to topping up of water. There were very few patrons at the time i went. Yet the wait staff weren't attentive to things like that.

Celeste P.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
17.06.2015 15:46

Definitely 2 thumbs up and highly recommended. Non-stop pouring of steak .. definitely will come back again given a chance. I just wish that they put back the buffet promo they have during lunch time, where it used to be in Carnivore Marina Square.

Ian D.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 3
01.03.2017 08:36

Couldn't tell the waiters apart from the customers. No uniform and no name tags. There is no happy hour on the drinks, although one pint is not too expensive Wine is very very expensive, which is a waste because it would complement the meat much better. We ended up not having wine but beer. Lessens the experience. Finally, seasoning for the meat did not penetrate hence the outer part was very salty but the meat itself bland. All in all, a rather mediocre experience for the price.

Ronny Johan S.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
14.02.2016 19:03

Big thanks to Carnivore and Romel for making our wedding party to a great event! The staff was very helpful and helped us to make our special day we will remember forever The food and the wine was superb, we can highly recommend this restaurant for any events you are planning for!!

Ravi N.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 4
22.05.2016 23:00

Can;t complain about the attention from the wait staff or the ambience. Food quality was good. However, it appeared that due to the low number of patrons that evening, one serving was about par for each of the items save the dessert [grilled pineapple -yummy]. But to be fair, they did get us some cuts we requested at the last order.

Abhijeet P.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
13.09.2016 11:51

Heaven for carnivores. Try every meat they serve, It is hard to pick out a favourite. Chicken heart would be a novelty for most. Salads and dessert could be better. But I was there for meat and I was satisfied.

Simone C.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
13.10.2016 10:05

Well, I wanted meat and I got meat! Enough of it. I would have preferred to see more beef, but I guess you have to stay long enough to take a couple of rounds. The rest is good too. Nice ambience, we had a good company dinner..

Diana A.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
17.08.2015 20:38

Really lovely meal Attentive and genuinely warm and friendly waiting staff Very patient with my three indecisive sons aged 6, 6 and 9 all of whom had a awesome time I really recommend the beef ham and pineapple!

Michelle N.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
01.12.2016 07:54

The food was great including their salad and fruits. The only thing that we did not like during our visit was some of their pasta. But overall, the experience was really great because of their great service. :)

Mika V.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
06.03.2017 09:30

Carnivore is nice way to get enough Food for all. Place is really nice, and Chijmes is best place to spend some time after eating too. Food could be even more Brasilian or American quality like Beef best paras too. Anyway positive and not expensive.

Roy p.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 4
09.05.2016 02:32

It was indeed a carnivorous dinner, had quite a handful of different meat. But the white meat are a little too dry to my liking. the bar counter food wasn't really good, spaghetti was overcooked and dry, smoked salmon abit too salty. Staff were friendly, overall I would only go again if I miss the beef

Oskar S.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 2
13.04.2016 11:33

Too expensive for the amount of "good" meat. No cheese balls severed anymore.The wine is far too expensive and let alone the still water I have been coming there for the past 5 years and every time I need to ask for the "good" meat. As they know me and my family are beef lovers. We managed to only taste one time the rump steak, while chicken, sausages and ham were sufficiently served. There are a lot more restaurants in Singapore that serve a good rump steak or sirloin for a more affordable price. With 5 persons spending over 500SGD for just some chicken, ham and sausages is too much.

Elaine W.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
12.05.2017 10:11

Overall is good but should hav more selection at the salad bar and dessert. Requested if there's any dessert to be birthday cake and the staff manage to get us one even though there's no dessert available on their menu. Great service!

Frankie T.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
13.05.2015 22:29

The food was fantastic especially the beef steak. My wife and I love it. We definitely will go back again. If you are a big eater you should go there for buffet dinner. Thumbs Up

Jialing H.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
16.08.2016 11:21

Nice place to chill as its at a corner of Chijmes. Food was good. My first time dining in Carnivore and I'm sure there will be many more times to come. Very polite staffs and saw a very handsome one too!