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Mel's Place
2A Kuo Chuan Ave
Singapore 426897

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Marinated scallops mussels

with sesame seed
8,00 $

Naughty nachos

with beef bolognaise, spring onion, shallot powder and melted cheese
12,00 $

Popcorn chicken

with Thai chilli dip
12,00 $


Calypso Chicken Maryland

Char-grilled chicken breast with roasted potato, mesclun salad and calypso sauce
23,00 $

Macadamia Nut Baked Salmon

with asparagus, roasted sea salt potato, tomato coulis and souscaille
29,00 $

Lamb Shank Redemption

Lamb shank braised in a robust red wine glaze with mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables
29,00 $


Royal Banana Fritter

Chocolate truffle, fruits ratatouille and vanilla ice-cream
10,00 $

Sticky Date Toffee Pudding

with butterscotch and vanilla ice-cream
10,00 $

Melting lava cake

with vanilla ice cream
12,00 $

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44 arvostelua
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Amos C.neljä kuukautta sitten · 1 arvostelu

Perhaps, the waiters and waitresses could have come quicker to the table when we pressed the "service" button but they may be busy so it's ok! Great food and cocktails along with great music from the live band! Will definitely be back with friends! :)

Stephanie H.kuusi kuukautta sitten · 1 arvostelu

Nice place. Boss friendly. Waiters who served us we're fabulous. Most importantly Donny the Singer was superb. We enjoyed our night very much. Would definitely recommend others to visit.

JEFF P.seitsemän kuukautta sitten · 1 arvostelu

nice ambience and great food!! very suitable for small to large groups....great great great great great great great great great great great great great great

Mei Sum W.10 kuukautta sitten · 2 arvostelua

Nice place to hang out with family or friends. Their service staffs are very friendly.

Justine M.kaksi vuotta sitten · 8 arvostelua

Lovely alfresco place to chill out with friends or a loved one. Wine very reasonable prices as were the beers. Food was excellent - we shared the Japanese salt and pepper squid and the lamb shank. Both were absolutely delicious and the meat literally fell off the bone. We managed to get there for happy hour and had a pint of Tiger at $11 followed by a bottle of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon at $41 (happy hour price). Really superb place to hang out in - didn't experience the live band but will definitely return to check out more dishes and take advantage of the reasonable drink prices.

Alan Y.yhdeksän päivää sitten · 1 arvostelu

I have been coming here with my friends for the past few months, and it’s the fact that they serve Kilkenny, Guinness from tap, and other premium beers like Erdinger that we keep coming back to this joint. Fact that they also serve some of our favorite staples like ribeye and salmon steaks with a decent dose of hospitality made us decide on making it our regular hang out place. However, all that changed since our visit there last night. We showed up around 6.30pm and were ushered to our seats, and without second thoughts ordered our usual Kilkenny 1 for 1 for happy hour. Now guess what? They don’t serve Kilkenny anymore, neither do they stock Erdinger for that matter. We were down to Guinness as the only option and decided to get 3 sets for a start as there were only 3 of us yesterday. What came next caught all of us off guard - they don’t offer 1 for 1 anymore. Since we have already parked our vehicles and seated, we just went along with the regular priced draught. When we were ready to order our main courses, we realized the menu had been changed, and our favorite ribeye and other finger foods are no longer on the menu. What happened next was the reason for me to pen this review. A different floor staff came and asked if we would like to have our second 1 for 1, after seeing our first glasses were almost empty; to which we all politely nodded. Can anyone tell me why the double standard here? The first waiter who told us no was a male, in his early 30s perhaps, with a grumpy demeanor and short temper. The other whose behavior somewhat hinted an acknowledgement that we are regulars is a female in her late 20s perhaps, with a pleasant disposition. Okay, long story short, we had our food and beer and continued with our conversation until we pressed the service button on our table for some attention to have the balance of our Guinness pints served. As we were being ignored for some time, the service button was pressed again a few times after that - and the next thing we knew, that same male waiter in his 30s stormed up to our table and yelled in a threatening manner: “Hey!! You guys keep pressing the button for fun is it????” We quietly requested that the rest of our pints be served and he left grumpily. Even if my friend had been a bit enthusiastic with pressing the service button, I don’t think that kind of hostility is called for. The double standard, absence of staples like grill favorites and our choice of beers made us decide on dropping this place in future. Our bill came to over $200/- for 3 pax, which I promptly paid and left. Will we recommend this place? Not a chance in hell. Not until you people get your act together. Disgusted!

Kaylie L.vuosi sitten · 7 arvostelua

This is the second time I returned to this place. Service is a bit slow but considering that the space is slightly large, I understand that the staff sometimes is not alert to customers' needs. However, the food is good though slightly pricy.

Jasmine R.kaksi vuotta sitten · 1 arvostelu

The service was great, staff are attentive and friendly. Only thing for me is the ikan bilis isn't as nice as before. My partner and I have patronised this place for 7 years now so we know how good it once was. Always room for improvement. The salted egg fries are really good though. Will come back again.

Sahil J.kaksi vuotta sitten · 1 arvostelu

We initially sat outside which was great. We then realized that there was a band playing in the inside area. Everything changed. The band was awesome and the night just got better. Excellent service. Great music. Awesome food.

Linda B.vuosi sitten · 5 arvostelua

Food was good. My daughter and I had pasta while my hubby had a steak which he said was cooked to perfection. As usual the staff were very friendly and accommodating. We would recommend this restaurant for a no fuzz dinner with the family.